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Different Types of Carpet Materials

Today, homeowners have options for different types of carpet materials to choose from. Explore options and whenever possible, do so in person so that you can touch surfaces and feel textures and thickness of carpeting before making a choice. Some homeowners don’t know exactly what the materials are in those home store carpeting swatches. Roughly half a dozen popular carpeting materials are found in carpeting today.


Nylon is one of the most popular choices when it comes to carpeting materials due to its durability and stability. Nylon carpeting can last about 15 years, sometimes more when maintained correctly. It’s resistant to wear and tear. This type of carpeting comes in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns and is resilient for high traffic areas. Nylon carpeting is a popular choice for homes with children and pets, and is also ideal for stairs and hallways.


While some people might equate wool with itchiness, wool carpeting is soft and luxurious and is also one of the only natural carpeting fibers used today. Because wool is a natural material, it’s environmentally friendly, flame resistant and very soft under bare feet. Wool carpeting is often a first choice for individuals suffering from allergies and its production requires very few or no chemicals for its manufacture.

However, be aware that woolen carpeting, especially in high humidity areas, may be at a higher risk for developing mildew or mold, so regular and diligent maintenance is required.


Acrylic is a synthetic material, though it’s manufactured to not only look like, but to feel like wool. Less expensive than woolen carpeting, it is also not typically susceptible to mold or mildew and is easier to clean than wool. Like other types of carpeting, acrylic carpeting is relatively moisture resistant, has high durability, and is resistant to fading.


Olefin carpeting is manufactured from polyethylene or polypropylene, creating a carpeting option for outdoor areas, patios, and porches. This type of carpeting is stain and moisture resistant and is an economical option for budget conscious homeowners. That said, olefin carpeting is less durable than other types of carpets and will show wear-and-tear in high traffic areas and can also be susceptible to fading by direct sunlight.


As other synthetically made fiber carpeting, polyester carpeting is fairly economical, and like others, is fairly resistant to stains and spills as well as in regions with high humidity, helping reduce the risk of mildew and mold growth. However, like olefin, it can develop high wear patterns from room to room or down hallways.


Until the advent of synthetic carpeting materials, cotton was quite popular and was often used in carpeting in warm climate environments. It dries quickly, but is prone to developing mildew and mold in humid areas. Some old homes may have cotton carpeting, and no matter how well-kept, they are not flame resistant.

When it comes to different types of carpet materials, take the time to research to determine which is best for your home environment. A carpet company in Indianapolis called Pro Sand Flooring can show you the best quality of material carpets.

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