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Complete Guide To Teaching Yoga Online

When studios and retreat centers, shut their doors because of COVID-19 lockdown, studio owners and the yoga teachers got some choices: either they have to close their classes completely, training or workshops or they can become a little creative using Wi-Fi and webcams.

Most of them choose the latter one, resulting in a measurable shift in the entire business and teaching of Yoga. Yoga has now developed an unbelievable online community. Wondering why? Well! It’s because of two major reasons:

  • Students can easily connect with their favorite yoga teachers.
  • Instructors can make a strong connection with the global community.

It facilitates you to construct a yoga business without the tight restraints of the brick-and-mortar studios. It puts you in charge and allows you to focus on assisting your audience.

A yoga teacher is earning a lot, and we are seeing that the figure is growing. The establishment of your teaching platform helps in unlocking several other benefits like:

  • Bring the global community closer and lead them for better health, peace of mind and happiness.
  • Free from location restraints: You can easily take classes, make videos and connect with any community from anywhere.
  • Make passive income: You can make money while eating, stretching and sleeping.
  • Assist a large number of people: After you are done with online 200 hour yoga teacher training, there is no limitation to the number of people you can teach Yoga when you are teaching online.
  • Monetizing social media: You can easily earn money from all the posts you are creating and sharing.

But what it means when someone says “teach Yoga online “.

In simple terms, it means launching your yoga studio. An online yoga studio is an online membership site where you can provide premium yoga content to all of your followers for a recurring fee.

You will make a video streaming service that functions as an online studio.  It is your website where you can upload all your yoga tutorials, ideas along with yoga flows.

With these videos, you can easily.

Now let’s have a look at how to teach Yoga online or a complete guide to teaching Yoga online:

  1. Reveal the niche you wish to teach: You are a yoga teacher who has spent several hours on the yoga mat. Now you must have a good idea of what kind of content will resonate best with the community. While doing your business online, you should establish a perfect niche for your business. An area of expertise can easily differentiate you from all of your competitors.

Present before your students the perfect answer to all of these questions:

  • What is that which makes your Yoga practice different from others?
  • Do you have a specific approach to mindfulness?
  • Do you provide service to busy business people?
  • Do you want to teach students how to make their flows?
  • Are you focusing on pre-and post-natal Yoga?

There is no perfect answer to all of these questions, but you can provide an honest answer.

Make a few yoga videos of yours to find out your style: Once you have figured out what you will teach, it’s time to do some experiments. It will help if you devote some of your time trying to find ways to teach in front of the camera and figure out a comfortable style for you.

There are three different types of styles that you can try:

  • At first, it’s a studio presentation where you give instructions from your mat. You can easily set up this, and it is also the viewpoint where your subscribers will get used to. It is good, especially if you have less equipment, like just you and your camera.
  • The second is class instruction: This is where you will record your studio sessions and utilize them on your website. This is good when you are live streaming all of your sessions.
  • The third style is to follow along with instructions where your student performs the practices and offers them education through voice.

So, one of these styles is going to work for you. If you are not sure which one will work for you, one of the best strategies is making varied videos in several styles and test your audience’s reactions.

  1. Make your yoga studio website: Your website is the store for your online yoga training. It is where people will make a visit to learn, know about the prices and check if your style of Yoga is best for them.

You must make a professional look video streaming website to get the right audiences’ attention into your community. But you don’t have to worry, as you do not require a web designing degree for creating a website.

When you are done with website building, it’s time to set up your prices.

  1. Choose a pricing model and set up your price: Yoga teachers often have to struggle for pricing as it is hard to translate what you charge for in the yoga studio in the huge online world. Let’s have a brief discussion on how you can easily sell your videos:

AVOD, which is an ad-based video on demand.  This is when you do not charge any price for the video. Rather you place advertisements before and after your video.

TVOD: It is a Transactional video on demand. It is when you charge your viewers for accessing a single video. You can either sell them for having unlimited access to the video or give them in rent for some time.

This is useful when you are selling access to some specific course. The benefit of this is that you can charge a high price.

SVOD, which is a subscription video on demand. It is a pricing model where yoga instructors create a strong and community-driven membership site. Your consumers will make a monthly payment for gaining complete access to your videos. They can easily log in to your site as well as content till they have made their payment.

Even though the purchase point is low, earnings are recurring, and incomes can increase with time. It is easy to retain existing customers than finding new customers.

  1. Now make a user funnel for building your community:

Your user funnel is one kind of system that consistently brings new people to your community. When you get it up for running, it will offer you peace of mind that you have a consistent stream of new subscribers who are watching your content and making a visit to your site. One of the best approaches that can be highly effective is

  • First, share your content along with your brand.
  • Refer them to your website
  • Provide a free trial
  • Contact those people who did not convert.

Thus, by now, you must have realised that teaching yoga online make you see boundless potentials. With a basic online 200 hour yoga teacher training course you can teach students online.  When you move beyond your Yoga mat into the online world, it helps you.

  • To teach your Yoga in your way
  • Connect with the international community.
  • Build up a happy and healthy yoga business.
  • Be location independent.
  • Good earning per month.



200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa flow & Yin.

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