Best ideas for an affordable engagement ring

Affordable engagement ring

You need not spend a fortune to win the heart of the love of your life. Nor do you need to come off as a miser by buying the cheapest ring available for the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. There are smarter ways of investing in engagement without damaging your bank account or hurting the feelings of your significant other. Here is how you can choose and customize an engagement ring according to your budget:

Go for Timeless Pieces

The plethora of new designs and never-ending options can be confusing to someone who is to the realm of precious stones. Thus, sticking with the basics like a small carat weight solitaire can help save money and reputation around your significant other. Classic pieces are usually sold at lower rates because their popularity makes them mainstream – thus, you can find them at different retailers at cheaper rates. Yellow gold is more affordable and malleable than platinum and white gold – these vintage pieces containing it are also cost-effective. Moreover, they complement several skin tones and can be re-adjusted.  

Opting for a Lower Carat Weight

The old saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” never really specified the weight of the diamonds. Needless to say, a diamond ring shall be cherished by a woman – so do not fret over going bankrupt buying a twenty-carat diamond ring. Have your jewelry design a ring that complements your significant other’s features. If you have slender, longer fingers different cuts of lower carat weight can look exceptionally stunning. Whereas, stouter fingers impeccably don smaller carat weight diamonds in unique channel and bezel settings. Furthermore, opting for diamonds in different settings can be cost-effective as well as going for stacked rings or three-paired stones (with cheaper sister stones) can also help you save money – without compromising on the look of the ring.

Choosing Diamond Shapes Wisely

The shape of the diamond has a massive impact on the overall cost of the ring. Oval and pear-shaped rings contain a significantly lesser carat weight compared to a round shaped diamond of the same size. Since pricing is done based on carat weight than size, then you must make a smarter decision to save more. Similarly, the sleek marquise cut also takes up lesser carat weight – while looking for sophistication and modern aesthetic.

Invest in Antique Rings

Most modern cuts and designs are already inspired by different historic pieces of jewelry. Choose your favorite era; whether it is Edwardian, Art Deco, Victorian – especially since they are making a comeback in 2020.

antique engagement ring

Image source: Fergus James

Additionally, lesser popular diamond shapes like rose, heart, emerald, rose, heart, and Asscher cuts are priced at lower rates. These may not have the brilliant scintillations that you are accustomed to seeing in most diamond rings, but they certainly contain the attraction and appeal of any precious stone. Moreover, if your significant other is a vintage jewelry enthusiast or simply loves doing things out of the box – the these should be your go-to cuts! Emerald cuts and Asscher cuts are craft through the conventional step cutting technique and have wider tables – thus, giving a lustrous, unique and ethereal translucency and reflection. Rose and heart-shaped diamonds also make for endearing promise and engagement rings – but at a significantly lower cost.

Buy Loose Diamonds for a Customized Ring

Several diamond ring designers and enthusiasts would gladly help you curate a customized ring. All you need to do is buy loose diamonds and find someone reliable. The latter is the only challenge. But you can significantly save several bucks by buying loose diamonds. These are unprocessed, small-sized diamonds. If you are a newbie, then choosing a design can be rather daunting. But you can go for smaller diamonds stacked on top of each other in multiple rings, or choose bezel and channel sets that give a more royal and exquisite look. Since the diamonds will be smaller, an elaborate design will add to the extravagance of the ring at half the price!

Finally, showing your love and loyalty to your love should not have to take a toll on your budget – you can certainly win the heart of your loved one while saving your bank account – simply by playing it smart.

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