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Reference and Education

5 Skills Every Teacher Should Possess

Teachers affect the lives of students in more ways than we can ever imagine. With the right set of skills, they can inspire students and change their lives forever. Especially for the teachers offering economics tuition in Singapore or tutoring some other demanding subjects, the following five skills are an absolute necessity:

1. Patience:

To handle a classroom full of students is not an easy feat to accomplish. Every class has few students who test the patience of their teachers no matter what grade. The best you can do is not lose your mind in such trying situations as it will not only dampen your mood but also affect your class’s productivity levels. And, at times, you might even feel a bit frustrated when a student is unable to pick a certain concept regardless of how many times you explained it. But if you lost your cool, your students might feel demotivated and avoid asking questions in the future. And that’s the last thing you’d want as a teacher.

2. Self-discipline:

Discipline is an important skill a teacher should have to be more efficient. Your discipline will help you create a positive and productive classroom environment. Your discipline skills allow you to create a positive learning environment for your students. Well-disciplined teachers are more capable of helping their students reach their learning goals.

3. Confidence:

A teacher should have the confidence to stand in front of the class and interact with the students.  As a teacher, coming across misbehaving and mischievous students is inevitable. A nervous teacher can never teach in a classroom without being laughed at and ridiculed by such students. Your confidence level can greatly affect the way your students look at you.

4. Time Management Skills:

No one is born with time management skills and so, it takes one a long time to hone them. What you need to do is set clear goals, learn to say no, set a rule of two minutes for small works, and avoid tasks that waste your time.

A teacher with good time management skills will not only be able to plan their students’ study schedule but also go through with it. This, in turn, would result in the syllabus being covered ahead of time. As a result, the students will have plenty of time to prepare for their exams.

5. Strong communication skills:

Good communication skills are a must-have for any teacher. Without proper communication, you cannot teach your students no matter how hard you try. Your communication skills are not only important for communicating with your students but also their parents. Especially if you’re offering tuition in complex subjects like physics and economics, the level of your communication skills should be high enough for your students to understand you.


An effective teacher should always motivate and support students to deal with any challenge life may throw at them. With the five major skills listed above, you will not only be known and respected as the best teacher but also inspire your students in more ways than one.

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