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A Comparison Between Two Project Management Software: Trello Vs. Miro

Over time, the companies realize the change taking place in the industry. To cope with the situation, they adopt new tools and technology to yield the benefits and run in the race of market competition. As things are no longer the same, adaptability is the only solution you have. So, from big to small, many companies are moving towards virtual digital project management software to meet the market requirements. It is proved to be very beneficial for various reasons. So, in this review, we will compare two leading project management software: Trello software vs. Miro software.

Trello and Miro are two prominent brands on their own. Many customers put their trust in them. The good thing about Trello and Miro is that they follow the key secret that is requisite for success: Adaptability. Both software has gone through numerous variations, but they didn’t disappoint in meeting the needs of their users. However, these are two different software, and some things are varied, but here we will be shedding light on both of them.

Trello Software Vs. Miro Software:


Trello project management is a web-based solution that helps organizational structure through the impact of maximizing their work efficiency. A Kanban-style technique is used in this solution. Trello was founded by Fog Creek Software in 2011 and has now grown in popularity worldwide due to its user-friendly approach and versatility.

The software functions as a digital whiteboard that may be filled with boxes or lists, and then digital stickers can be attached. On Trello, sticky notes are referred to as cards, and they can hold writing, photos, and other document forms. Because the tool is web-based and password-protected, you and your staff can view it openly regardless of any confined position. The solution may also be utilized on smartphones because iOS and Android apps are compatible, user-friendly, and straightforward.


Miro software is a unique application that integrates features from numerous software categories into a single package. It comes with diagramming and flowcharting technology as well as a presentation. Users can also use this area to add mind maps and teleconferencing. And they’re all focused on working together.

You or other users can utilize Miro management software to draw insights or make presentations. Miro includes video and voice calling as well as screen sharing. These things will enable you to interact as you function, talk about how you collaborate, and show off your products. Miro is an engaging whiteboard that allows sharing and collaboration remotely. This application is used to pull together cross-functional individuals and offer their insights. According to the Miro review, this option helps ensure that no ideas are lost, neglected, or overlooked.

Benefits of Using Trello:

Configurable Whiteboard:

The app includes a configurable board that helps you arrange your work. You can create trays for different implementation phases and choose the titles for these boxes. From the brainstorming phase to the ‘work-in-progress’ phase to task completion, there’s something for everyone. The boxes can be customized to fit your requirements, and they can also be modified later, making things easier to implement in the long term because you have the agility to add or remove them as needed. Making many trays for different jobs is a terrific method to keep track of your efforts.

Team Collaboration:

Collaborating on multiple projects and with Trello comes a lot of facilitation. Collaboration is made extremely simple. This solution allows you to add individuals to boards that are important to them to keep up to speed on whatever they need to know. The system also enables you to label other staff members on cards. It makes things easier by allowing you to remark and tag pertinent teammates in the remarks if you require to notify them of any modifications, suggestions, or other information. All staff members invited to the Trello board can see it, and all have fair opportunities to the boards and planning and scheduling occurring there.

Benefits of Using Miro:

Canvas Accessibility:

In Miro reviews, this feature had been among the top satisfying feature from Miro software. An extensive scrolling virtual page, comparable to a whiteboard configuration, is defined as this function. On the surface, this is a blank page with a pop-up sign tray on the left side. Infinite Canvas is a meaningful board adaptation in Google Docs layout in the Miro demo. This tool allows you to observe how colleagues are contributing. As a result, you can restrict the ability of a project’s owners to access, remark, and change it. It’s a lot like Google Docs.

Mind mapping:

This Miro feature is accessible in the demo as well, so you must give it a try as it comes with high appreciation from different users and our experience. It allows your employees to design sales techniques, map data structures, and plan projects simultaneously. You can visually practice ideas and handle all of your tasks. A combination of customer experiences, control charts, mind mapping, and compassion and understanding maps can also be used.

Begin by selecting a location on the Miro panel. To illustrate the issue you’re trying to address, use the primary concept and add connections to it. More concepts will emerge from this basis. By choosing the “+” sign, you can add several nodes to the center node. Then, to distinguish between various users, employ various shades.

Bottom Line:

As we are leading towards concluding remarks of comparison, we consider the importance of pointing out each business’s different needs and requirements. So when you are choosing a project management software, list out your expectation from that software. Before going for software, some critical factors such as budgeting and the number of employees are also considered. Trello and Miro are two prominent software in the industry. However, depending upon your needs, there might be one for you.

Which Project Management Software is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a new project management software solution, you have several options. You can use project management software such as Trello, but you may want to consider alternatives. For example, Redmine is 100% free, but you’ll have to install and maintain it yourself. If you’re on a tight budget, you can try an open-source product. This article will give you a quick overview of each program’s pros and cons.

Trello software

Before you decide to purchase Trello project management software, you need to know what you want to use it for. Projects are different from repeatable processes, which are simply a series of actions that add value to your business. A project aims to create a unique product or service, and a repeatable process is a process that repeats itself every time. If you’re looking for a software tool that can help you with both, consider Trello Premium.

When deciding which Trello plan is right for your project, consider its cost. It offers four pricing tiers, based on monthly costs for each user. The Basic plan offers unlimited boards, lists, and cards. The Premium plan adds advanced calendar and timeline features and map integration. The Enterprise plan is designed for businesses and corporations managing multiple projects. This plan includes unlimited boards, but you can only create ten at a time.

miro software

If you’re looking for an affordable project management tool for your company, Miro may be a perfect choice. Miro can scale with your business and offers a free trial. For small businesses, the free plan is enough, and you can upgrade your plan when your team grows. For larger businesses, Miro’s Business plan is $20 a month or $192 a year. The Enterprise plan can accommodate teams with up to 50 employees. Miro is also supported by a dedicated customer success manager.

With its collaborative whiteboarding capabilities, Miro helps distributed teams collaborate effectively. It supports web and mobile platforms, chat, feedback management, mind maps, and more. Plus, it integrates with third-party apps. Whether you’re running a small or large team, Miro is an excellent option for managing collaboration in your company. If you’re looking for a project management tool that can help you meet your goals, Miro is the ideal solution.

trello software vs miro software

The features of both Trello and Miro project management software are nearly identical. Both systems organize projects into boards. They let you track progress on individual projects and prioritize them by importance. Trello offers more than just the same project management features, though. It has an added workflow element and a roadmap. The same functionality is also available in Brizy, a WordPress plugin. While Miro offers more advanced tools and options, it also lacks some features that make it more powerful.

For mid-sized teams, Miro is the most powerful choice. The interface is visually appealing and ideal for group collaboration. But, as more team members join, the interface becomes cluttered and slower. If you’re working on a single project with one or two colleagues, Miro is probably the better choice. Miro is not designed for larger teams. Miro’s visual nature is best for teams that work remotely. Miro supports a large variety of file formats and integrations. It has solid security features and shares tons of resources.

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