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Health and Fitness

A Shift from Physical Pharmacies to Online Pharmacies

 The Role of Technology in Our Lives
Technology has changed the mindset of our society changing the way we operate and function. One such example is shift from physical pharmacies to online pharmacies. We have changed our lifestyles as technology made our lives easier making items and services accessible. The ease that the internet has brought in our lives is extraordinary and simply not imaginable a few decades ago.

In the past decade the availability of services online has marked a significant shift in the market ecosystem’s infrastructure. We can now access services with a touch of a button. One such service that communities have veered from the physical pharmacies to online pharmacies are prescription delivery services.

 Moving Towards Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies have created a niche and are regarded as convenient and cost effective. A lot of these pharmacies deliver for free thus the services are for no extra cost. During the era of third wave of ecommerce, It is not surprising why people are shifting from physical pharmacies to virtual pharmacies.

 What Does an Online Pharmacy Offer?

Sorted Medication Delivery

The services include sorted medication delivery which means your prescription is sorted in packs and stamped according to time and date. There is no need to check the prescription or wonder if I have missed a pill. It is convenient and hassle free.

 Customer Support

Online pharmacies also offer customer support. whereby a patient can call and ask a qualified pharmacist any question or queries they might have regarding their prescription, medication, or dosage. They are available to answer all reservations a patient might have. Thus, giving them comfort of knowing we have someone we can reach out to.

 Refill Service 

The prescription delivery service by online pharmacies saves patients multiple trips to the pharmacies and they do not have to worry about refills. The automated system of online pharmacies ensures that the prescription is scheduled in a manner which guarantees a patient never misses their medication.

 Free Home Delivery

Online pharmacies also provide scheduling services meaning refills are delivered to your doorstep before your medication finishes. The free home delivery by online pharmacies is also another key reason for the shift from physical to online pharmacies.

 Benefits for the Elderly 

Online pharmacies have proved very useful for the elderly especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. We have been restricted to stay at home and take precautionary measures to safeguard ourselves from catching the virus. The virus has proved deadly, and America saw the death toll cross 500,000 deaths. The hardest hit was the elderly who needed to take extra care to avoid the Covid19 virus and were a very high-risk group.

Many of our elderly require regular medication and if missed can lead to complications and life-threatening consequences.  Going to a regular pharmacy meant exposing yourself to the virus even while wearing a mask or maintaining social distancing. Online pharmacies saved them from taking the risk of going to physical pharmacies and having sorted medication delivered at their doorstep.

The refill and scheduling service offered by online services further helps the elderly who might sometimes forget to get a refill or cannot go to the pharmacy by themselves. The advent of online pharmacies has proved especially beneficial for the elderly and they can rest easy because of the convenience offered by them.

 Online Pharmacies for Patients at a Severe Risk of Complications from Covid-19

There was a classification of patients and communities that were at risk from complications from Covid19 and needed to take extra precautions. These included the elderly, pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions.

 You can find more details by accessing the link given below which outlines all high-risk groups according to the CDC.

People who have cancer or undergoing chemotherapy have weakened immune systems which results in them not being able to battle a virus if they contract it. These individuals need specific medications at regular intervals thus online pharmacies have proved very useful. They can get their prescription delivered right at their doorstep.

 Similarly, people with Diabetes require regular medication or insulin and are considered a high-risk group who can suffer from complications from Covid19. Individuals with kidney disease, heart conditions or with severe obesity have all been placed in the high-risk category by CDC.

 These people were able to benefit from online pharmacies and the services they offered which offered a risk-free access to their medication which can be lifesaving. Thus the risk of not taking them can become life threatening.

Covid-19 and Technology

Technology has helped us adapt to the new normal which has changed the way life was viewed and how we went through it each day. It forced us to make changes necessary to survive the epidemic. Online pharmacies have played a large role in navigating the new normal and this accelerated the shift from physical pharmacies.

Human beings adapt to change, and we have seen how the reliance on technology is growing day by day as new innovations are made in the field. 

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