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Benefits of attendance management software.

Lets discuss about what is School attendance management software and why is it so important to school? Universities, schools, coaching centers, and educational institutions consider attendance tracking and data management a top priority. Thankfully, biometric authentication and presence monitoring software has simplified the life of school administrators. Using these new technologies, student presence and class performance data is shared within minutes, facilitating parent involvement in other school affairs. To make sure your school runs as effectively and efficiently as possible, you should invest in tracking school attendance software. The best solutions can innovate well-run schools and opportunities to earn profitable returns.

What is School attendance management software and why is it so important to school?

School management software is an important part of school management systems that use biometric attendance systems or access cards to keep all students’ attendance records accurate and fast, and provide timely records and summaries when needed.

School Management Software is an application of school management software designed to keep the correct status of students attending every day. So it helps to keep records of student attendance vacation or absence records, etc.

The attendance management system was introduced with the idea of ​​breaking away from the traditional manual method of maintaining attendance. There are many amazing features and benefits here, and they are detailed below.

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Important  of attendance management software

1. Receiving comfort:

The typical time it takes to record the attendance of each class is overtaken by this software, suggesting that the teacher does not have to do manual work.

2. Speed ​​and accuracy

Using the school attendance software module in the school management system eliminates the need for manual attendance, a long and cumbersome process. Students can use the internet system to log on to attendance, saving the extra time and effort required to display attendance in general. These systems are much faster and more accurate than manual attendance software, help prevent incorrect data entry and reduce routine paperwork and duplication.

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3. Save valuables:

To check attendance, fill out a report and provide it to parents. This is a traditional way that doesn’t fit into the modern era and is replaced by a school attendance management system that can do all of this in less time.

4. Provide flexibility:

One major factor supporting this system is its use by schools large and small because attendance management can be a basic need. Reasonably priced software that supports flexibility is really commendable for this.

5. Automatic report generation

Often, teachers need access to student attendance reports for disciplinary reasons and parent and teacher meetings. The student’s attendance system allows you to create reports with the click of a button. School officials also have access to summary and trend reports related to attendance records.

6. Receive regular notifications:

Including a warning so parents know their child’s absence from school is usually one of the additional benefits. Weekly and monthly reports can also be sent depending on your school choice. Parents can learn more about their children’s performance, check them for themselves, and deliver regular reports to mobile and mailboxes.

7. Improving punctuality

While manual attendance, performed daily by teachers, forces attendance on a daily basis, cloud-based attendance software correctly records the arrival times of all students to monitor tardiness and teach students the importance of punctuality.

8. Alert parents

Attendance management software allows parents to receive daily automatic notifications that students are not attending classes. While not at all possible with a manual attendance system, it is simpler than ever for parents to update their child’s daily attendance with a school management system that stores all parent communication data. Helps parents know how many classes their children missed.

9. Employee attendance management software

Attendance management software can be used to track the attendance of teachers and other staff in the school. Using the access card and biometric attendance system, not only can you simply calculate the leaves, you can also accurately track the working days or hours.

10. Works smoothly:

Web-based school attendance software; Web application means the software works very smoothly on all web browsers and computers.

11. No error

Assuming that the school uses online attendance management software to maintain student attendance, the possibility of errors in the database is eliminated. The risk of error is zero because no paperwork is included.

12. Easy access and user friendly

The student attendance system is easily managed by school members. Report generation, data storage and database recovery are safe and fast with software. Teachers can easily generate reports in any way they want, such as daily or monthly. This kind of software makes it easier to get daily, weekly and monthly attendance. You can configure settings for all groups according to your school requirements.

13. SMS integration

SMS integration is the best feature of an attendance management system. With this amazing software, schools can easily send student reports to parents such as absence reports, vacation and support reports, monthly attendance reports, and more. It will be very beneficial for both teachers and parents for proper communication.

Useful functions

School systems today are under pressure to complete complex and diverse activities. Effective performance is necessary to keep the school system running very smoothly. Also, the constant practice of having unique school features usually requires managers to use sophisticated software to keep up. Existing consolidation and coordination processes are inadequate. With a school attendance tracking system, you can do more than just keep working hours. Overall benefits are subject to school environment. However, there are some features that are very standard for everyday activities. So, here are some useful features that will help you manage your school efficiently.

Faculty and staff schedule

With the help of a tracking application, management can take control of the entire school. Whether school admission, fee collection, attendance, security, or library maintenance, software that tracks attendance can automate other functions.

The other modules meet the different needs of the school, all offered in one application. The custom component aims at the uniqueness of the school, serving as the primary database for the entire school system.


Attendance management software is an essential requirement for each school, university or institution. The automation of the attendance system frees the educational authorities from their daily tasks and saves classroom time invested in teaching students. So student attendance management software can save you effort and time by keeping attendance or a combination of these features, and Entab offers the best school attendance management software.

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