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Health and Fitness

5 Ways to keep your kids healthy at Home

Helping your kids cope with quarantines during Covid

The outbreak of pandemic has confined thousands of kids at home due to the closure of schools, parks, and other outdoor facilities. Hence parents across the world are worried and looking for activities to keep their children physically active and mentally healthy. Researchers around the world predict that the School closure due to the COVID 19 Pandemic will increase the risk of childhood obesity and mental weakness in Children.  

This article discusses the 5 ways to keep your kids healthy at home and help you understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, not only for your kids but for yourself too.

Reduce Screen Time

The major reason for a health risk in children is due to the increase in the screen time. Children are spending more time in front of mobile, TV – spending hours watching YouTube Videos and Cartoons on TV. An increase in screen time not only declines productivity but also causes obesity in kids. Hence there is a need to promote physical activities and reduce screen time and try to involve them in activities that increase their cognitive power and help them build a stronger mindset. Curbing screen time to one or two hours of their favorite show or game as a reward is a better strategy.

Exercise in the form of Martial Arts

Regular exercise is essential and has extraordinary benefits on kids’ health. Research shows that regular and moderate-intensity exercise will boost the immune system that will help children and adults to fight against infectious diseases. During this pandemic dietary habits of many families have changed. Kids are more inclined towards eating junk and fast food during the lockdown. Hence regular exercise is crucial for reducing stress levels and building emotional resilience in kids. According to recommendations from the American Heart Association, kids should aim for sixty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.

The best form of exercise is martial arts. Furthermore, specific forms of exercise related to martial arts that will help boost the immune system and make your kids feel better. Some forms of martial arts are Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Qi Gong. Martial Arts is considered as meditation in motion which is one of the best ways to boost energy levels. Jacob from Dragon Taekwondo suggests that it can develop a sense of coordination, balance, and will increase energy in your kids. Martial arts help kids understand the importance of self-defense and they will feel more confident and substantially improve their mental growth with time. Unlike other exercises, martial arts – particularly traditional martial arts – helps build character, resilience, and stronger morale in children. Thus, help your child by taking up an online martial arts class during this time instead of sitting ideally.

Make them feel positive about every Situation

Make sure your kids feel positive about the situation. Don’t let negative thoughts from their surrounding ruin their mental health. Use positive words while asking your kids to do something so that they cannot be frustrated by staying at home. Always speak with them in a calm voice. Shouting at them will not only increase stress in them but it will make them more impatient and short-tempered. Do not be dismissive of their feelings. And help instill a growth mindset – by providing solutions to their problems and helping them learn from their mistakes.

Establish a Routine

Your children may be homebound, but that doesn’t mean there are no rules around the house. Help them come up with a flexible routine for balancing work and play. Sticking to a routine will help them overcome Zoom fatigue – especially during prolonged online classes. Spare time can be used for leisure reading, learning a new skill, or spending quality time with family. This habit of inculcating discipline at a young age helps them achieve more when they grow up.

Inculcate Healthy Sleeping Habits

Start them young by fixing sleeping and waking up timings. This not only helps develop a healthier circadian rhythm but also improves focus and productivity. On the other hand, sleep deprivation or excessive sleep deteriorates mental health, cognitive function, and causes fatigue. Be mindful about when your child wakes up and goes to bed.

Bottom line is that you need to be mindful about establishing better habits in your child – for mental and physical health. Children are fast learners and usually mirror the adults around them – thus practicing healthier habits gives a steeper learning curve.

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