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It Is Re-Branding Time! Contact Your Logo Design Services

Whenever we hear re-branding, we know it’s time to contact logo design services. By changing time, we are pushed towards changing our lives and our businesses as well. People who stay to their old self or traditional ways do not work well. For example, if we talk about Nokia, at times Nokia’s mobile company was insisted on not changing or re-branding because they were successful enough but results are to be seen. How badly Nokia company has fallen from the top. Now no one talks about it, even though the company was sold and re-branded, eh, still I would not say they got their reputation back.

However, re-branding should not be underestimated. Even if, your brand is already quite famous, it does not matter! Re-branding takes a lot of time, thoughtful strategies, and yes, your large amount of money as well. But it depends, what kind of logo design services agency you have, you know. Your single mistake can ruin your years of hard work and developed legacy. But no worries, here we are to save your head from the mess! We will show you how to re-brand without making mistakes in only 7 easy steps but ease yourself first and grab concepts on rebranding and why do you need it to make a wise decision.


What Is Re-Branding?

Since you are here you already must have a brand. or if you are a designer yourself who provides logo design services must already know what branding is. Rebranding is simply re-doing or re-designing those elements like your brand’s logo, theme, or typography, etc. the message you want to convey to your customers through re-branding is to let them know that you are still in business and it is doing good.

Brands re-furnished different elements of their brand either simply the change of the color theme or font style. Sometimes more like changing slogans or even the whole name of your brand which need critical tactics to get the re-branding process done. If we talk about the process re-branding can be done in three ways.

Brand refresh:

Brand refreshing means keeping the slogans and your brand’s name constant and just showering them with fresh and new hues. Or say modernizing any of a few aspects of your brand. this one does not affect and many brands do this often.

Partial rebranding!:

The partial rebranding includes refreshing or updating certain elements like your product or service offering. Expanding your market or so on. But it does not involve any type of change in logo, its theme, or slogans.

Full rebranding:

You are smart enough to understand this one by itself. In this, you just do not polish a few aspects you just change your brand’s whole existence. From head to toe everything, as if you are an entirely new company.

However, we talk risk whenever we talk about re-branding. Putting your old-well-doing brand into a risk for a new one, what if the new one did not work well? Going to the old ways will damage your reputation. Plus, you will be also bearing the heavy cost of professional designers and marketers. From re-designing to re-marketing to going to be darn expensive, also your time, emotions and efforts will be invested in this idea if it did not go well, ah you should think before. Heads up!

Still, mitigating the risk through thorough planning and stratagems and thinking about the right time to re-brand.


But When Is The Right Time To Re-Brand?

You do not even have to worry about this problem as we are here to rescue you with 7 reg flags to alert you when is right for re-branding. Let’s follow further:


Change in your product or service:

This can work in two ways either you are updating your or changing your existing product or service. Or you are introducing a new product into the market. By re-branding, you can easily introduce new prices as well.

Expanding your market:

It is kind of the same as changing your product or service but you must expand your target areas for example, if you are a clothing brand, who makes clothes for teenage girls but now you are targeting women above 30 as well. Different segments need different brand psychology to sell products.

Change in your brand’s perception:

Sometimes people associate brands with other brands. Like comparing, taunting, or negative influence with your brand’s name. it is time to think about a fresh start.

To stand out:

sometimes brands who use the same brand’s strategies as yours. Of course, you both have the same end goals and same market, but people can no longer tell a difference. This time you can update a few aspects to stand out uniquely.

New direction:

If your company is going into a merger, new acquisition, or policies it is time to let your customer know about it through re-branding and marketing. However, it is not always necessary.

You are too old now:

Old brands like talk before, Nokia, should consider changing over time. Your audience constantly updates so you should as well.


Now, How To Re-Brand?

Hire a team of experts!

So now you have decided you want to get re-branding done. However, there is more to face you will have to hire a team who can cover all the processes, contain graphic designers, copywriters, marketers, and PRs. This team will help you with any kind of re-branding either its brand refresh, partial or full rebranding.

Evaluation is a must!

After hiring a team, have a mutual conversation with the experts and evaluate what is working in your brand and what needs to be changed to update. Either its Company name Brand positioning, Logo, Slogan, Color palette, Typography, Marketing and advertisements, social media, partnerships and affiliations, Content creation, Web design, In-store décor, or your product’s tastes, smells, sounds, etc.

go online, ask customers to play it smart to get to know what people are already loving and what needs change.

Run a test

After evaluation, you must have new ideas for re-branding. Perhaps it is better to ask your audience itself. Pull a poll or questionnaires, or anything that suits you and your customers. Because their opinions are all that matters.

Check how your competitors doing

You must be thinking why you to look out for your competitors this time. Time changes, it is not only you who is trying to update but your competitors must have thought of it as well, or maybe they have already done it. It could be anything but it does not matter you are developing a brand or re-branding. You always need to lookout.

It can reveal what has already been used or what strategy they are using to attract buyers. You might want to use that with your spark and ideas.

Think about your brand’s personality

Till now, you must have known your market, new ideas, and customers. Nevertheless, it is a good time to think about your brand’s personality. Ask yourself what kind of brand you want to be? what kind of core value do you want to add? How further you can satisfy your audience and win among your competitors?  What kind of vibes do you want to give, is it classy and chic? Or just basic? Ask yourself these questions to develop outstanding core values for your brand’s personality.

Start working on your problem areas

This is where real work begins. Form this your hands start getting into the process. Either is merging, introducing new products, change of logo, new target market etc.

This approach benefits greatly from a great deal of brainstorming and teamwork, so don’t be reluctant to set aside time solely for brainstorming. Don’t forget anything you learned in the previous steps—this is what it was all leading up to.

Go big, or go home!

Now, when it’s time to launch do not let silly mistakes or little negligence ruin your all the hard work, time, and money. Your re-branding should be the same as brand launching for the first time. Let people know what you are up to now.

Consider creating some excitement and suspense before going public. Teasers and previews, as well as scheduled events and contests, can be released in the weeks leading up to your main launch to garner more interest. You can invite additional sponsors or influencers to participate if you’re collaborating with them.

When it comes time for the public launch, make your rebranding a tale. Share some behind-the-scenes information about your rebranding, such as why you altered your values and goal statement or what you enjoy about your new logo. This makes your brand more human and relatable, and it also helps you appear more confident in your new appearance.

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