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7 Must-Consider Features in a Truck GPS App

Amid the digitized era, what do you think is the key necessity for every business? Having an online presence and a well-developed mobile app! A mobile app solves a lot of time-taking tasks like managing logs, scheduling bookings, timely reminders, and more. 

Now, what if you could accomplish all these tasks with just a few clicks? That’s possible if you develop a Trucker Path App. This app is the navigation platform that makes the logistics business quite less grueling, and a lot more seamless. 

A truck GPS app built with high-end features proves beneficial for drivers as well as for owner-operator/admin. Let’s have a look at must-have features to be included in the GPS app.

Features You Should Look For in a Truck GPS App

Fuel Monitoring

While you’re in the trucking business, maintaining fuel consumption efficiently is the most essential element you need to focus on. If you’re wondering about how a truck GPS app is related to fuel efficiency, here’s a simple equation. 

Best route followed = less time taken = minimized fuel consumption

Your truck GPS app must have an in-build feature that showcases apt routes and expected fuel consumption details while following that route. It should showcase the alternate paths to help you choose the best one. All you need to do is seek the closest route and hence, limit the fuel requirements, saving a lot of money. 

While getting the truck GPS app, other features that you should focus on are: 

  • The app must be able to track fuel details like usage, costs, and miles per gallon.
  • It should allow you to track fuel expenses based on average fuel consumption
  • It should provide the details of current fuel prices
  • It should be able to give alerts regarding the fill-ups
  • When required, it should also detect and show the nearby fuelling stations
  • It should find and highlight stations supplying gas at relatively low prices

Apart from the above-mentioned features, you must take note of the fact that don’t ignore functionality while you focus on features. Check if the app can be easily synced with the vehicle without requiring much technical knowledge or additional equipment. It should get connected by following a few simple steps or with 2-3 clicks.

Updated Logging Details

Truckers have to cover long distances to deliver or receive the goods. They are required to maintain logs of the hours they spend traveling. This is what logging information refers to – A record of distance covered or total hours traveled. If integrated with the truck GPS app, this feature makes both trucker’s as well as owner-operator’s jobs much easier. 

The driver can get the logging details registered automatically and focus on other important factors like finding the best routes & ways to cut costs. This saves time as well as their efforts as they are not required to follow the laborious task of creating records manually. On the other hand, the admin doesn’t have to blindly rely on what the driver shows to him in his hand-written reports. With a digitized app, he can track and verify the data at regular intervals. 

A few other benefits that owner-operator can avail from this feature are: 

  • He can get access to up-to-date logging data 
  • He can track the distance covered in real-time
  • Even if he has multiple trucks, a single app can assist effectively
  • He can manage all operations in a more straightforward, yet perfect way

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Define Approved Routes on the Map

Large trucks bearing heavily weighted loads are not allowed to travel via all roads. Each road supports a particular type and weight of items, based on which trucks are permitted to enter the routes. Thus, you should prefer building a navigation app that offers detailed information about approved routes. It could have the following features to inform the driver about restricted routes: 

  • Have an in-built alert system to help the driver determine routes with limited access
  • Should be able to detect overpasses/bridges with height restrictions
  • Support 3D map to assist drivers with a visual aspect of a low-leveled bridge
  • These route permissions are regularized by the government/state authority and if not followed, truckers could be charged with a huge penalty. Hence, the truck GPS app showing safe zones safeguards drivers from hefty fines.

Real-time Navigation

Development and construction keep on occurring and thus, the new roads are built now and then. The age of paper maps has gone where drivers used to get updated maps every time they start their journey. 

With the digitization era, it is essential that the truck GPS app remain updated. With each software update, the app must sync and upload the newly constructed roads in real-time. The feature should also direct drivers to avoid roads that are undergoing construction or are temporarily closed. 

Voice Assistance

Speech recognition and voice assistance are among the greatest advantages of technology which has made tricky tasks effortless, particularly in the GPS apps. While traveling, drivers may not be able to consistently refer to the app and watch directions. Think of the situation while they’re stuck in heavy traffic. They might not get time to have a look at the map and may end up going towards the wrong route. Ultimately, this all leads to a waste of time, fuel, and money. 

However, the truck GPS app supporting the voice assistance feature can guide the driver. They don’t require to constantly look at the map and can simply follow directions by listening to the navigation guide. 

Traffic Highlights

If you’re not new to GPS apps, you might have come across the red colored lines highlighting the heavy traffic on that particular route. Traffic congestion can prove to be costly for the trucking business in regards to freight transportation and delay in deliveries. Further, the drivers got paid by miles, and being stuck in the traffic means no miles covered, spending a lot many hours. Not just this, idling could cost them more fuel consumption. 

The GPS tracking system incorporated with a traffic highlight feature can help the driver to find the alternative route and re-route in a timely way. They can avoid the congested roads either jammed due to some incident or poor road conditions. 

Toll Road Details

The app should offer hands-on details about the toll roads location, ways to avoid it, the best alternative roads and time, and the cost of following that route. Updated toll road information along with the amount needed to be paid at the toll road help drivers to think of whether to re-route or follow the same path. 

These were just some of the features listed in this app. If we look at the entire structure of the trucking industry, there are multiple features classified for drivers, users, and admin panel. You can always go through the top most trucker app to understand better. 

Final Thoughts

The Truck GPS app is all about the features mentioned in this blog. Whether you want to start a trucking business or are already operating in this, the GPS app will work wonders for you. It will sort from simplest to most cluttered tasks and make the management an uncomplicated experience for you. Think of the features you need to get integrated into your app and reach the aPurple to get developed the finest truck path app at the best cost. The company’s skilled team will understand your development requirements and follow them aptly.


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