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Reference and Education

5 Simple Steps on Improving Writing Skills in Students

Writing is also an art, and not everyone is an artist. But that doesn’t mean you cannot become an artist. If you spend extra time in your writing skills, you can also be an artist. Improving your writing skills from childhood will help you in the future. It is not a big taste or scientific thing. All you need is to spend some quality time alone to improvise your writing skills. Start writing whatever comes in your mind or about your favorite things, person, place, or anything else. The top international schools arrange writing programs and conduct different events to motivate students to improve their writing skills.

Whether you’re someone who loves writing poems or creative essays or different genre stories on social media to gain support for your ideas or just someone who wants to make a good career out of freelancing online, one thing is clear. These days, having good writing skills is an imperative one. Other people won’t judge you based on your ideas of content but rather how you deliver it. It’s quite a nature for the people to judge and swayed by someone’s literary superiority over others. To win over the comment section, you have to good in charismatically written arguments. Writing is not only about winning, but you can also make it your hobby.

The whole blog aims to make you think about your writing, and it’s essentiality from grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and basic other elements. The following five steps will help you to improve your writing skills and make it your favorite hobby.

  1. Everyday process

Once you are committed to writing, then the process should be permanent until you find it easy. Writing every day literally doesn’t mean you write a book or poem. It can be simply a diary of incidents, blogging, etc.

Another way to incorporate writing every day is to write social media posts. And you can also create a profile on Facebook and Twitter and post your ideas in two or three sentences on what you’re interested in.

And it can facilitate you with improvising writing habits and know about copywriting techniques. You can easily put your ideas and thoughts into words to fits in a social media post.

  1. Read what you write it

Reading helps you a lot in improvising your writing skills. At first, start reading the work of your favorite writers to know how they apply writing techniques. Also, read the topics and content that you want to write. Read from various sources, but do not forget to add up your own elements into it like the famous proverb ‘old wine in a new bottle’.

  1. Think and schedule

Before starting the writing, you should be clear about the following questions and their answers.

  • To whom are you writing? It is an important question before you start your writing. Good writers always consider their reader’s interests and understand their dreams and write according to it.
  • What are you going to write about? What is the purpose of your work and how is it going to serve the reader.
  • The timeframe should be fixed to your writing to maintain the flow.
  1. The good writing should have

A good writer always plans his content as a 4 ways of course dinner. And every part keeps readers fascinated from the first word to the last:

Headline/ title writer often use words to gain the attention of the reader. It should also mention a specific benefit to all followers to click to read more.

Impressive opening that will make your reader motivated and enthusiastic interest developed in them to read your work.

Meaningful body shows, step by step of the process, how to solve a problem or achieve an aim, or how you have been affected, and how you solved it.

Clear conclusion jumpstarts readers into action—you only become a true authority when readers experience the difference your writing will do to them.

  1. The 6 basic writing skills that everyone needs

Here is the plan to create a logical flow without distractions, so readers stay connected to the writer.

  • First, to make abstract ideas concrete, learn how to use vivid language. So it will help your readers to understand, easily grasp, and remember your message.
  • Learn to write simple, short, and meaningful sentences, because these are the basic ingredient of proper writing.
  • Composing smooth transitions helps your readers slide easily from sentence to sentence, and from paragraph to paragraph.
  • Learn how to write clearly and briefly. It makes your message (content) become strong.
  • Avoid using weak words, clichés, and gobbledygook words. Try using power words in your writing, including sensory phrases.
  • Learn how to understand the basics of keyword research and on-page optimization. So, it helps to increase organic search traffic.

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