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Buying Guide for Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

The engagement ring denotes a commitment to spend the rest of the life together, it signifies dedication and affection to the partner. The most interesting thing is the shape of the ring indicating an eternal loop having a circular shape without a beginning and end. Therefore, the ring has become a significant sign of love and togetherness. There must be an infinite reason in your head why your ring should be perfect. In popular terms, one can say the baguette ring is just an emotion for all diamond lovers. You want your partner to like it. So here we are to give you the prior knowledge you require before you leave for shopping.

 diamond baguette ring

Story Of Baguette diamond rings

Baguette rings came into fashion in the early 20th century. It was brought into the limelight by Harry Winston and Cartier during the time of the art deco period. During this time geometric patterns and streamlined forms were in demand and diamonds like emerald and asscher were the people’s favorite. Baguette diamonds were not at all in the picture at that time. Slowly as time passed people became more aware of baguette rings and now it’s one of the most used ingredients in diamond rings.

Types of baguette diamond 

There are mainly two types of baguette diamonds which are the straight baguettes and tapered baguettes. They are designed uniquely as the Straight baguettes are in a rectangular shape, and on the other hand, the tapered baguettes are narrower on one of the two ends to give a trapezoidal shape. Both of the baguette designs are best at their places.

Baguette vs Emerald Diamond rings

Although they both have long and rectangular step cuts there are considerable differences between the two. Emerald diamonds mostly have 50-58 facets and its baguettes have 14 facets. Baguettes are longer and skinnier than emerald cuts and lack distinctive cut corners. Emerald-cut diamonds have a lot more radiance than a baguette and have a lot more clarity. A constant difference between them is that emerald cut has a diagonal corner while baguette diamond has a square corner.

How to find the perfect baguette diamond?

Now is the time to go out and buy the baguette-cut diamonds, and while you go here are some tips that you must know which will help you to make better decisions in buying jewelry.

1. Color change

If you decide to go for a baguette diamond, make sure that the color of the baguette diamond matches the color of the center stone. Baguette diamond must be flawless in clarity and also one must ensure that it’s eye-clean. Due to its large surface area flaws and inclusion are more visible.

2. Wearability

Baguette rings are easy to chip and become dull. If the diamond cannot bear the damage, seek help from the jeweler immediately. One must have the kind of setting in which the ring looks beautiful and that can hold the diamond firmly into the finger. one must know that a more exposed diamond setting allows more light to pass through but baguette diamonds easily break and dislodge. So precise setting is necessary for a better lasting of the set.

3. Centre diamond

Let me tell you If you use a baguette diamond as the center stone for your ring they are not a good choice as an emerald-cut or even round cut. The main reason for this is they don’t sparkle that much. You can feel the sparkle in the diamond baguette ring with a keen observation in an extraordinary way.

4. Best Metal combination

Baguette diamond looks best with a white metal such as platinum or gold. The reason for it is that you want to showcase the cut, clarity, and flawlessness of your piece. Avoid using Yellow or Rose gold color of the metal as they show up dominantly in the baguette diamond which is not very ideal. As baguette diamonds are there mostly to complement the center stone not to hamper its beauty of it%. It goes well with white gold or platinum just like baguette diamond eternity ring.

There are so many different styles of baguette diamond rings that will knock you off your feet.

Three Stone Engagement Rings:

The three-stone engagement ring has spectacular diamonds which adjoin it to make a creative pattern. Baguette diamonds are the most beautiful way to add extra shine without taking the glory of the center stone. So here we present some of the extraordinary baguette ring designs that will steal your heart. 

Channel set baguette ring

Another name of baguette diamonds could possibly be the channel set baguette rings having the perfect accents accentuating the ring from all directions. The channel setting has small diamonds set into the metal towards the center stone, which is clean and provides a sophisticated look.

Vintage baguette ring

Baguettes will be great companions in terms of style and look for vintage rings. For rings with a lot of round diamonds, Baguettes add an extra flavor to the ring and take the ring to a new level. Round halo diamond engagement ring is one such type.

Baguette eternity ring

Baguettes are perfect choices for eternity rings. With a row of straight Baguette diamonds, the channel-set gives the ring the most complete, clean, and elegant look. Using Baguette diamonds also cuts the over-expensive cost for a ring. The ring gives a perfect fitting with high-quality brilliant cuts and exemplifies like the popular actress rings. 

Ballerina style ring

Tapered baguettes show the best tutu effect. So, the skirt’s appearance lets it flow out from the girdle of the center stone. Also, diamonds of other shapes can be used. In the ballerina set specifically, the baguette diamonds are in a channel setting, but sometimes they are set in a prong setting. This is an evergreen-style ring to embellish your inner beauty.

5) Budget Friendly

If you are on a budget, then the baguette diamond engagement ring is an excellent option for you. Here is one more design plan where you can choose gemstones instead of choosing diamonds in the surrounding stones spaces. This would be a more affordable selection than using three diamonds in the engagement ring. Also keep in mind, if you choose a gem it doesn’t mean that your ring is less in any possible way.

How to find a reliable jewelry store?

Finding a trustworthy jewelry store is quite necessary because you are going to buy a luxury good that is worthy for you. Even the new jewelry business entering into this field is trustworthy because, on the other side of the coin, this market needs a good amount of investment. You can do some trial checking by reading the reviews of other customers and analyzing with that research whether it is your call to go for the store or not. 

Other than the reviews you can visit their website or social media platforms to understand the crowd and the company’s popularity. Moreover, call customer care and resolve your queries if you have any. This will give an open-minded review of the products that you are purchasing. 

Consequently, you must demand the certification of diamonds and gold jewelry. Then, look for the certification of purity that guarantees the jewelry so that you can easily exchange them in the future from any retailer. 


The baguette is a classic diamond cut that will never go out of style. In recent years, it has taken both the bridal and aftermarket diamond watch world by storm. It is easily one of the most popular looks in jewelry. You will see baguettes everywhere. The great thing about buying baguette jewelry is that you can be confident of its staying power. Since the birth of the baguette, it has remained in fashion. After all, it comes from the most classic jewelry era of all time, the Art Deco era. So far we have tried to unveil every fact about baguette diamonds.


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