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6 Great Software-Marketing for Successful Campaigns

Marketing is a core activity to help your business succeed. These days, with the advent of search engines and algorithms, marketing has veered away from the creative and on to the scientific. Marketers now need to form a hypothesis based on the data that they gathered and review these results. They will proceed to test a mix of qualitative and quantitative strategies to best position businesses in the market.

With a data-driven approach to marketing, you need the help of software and tools that can help with your campaigns. Here are some SEO for SAAS that you need for your campaigns:

HubSpot Marketing Platform

Hubspot marketing platform provides advanced features for small businesses to effectively market their businesses. This provides companies with ways to connect their campaigns to their own website or lets them use tools to build their website through HubSpot hosting. It lets them add landing pages, drip campaigns, content marketing tools, lead tracking, and HubSpot’s own marketing platform to professionally gather leads. HubSpot’s plan starts at $0. Choose a plan that suits your needs and enjoy this tool’s lead management power.


Marketo is a marketing automation platform that combines CRM with email marketing, lead tracking, social media marketing, and other tools for the purpose of attracting, tracking and optimizing audience interaction. This Adobe-owned software has expanded to include Adobe Experience Cloud – a customer experience management platform for tracking customer actions across different channels. You can choose from five pre-set bundles for specific needs (mobile marketing, customer engagement, email marketing, consumer marketing, and lead engagement) they are offering.


Mailchimp is an email marketing software backed by a platform of marketing tools. You can set up automated email campaigns connected to the customer data. You can then proceed to choose the email template or build your own using the visual editor. Once set up you can start sending emails to your clients. This is perfect for small businesses as it comes in a monthly or annual subscription package where you can set up the number of contacts to send the messages to.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is the software used by brands and agencies of all sizes. It offers services for publishing, social listening, curating, and collaborating. You can assign team members to undertake different roles matching their posting needs. It has a smart scheduler to help you get ahead of posting by choosing the best time for them to get published. You can also set up a dashboard to monitor the channels for brand mentions and for interacting directly with customers. Starting businesses can use the free version for publishing on all networks or sign up for the plans to increase the number of team members and brands with access.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another social media marketing software that offers services to small businesses and to enterprises. It has a lot of features for social media scheduling, promotion, messaging, analytics, and listening. Use this as an effective way to understand the marketing environment that you are working in. it comes in Standard, Professional, and Advanced plans.


Buffer is another social media marketing software that your content team can use to grow your social media presence. Set up user permissions in your Buffer account to decide who can share content right away or schedule posts using the calendar view. Buffer plans can either be: for publishing posts to your profiles, for responding to customers, and for analyzing reporting on campaigns.

Whether you are offering products, POS Support, or a security guard course for Ontario citizens online, you need to have that strong presence. Search engines are now the top source of leads for businesses and with the help of the right tools and software, managing your marketing campaign is not as difficult.

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