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Home Renovations: 3 Tips for Painting Your Home

Painting your home is a major decision that must be thought through carefully. For such a common home improvement project, painting your home is surprisingly complicated. You should choose colors that make you happy and enhance your lifestyle

You need to plan the renovation and make sure that you have everything that you need to get moving when it comes time to start the project. Consider these three tips to do a better paint job for your home.

Prep the Area Well

If you want to ensure that your renovation project looks as good as possible, then you must do some prep work before you paint. This is true for both interior and exterior painting. For exterior work, make sure the wood is free of dirt and grime. You can do so by cleaning the surface yourself or hiring someone to clean the exterior for you. 

Scrubbing the exterior and using a power washer to remove loose debris will help. For concrete, brick, stucco, and other masonry surfaces use a stain-blocking primer to cover the bare surface for improved paint adhesion.

Timing matters too. The DIY Network reminds homeowners that they should also wait for a period of favorable weather before starting an exterior paint job. If there are many layers of old paint on your home, you can remove them for a more polished look.

It is critical to follow the directions to make sure you strip each layer of paint, so you don’t miss any layers between the old and new. You should also sand down the old paint once you’ve stripped it (be careful with this step, be sure to read up on how to avoid cutting yourself).

Prep work also helps for interior painting jobs too! Scrubbing the walls with a gentle cleanser can remove debris that can get in the way of a flawless paint job. If there are any holes or cracks in the wall, you will need to patch the area, and then sand the area for the best results.

Gather the Right Painter’s Tools and Equipment

When it comes to DIY projects, it’s best to learn from the pros and have everything that you need on hand. Make sure you consult with professionals first who know the right tools and equipment that you need for painting your home exterior; otherwise, you might end up damaging your property or getting hurt.

A Scaffolding company can provide you with the safety equipment and structure necessary to paint the exterior of your home with ease. It is critical to use painter’s tape or a drop cloth to protect surfaces and furniture in your home. By doing so, you can save both time and money. 

This will help prevent spills and other messes from happening. You must seal off areas of the wall and floor that can be damaged by dripping paint before you start painting. Painting two coats? You’ll want to roll the paint on instead of brush it.

Applying paint with a roller is very efficient, but it takes a bit more time than simply painting. Make sure you purchase quality brushes and rollers for even, steady coats of paint and the finest job possible.

Chose the Right Color Scheme and Paint

Last but not least, choose the right type of paint and color scheme. This is necessary if you want everything to coordinate together. There are some home improvement apps and websites that allow you to test a color scheme in your home before you buy it.

Keep in mind that some paints can go on one shade and dry in another. This is especially helpful before you buy everything and put it on the walls inside or outside of your home. Determine what type of paint is best for your upcoming renovation.

Each type of paint has its benefits and drawbacks, so make sure you are familiar with them both before you choose to use one over another. You should buy paint specifically made for your needs, as it is more effective. This means buying paints made especially for the home’s exterior, interior walls, or floors rather than whatever is on sale at a hardware store.

You can do your own research before purchasing paint. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for professional opinions. They know best and would be able to help you choose the correct type of paint for your home.


This article provides some useful pointers on how to paint your house with confidence, but it is up to you to take action. It takes time to master the skills and techniques that make a renovation stunning, so take your time to do a better job.

If you do not feel comfortable doing all of the work yourself, then you can hire a painter and avoid unnecessary headaches. Once your home is painted, you and your loved ones can sit back and enjoy the site.



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