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Important Facts You Should Know about Health Insurance in Dubai

Whether you are a self-employed person or a regular employee, you should make sure to get a suitable health insurance policy available in Dubai. Health insurance in Dubai is very much essential, as it gives you basic health coverage for you as an Emirate citizen.

In addition, the insurance is responsible to meet more than 90 percent of the regular healthcare requirements of most of the community people. Simultaneously, the insurance policy takes proper care of emergencies and any of the critical medical requirements. However, before you should take specific health insurance policy, you should stay aware of a few important facts, as we have discussed in this blog post.

Insurance Coverage

The law related to medical health insurance in Dubai stipulates the mandatory insurance coverage for every individual of the city. Accordingly, each of the single residents in the city should essentially stay covered to get health insurance. Each of the insurance packages has a coverage range to refer to a list of various health care solutions and health conditions to address efficiently.

Essential Basic Package is the basic coverage level associated with health insurance in Dubai and it has an affordable premium amount. This means the premium amount of the basic package ranges from minimum Dh550 to Dh750 in one year, while the employee sponsor is responsible to make payment of this premium amount.

If we talk about the coverage, it includes maternity and dental treatment coverage, consultation with general physicians and similar others remain covered in the package. EBP provides you Dh150000 per annum as the highest possible insurance limit if you experience any type of emergency. Besides, an EBP package covers each of the pre-existing conditions after 6months you buy a health insurance policy for the first time.

Network of Hospitals

Network in the case of health insurance in Dubai refers to the contracted organization by your health insurance provider to provide you the necessary services as a planned member at specific and advanced negotiated rates.

The network provider primarily organizes a group of pharmacy centers, clinics, and diagnostic centers, to which you as a patient may subscribe according to your health insurance plan. In other words, a network refers to a list of hospitals and clinics, which your insurance package gives coverage. A few of the insurance companies also refer to it as an in-network provider.

Individual Vs Group Insurance Policies

Most of the individuals employed in any company may get group health insurance in Dubai and it has certain discounts. Individual insurance policies are usually of tailor-made ones and involve a relatively high premium amount depending solely on the policyholder’s health.

Deductibles related to Insurance Policy

Deductibles associated with health or medical insurance policy refers to sums, which a policyholder or an insurance holder has to bear personally. This means, deductibles are basic amounts, which a person has to pay to undergo consultation at any clinic or hospital. For instance, if the consultation fee of your doctor is Dh100 and your insurance provider fixes 10percent as deductible, the policyholder has to pay Dh10 as his/her part of the financial contribution.

Co-insurance Percentage

Co-insurance percentage implies the percentage, which you should pay from your own pocket for the total incurred bill. In most cases, especially if we talk about the Essential Basic Plan, the co-insurance amount will be a maximum of 20 percent of the total medical or hospital bill. For instance, if you incur a bill of Dh200 on CT imaging, blood test, X-rays and medicines on your clinical visit and the coinsurance is 20percent, you have to pay Dh40 on your own.

Coinsurance percentage in some cases may even vary according to the inpatient or outpatient type of coinsurance. However, coinsurance in the case of outpatient coverage associated with EBP is 20percent of the entire consultation bill. The coverage includes your visit to a clinic for cold, cough, fever and maternity consultation.

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