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A guide to digital business cards in 2021

This guide will cover what digital business cards are, the benefits of going digital, and how to create and share your own.

The way we connect with others is changing rapidly. Perhaps the highly contagious corona virus pandemic accelerated this, but a growing reliance on technology as a way to interact with our peers was ultimately inevitable.

Remote Working

Due to the push for everything remote in 2020, remote working, online networking and virtual events have become common practice that’s way every one wants to How to Make a Digital Business Card?. With this, naturally came the need for a virtual means of exchanging contact information. As 2021 approaches, even though paper business cards have been around for centuries, swapping one sheet of paper for another (and putting it in your wallet so she never sees herself again) quickly becomes obsolete. In its place comes a rising favorite: the digital business card.

What are the advantages of digital business cards?

Here are some advantages of digitization.


As long as you have access to your phone or computer, you will always have your digital business cards close at hand. Because everything is electronic, you never have to worry if your card stock is low and you need to order more. Digital cards are also extremely flexible. Did you change jobs, get a new phone number, or just make a typo? This can be a costly mistake with paper maps. Digital business cards allow you to change your cards at any time, so they’re always up to date with your latest contact information.


Let’s face it: paper business cards aren’t the most environmentally friendly way to exchange contact information. Did you know that over 90% of business cards are thrown away within a week of receiving them? Talk about wasted paper! If everyone switched from paper to electronic maps. Then will be more than seven million trees would be saved each year.


Digital business cards are generally more affordable than their paper counterparts. (In HiHello’s case, they’re free!) No need to pay hundreds of dollars a year for paper cards that get thrown away almost immediately; save that money and redirect it to another aspect of your business, like your marketing. estimate.

If you are interested in a premium business card experience, there are many apps that allow upgrades. HiHello offers several subscription plans for people with premium features like custom URLs, colors, QR codes, etc. HiHello for Business is a great and affordable digital business card platform for teams and organizations looking to go from paper to digital.

No contact

Digital maps can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Just send the link via email and text or social media. Even when in-person meetings resume, digital business cards will stick around because they’re germ-free and no physical contact is required.

Continuous monitoring

Most people throw it in their purse or wallet, where it is forgotten, and when they find it, it is thrown away almost immediately. When you share a digital business card. You don’t get lost in forgetting old receipts, gum wrappers, and hair ties. Digital business cards go straight to the recipient’s inbox, so your new contact can easily integrate you (and you!) Into their workflow. Virtual cards make tracking easier and more efficient, which in turn can strengthen connections.

How to make a digital business card

Making a digital business card is simple and can be done in minutes. First, you will need to download a digital business card app. Once you have the app on your iPhone or Android device, you are ready to use your first virtual card. With HiHello, you can also create a digital business card on your computer; Simply create an account on (or log in) the HiHello website and you can create and edit your cards, as well as view your contacts.

What to include in a digital business card

You can put as much or as little information as you want on your digital business card and you’ll never run out of space. (No more trying to wrap as much information as possible, while trying to make it presentable, on a 3.5×2 sheet of paper!)

When it comes to figuring out exactly what to put on a card and you should have to know How to Make a Digital Business Card?, here are a few things you should always include:


In HiHello, you can add more than your first and last name. Add a prefix or suffix, along with identifying information, your preferred name (for example, a nickname or the name you use professionally, such as Dr. Jones) or a maiden name. You can also include your pronouns on your digital map, so people know how to refer to you.

Title and company

If you are currently employed, please include your title and company name on your virtual card.

Contact information

Include your preferred means of contact on your card, such as your email, phone number, website, WhatsApp or any other link.


Unless your physical address is critical to your business, adding a generic region is fine on business cards (for example, “San Francisco Bay Area” or “New York, New York”) .

Image or video

It is important to add an image or video to your map; This will help you match the “name with face” of your contacts. Make your card even more memorable by opting for a live photo or video on your business card instead of a static image!


Add your company logo to your business card! You can upload yours from your files or photos, or in HiHello you can search for a logo right in the app.


Colors help your card stand out (plus they look great!). At HiHello, you can choose from any of the ten colors that come with the free app. Premium accounts give you access to any color on the color wheel and you can customize both the card design and the buttons.

How to put social media on your business card

How to Add social media

Here are some social media account options you can add, along with some tips and tricks.


Most people are on Twitter these days. If you are active on Twitter, adding your Twitter username can help you increase your number of online followers by including it on your virtual card.


If you’re in the creative industry, including your Instagram account on your digital card could be a way to show off your portfolio to potential clients.


Adding your business or personal Facebook page to your business card can be a great way to stay engaged and connected with your audience.


LinkedIn is great to include on your map if you trust it for your business. If you’re trying to increase your number of LinkedIn connections, or if you’re in the workforce.


If you have video content to show, put it in the YouTube field! In HiHello, if you want to embed video on your card. Activate the “Function” option and the video will appear at the bottom of your digital card. Showing a video is a great way to get people you know more involved. If you are a real estate agent, you may want to consider adding a video of a virtual tour of the house. Are you working on the launch of a new product? Include a promotional marketing video on your card!

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