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Car and Motorcycle Insurance Cost, Factors That Determine The Insurance Premium

To obtain an RC estimate it is necessary to provide the insurance company with some essential information, necessary to calculate the final price. What  data have the greatest impact on the policy premium?

How is the cost of car and motorcycle insurance established

We calculate the car insurance cost from the applicant’s data regarding

  • the insurance position,
  • type, age and equipment of the  vehicle,
  • residence  and characteristics of the contractor.

The price can also increase or decrease based on the   additional guarantees added to the basic TPL (fire theft policy, window policy, driver protection etc.) and the presence or absence of  the car black box  (the satellite device that allows you to  save on ‘Rca, detailed in the  final paragraph dedicated to satellite insurance ). Below, all the data that influence the cost of car and motorcycle insurance.

The factors that determine the cost of the insurance premium

The class of merit of belonging is among the data that most influence the  calculation of car insurance. Merit grades range from 1 to 18, with 1st class being the least expensive and 18th being the most expensive. The class is attributed to motorists and motorcyclists on the basis of  virtuosity or the high number of accidents  behind them and is transcribed in the risk certificate, the document used by  insurance companies  to process the  insurance calculation:


The  novice drivers, due to inexperience in the guide, depart from the 14 ^ class, quite expensive; an  insured with zero claims can reach 1st class  and pay the cheapest insurance in just 13 years (starting from the 14th class of merit), because according to the Bonus Malus system, those who are not responsible for claims during the entire insurance year it advances by one class.

An insured in the 6th class of merit, who becomes responsible for a claim, starting from the following insurance year will be downgraded by two positions. He will be arriving in 8th class, more expensive than the 6th, because always based on the Bonus Malus system. Whoever commits a claim in the previous insurance year loses 2 classes. What other data affect the policy premium?  Not everyone knows, for example, that discounts can be applied by purchasing insurance well in advance .

Online insurances are generally cheaper  and offer advantageous formulas even for those who subscribe more RC on  different vehicles in the family. In addition, online insurances practice the web discount, allowed by the cutting of real management costs.

Online you can  compare multiple quotes at the same time  in order to easily identify (without having to use all the companies’ sites) the cheapest policy for your driving profile.

Car insurance costs related to the vehicle

The type of vehicle and other essential information on the means of transport to be protect with the RC also affect the  calculation of the  car  and motorcycle quote. Below is a list of the data that increase or decrease the cost of insurance.

Data that Increases or Decreases Cost of Insurance

  • model, year of purchase and date of registration: these  influence the  calculation of car and motorcycle insurance, especially in relation to  ancillary guarantees. Those who have purchased a  kasko policy  to obtain compensation for material damage to their vehicle, for example, save if they own a “date” and cheap vehicle, because repairs to be paid by the company will be less expensive. The same applies to the  fire theft guarantee , which will be convenient from the moment the vehicle is of limited commercial value.
  • power supply: it costs more to insure a vehicle powered by gas or methane. This is because the consequences can be serious due to the explosion of the cylinder. Therefore this figure affects both the cost of the basic RC and any fire guarantees purchase.
  • Vehicle equipment:  new generation cars and motorbikes can be equip with options to obtain discounts on RC. These are the alarm, the presence of a  black car box  and anti-left sensors.
  • Use of the vehicle:  the  car insurance costs  are higher for those who say they use the vehicle for journeys home / work-work / home rather than leisure. Also in this case, there is a presumption on the potential increase in the risk of claims.
  • Night shelter: when requesting a motorbike or car liability insurance quote, a private garage is an indication of night shelter for the vehicle. You will save on the accessory theft guarantee. On the contrary, if the data indicates “public road” the insurance cost rises in proportion to the risk of theft.

Universal Life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. It offers a guaranteed death benefit and also builds a cash value against the premiums paid. Universal Life insurance has a unique feature of deciding the premium rates and death benefits, making it highly flexible insurance.
Go and buy universal life insurance from top Life insurance companies.

Characteristics of the contractor that affect the price

Among the data that affect the cost of the policy is the age of the driver.

Similarly, insurance for people of age 50 and over also costs more, because an average risk of accidents is estimate. Another fact that can lead to increases or decreases in the cost of car insurance is the place of residence.

Notoriously in the areas of Southern Italy (such as in the province of  Naples  for example) there is a higher number of claims, many of which is related to fraud.

However, even motorists living in the South can save money by finding the cheapest insurance online. To compare prices, use our comparator by clicking the button below.

Last – but not least – information that affects the  insurance calculation, is the choice in the estimate phase between  free  driving and  exclusive driving.

The black box for saving on insurance costs

The choice of  satellite insurance  saves on the Rca premium in percentages that vary from company to company (generally from 10% upwards). The insurance formula  with black box provides for the installation on board the vehicle of a  satellite device  capable of recording the  dynamics of accidents  and establishing the responsibilities of one or the other driver.

The insurance companies give discounts to those who consent to the assembly of  the car black box  because thanks to this device many insurance appraisals and civil lawsuits for compensation of damage are avoid, initiate due to problems in identifying the responsible (s). Those who buy black box auto insurance get two benefits:

  • discounts on TPL  and ancillary guarantees;
  • possibility to  find the vehicle in a short time, thanks to the GPS location.

Finally, some models of  black box cars have commands to immediately call  roadside assistance  in the event of an accident, or  the ambulance  for more serious accidents: in this case,  thanks to satellite insurance, there is no need to call, because by pressing the tow truck or medical emergency button, the device sends help to the position indicated by the GPS.

The specific terms of travel insurance benefits vary by the card issuer. In most cases, you have to pay in full with your credit card for your trip. Although some card issuers may only need to pay part of the success with a credit card. Take a look at how to travel insurance works on credit card to learn about it.

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