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Dubai Investment Guide: Most preferred Area to Buy Property in 2022

The one method of acquisition that is reliable, and has given a stable ROI over several decades is in the real estate sector. Most people, be it expats or general investors are seen flocking to the most prosperous countries in the world to earn higher passive income in the long term. Along with owning a property, one can enjoy numerous benefits like a residential visa, tax less rental income and more in Dubai. It could be slightly baffling for investors to look for the best location in 2022. However, this can be avoided with the assistance of property agents in Dubai, who have a thorough knowledge of the neighbourhoods and the profitability factors.


The first-ever thought that crosses anybody’s mind at the sound of Dubai would be the Burj Khalifa located in the very centre of Downtown Dubai. With a mix of residential, commercial, entertainment, and shopping complexes in this region, this place is the most sought after neighbourhood in Dubai. Overseas investors picking this region is never a surprise of the value and lifestyle it holds, which continues to boom every year.


The vibrant nightlife, breezy beaches and gobsmacking foods lure people into Palm Jumeirah easily. Dubai is filled with several luxury properties across different Emirates, and Palm Jumeirah continues to rank among the top places for investors to buy property in Dubai. Various residential settlements can be seen here, beautifully enclosed within the perennial area of Dubai. However, over the years, the asking price for any property in this region is high.


One of Dubai’s most sophisticated and unique neighbourhoods would be Dubai Marina, with residential properties valued at a whopping AED 1.7 million and above. This place is scattered with luxurious hotels, an artificial marina stretching across the central coastline, jaw-dropping apartments and skyscrapers that glimmer at night. Most wealthy expats moving into Dubai occupy this region and invest in luxury villas and apartments on this spectacular palm island. 


If unending shopping and world-class dining are the priority when living in Dubai, City Walk is the ideal location to enjoy these perks. The perfect balance of elite hotels, comfortable housing options and an extraordinary lifestyle make City Walk a creative place to reside. The lip-smacking cuisines and the overall high-end designs of buildings available there are something to not miss out on and the main reason for investing here. 


Synonymous with its name, The Springs, has always been a popular pet-friendly neighbourhood in Dubai. Most expats moving in with their families prefer this region over other bustling parts of Dubai. The year 2021 and 2022 has seen a surge in population in this part of Dubai. The housing pattern observed here is detached villas and a couple of terraced houses, which attracts more crowds here and is always more profitable for investors.


People moving here are fond of the skyscrapers and the tall standing buildings of apartments at Business Bay. The expat population is higher in this part of Dubai. Most investors make sure that a property facing the landscape of these skyscrapers is purchased as they are more in demand for rentals. This neighbourhood is still in the developing phase, but the future holds a massive feat for all investors who made their property purchase in Business Bay.

Any investor determines the potential of a property type, the specific location it possesses then, and its possibility of increasing later on with time. With many parts of emirates unveiling off-plan homes and new builds, 2022 will be the best time for an investment in a property.

Source: https://flashydubai.com/best-areas-to-buy-property-in-dubai/

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