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Handbags with good logo provide a unique touch to every clothing. Fashion enthusiasts from all around the globe have purchased these handbags for their collections.According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, people are seeing a 13% increase in handbags. In fact, in terms of return, it has surpassed art. Since then, the market has expanded, making it critical for businesses to enhance how they portray themselves to the public.This roundup will look at some of the most notable bag logos and names available right now. The list also includes some of the most well-known luxury logos. It is a fantastic source of inspiration.

Simply glancing at these well-designed logos can teach you a lot about creating a long-lasting company can check out wix logo maker for different ideas or designs of logo. You’ll feel like a human purse logo identification by the conclusion of this essay.

Popular logo for handbags

A logo is the public face of a company. That is more than enough motivation to ensure that your design is distinct and engaging. Your audience will remember you based on your brand’s visual identity. The correct company logo will enable you to express your knowledge to them, whether you sell vegan purses, luxury things, or anything else.

McQueen, Alexander logo

Alexander McQueen’s monochromatic logo is text-based and uses lowercase characters. This color choice is also consistent with the company, which is renowned for employing black in its work. This font style enhances the business mark’s current sense, making it look more pleasant and casual.

Balenciaga logo

The Balenciaga logo’s back-to-back letter B is bold and uppercase. This monogram was designed in-house using a sans serif font. Its overlapping pattern gives a captivating silhouette. According to the brand, it was inspired by the clarity of public transit signs. The logo, like its source, manages to be straightforward and striking.

Bottega Veneta’s logo

Bottega Veneta is a well-known Italian premium fashion business. The brand is represented by a clean all-caps wordmark. It has a commanding appearance that is simple to remember. This logo’s minimalism minimizes visual distractions that might diminish its overall impression on the viewer.

Burberry logo

With the assistance of Peter Saville, the brand was relaunched in 2018. The art director and graphic designer has collaborated with notable artists such as Joy Division and Kanye West. The typeface is elegant and clean. It also has a monogram logo made up of the letters T and B. These are the initials of the founder, Thomas Burberry.

Céline logo

Its balanced design gives it a simple appearance. Its logo is created entirely using a sans-serif typeface. Modernist typography is utilitarian since it keeps its effect throughout several uses, such as the company’s website or leather tags.


The interlocking C pattern, created by haute couture queen Coco Chanel, is one of the most renowned monograms. It is framed in a circular shape and has the brand’s complete name as a wordmark. Chanel drew inspiration for this design from stained glass windows in an Aubazine church.

Chloé logo

The bag firm creates a fancy letter logo using a serif typeface. The French brand’s logo is inspired by old style. When printed, this logo appears in either black or beige. It offers diversity while maintaining a focus on the brand’s feminine aspect.

Christian Dior,

The wordmark establishes a simple identification for the French fashion firm. It makes use of the Nicolas Cochin Regular typeface by Georges Peignot. When combined with the monochromatic color scheme, the sans serif font produces a classic aesthetic.

Coomi logo

The business, which specializes in handbags and jewelry, has a wordmark logo. The glyphs’ line weight is modest, yet it sticks out because to the color. The vivid orange trademark color of Coomi exudes vigour. This hue, according to color psychology, enables people to see the brand as confident and happy.
For good reason, Gucci Gucci handbags have become famous. Gucci transforms high design into everyday wear, from black leather hobos to shiny gold shoulder bags, particularly with that trademark Gucci emblem. Plus, when someone asks where you bought your bag, it’s always wonderful to answer “It’s Gucci.”

Guess logo

Let’s get one thing straight: a Guess handbag can never go wrong. Guess has been a popular brand throughout the 1990s and 2000s (Y2K, anyone?). These daring handbags will complement any outfit. If you’re looking for more casual bags, G by Guess is a good place to start.

Marc Jacobs’ Marc 

Marc Jacobs is not renowned for simple or boring designs, thus Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are full of color and unusual patterns. If you’re stuck on how to put together an ensemble, start with a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and design your outfit around it. Your style will always be on point.

West 9th Street 

Opt for a Nine West bag if you want a purse that will work with almost any outfit. You can’t go wrong with a Nine West purse since the colors and designs are timeless. Nine West bags, which are often in black and brown tones, are dependable and constantly on style.

Prada purses are wardrobe essentials that you’ll never want to part with. A classic black Prada tote or hobo will become your go-to bag for everything. Even on your most casual days, a Prada purse may inspire you to go out and crush the day.

Ferragamo, Salvatore logo

Salvatore Ferragamo purses are among the most opulent of designer handbags. The designs are incredibly simplistic and, as a result, have a strong effect. Salvatore Ferragamo bags are made from smooth leather that feels as good as it looks. It will undoubtedly be the bag you reach for on all special occasions.

Stella and Dot 

Want to appear runway-ready but at a lower cost? If so, don’t overlook the boutique brand Stella & Dot. The company offers colorful patterned bags that are ideal for quick vacations and excursions. Alternatively, you may keep things simple with eye-catching purses and wristlets.

The Sak’s 

The Sak offers purses that are as useful as they sound! The Sak offers several adorable purses made of hand-crocheted or genuine leather. This brand’s boho-chic vibes something to die for.

Baker, Ted

With a Ted Baker bag, you can make a statement. We like this London-based firm for both its lovely handbags and their environmentally conscious goal. Ted Baker is a one-stop store for all things clothes, accessories, and handbags.


Fashion shoppers appreciate excellent design. That is why it is critical to showcase your company in the most sophisticated manner possible. You should also ensure that your brand identity can educate and connect with your target audience. A design contest may help you find the right bespoke logo. It allows you to have more than one alternative when choosing a customized brand logo. This gives you the opportunity to collaborate with a community of graphic artists who will submit up to 50 design entries for your project. Find the winning design right now.

The wix logo maker  provides you with access to a library of customisable designs that include a variety of fashion logos. Experiment with colors, fonts, and other design elements to create a one-of-a-kind design. Prepare to create a logo in minutes.

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