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5 Tips to Start Playing the Piano:

The piano is one of the most loved and played instruments in the world, but learning to do it is not an immediate thing. It necessarily takes time. You cannot start playing hoping that in just two months or so you will already be able to play a complete piece. It is necessary to contact an expert teacher, who will guide us in the lessons and advise us on how to best position yourself to become skilled piano players.

There are rules regarding the approach to this tool, and they are fundamental steps if you want to become proficient in this practice. In this article we will try to help you with 5 useful tips on what are the main things to know. These notions will be useful when you are in front of a teacher. Getting familiar with the main guidelines right from the start is a great way to get closer to the piano.

Playing the piano: the hands:

The first thing to know is that on the piano the right hand is the one that possesses the melodic vocation, while the left is decidedly turned towards harmony. Put simply, the right hand is the one that plays the melody, while the left is the one that plays the chords. They are both indispensable for playing the piano, so one of the first things to become aware of is that in front of this instrument you must become ambidextrous.

Furthermore, the left will appear rather weak and self-conscious. Although it is not a completely negative fact, because the right hand is the hand that plays the melody, it is necessary to become familiar with the left as well as soon as possible.

The system is to start by playing the piano with only one hand, in this case the left. Let yourself also be guided by your teacher, who will decide when it is enough and you can then start using both hands. If you are trying to learn with the manual, wait until you are confident with your left hand before you start using both. Give yourself time for everything, even the greatest pianists started this way.

Playing the piano: Voice Lesson:

The second element that characterizes the piano lessons is the Voice Lesson. It is an exclusively theoretical study, which for many is not fun at all, but a mandatory step if the goal is to learn to play the piano. It is not impossible to learn without Voice Lesson, but the skill in the instrument will be very limited.

The Voice Lesson helps those who approach this instrument to read the notes aloud, and is therefore an added value for those who approach the piano. It is a repetitive and boring exercise, but once you have mastered this skill, learning will be much faster. Music schools and teachers also use dictation to encourage learning of this system. This in order to be able to decipher and transcribe in a short time the notes that are heard and that come from a particular score. It is an important practice, which requires several hours of application to be ready.

Playing the piano: the rhythm

The next step in Voice Lesson is to learn the rhythm. It will therefore be a question of reading the notes and at the same time respecting the rhythm of the piece in question. This provides that all the knowledge that allows you to use this particular tool has already been assimilated.

If you have a teacher, follow his instructions faithfully, if you are trying to learn independently, we advise you to learn the rhythm well first. Leave the notes aside for a moment, and pick them up again when you have assimilated the rhythm concept well. As in the case of using the hands, before going together you must have become familiar with the two individually. The same goes for Voice Lesson and rhythm. looking for the digital piano you should read the review first

Playing the Piano: Reading and Playing:

When you have become completely familiar with the rhythm and Voice Lesson, you can really start playing, through the notes of a score placed on the piano respecting the times.

If you are not lucky enough to have, like many successful pianists, someone turn the pages, initially coordinating reading and both hands on the piano will be tough. Therefore, once you have learned to use the piano, it will be very important to continue to exercise coordination between reading and using your hands.

This will speed things up, and before any prediction you will be able to do all of these movements without even realizing it. Learning to play the piano is something truly fabulous, but it requires a lot of commitment and perseverance, because you should never let your attention down on this instrument.


Playing the piano: maximum effort:

It may seem trivial, but commitment is the real added value that will allow you to become excellent pianists. When you put yourself in front of the piano, whether you have chosen a music teacher or the manual to learn for yourself, what you really need to put in place is the will and the desire to really learn. Consistency will reward any effort, but there are some exercises that require a handful of extra effort.

If you think of Voice Lesson, which is one of the practices that will put a strain on your desire to learn (it is the most difficult time for everyone), willpower will be really important here. So, in addition to clearly the previous four points which are fundamental for learning to play the piano, you must keep in mind this fifth tip. Once you have reached the end of your journey, and in front of the piano you will no longer have any hesitation, you will have reached the goal. At this point, the last step to consider is to keep trained so as not to lose your skills in this tool.


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