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Fantastic Longboard That Will Provide You With A Safe And Enjoyable Ride

If you’re new in the world of longboards, purchasing the right product for yourself can be a very intimidating task. You might not know where to begin your search. This happens to all beginners. You might also have a difficult time on how to differentiate a good longboard from a bad one. We understand your struggle, and that’s why we’ve gone a step further to create this article for you.

The guide contains the top longboards the market has to offer you. These are must-have longboards. Aside from that, this article also includes a buying guide that will help you know how to choose a good longboard. This is the ultimate guide for all longboard lovers.

Top on our list is the Quest Longboard. This is one of the best products that money can get you. For beginners, this is what you should rush to the store to get one. You’ll fall in love with it right from the word go, thanks to the beautiful images on it. The performance is top-notch. Another great thing is that you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to own it. Who said that you couldn’t get something quality at an affordable price?

Deck of This Longboard

The deck of this Longboard is crafted by hand by experienced artisans who can boast of their prodigy. Every detail has been finely brought out, something rare on other products of a similar price range. Just as the appearance of this Longboard impresses, so does its quality. Phenomenal is the word that who can best use to describe its quality. It is made long-lasting to beat the test of time and serve you a very long period.

The deck is made using bamboo, which brings quality and lightweight altogether. It also delivers spectacular flexibility that allows you to cruise down a hill with much ease. The board is durable and can hold a weight of up to 250 lbs. Quest has stayed true to its slogan; better components equal better performance and has gained the trust of their loyal customers’ thanks to their quality products. One fantastic feature worth mentioning with this board is the shock-absorbing wheels which translate every ride to a smooth one regardless of the kind of terrain that you use.

If you’re looking for the best Longboard decks that will provide you with a safe and enjoyable ride, this one here fits the job description very well. This board comes in a drop-through shape, which will ensure that your pushing is effortless. You will also be very stable riding downhill. One thing to note with this board is that it is longer than other types of longboards, and this comes with the benefit of added stability.

Longboard Material

The material used to create this piece is bamboo, which makes it perfect for absorbing cracks and rocks and bumpy encounters. Also, with this material, you’re assured of the long life and durability of your board. One thing that this board has bragging rights to is its powerful grip. You can now ride with confidence, knowing that you have your back covered even when doing sophisticated tricks and turns.

No one is restricted from enjoying the benefits accrued by Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout II Drop-Thru Bamboo Complete Downhill Longboard Skateboard. Whether you’re an amateur, intermediate, or pro, you are welcome to own this baby. Wheel rub is a thing of the past with this board. We know the disappointment of acknowledging the board only for it to wear down after a few months. Well, this isn’t the case with this Longboard.

If you’re a beginner who’s only looking for a fun ride, consider this piece for a fantastic performance. It comes at an affordable price and is way more quality and practical than most of its counterparts in the same price range. This is the best definition of killing two birds with one stone. You will also be impressed by the level of its performance.

Size of Longboard

Customers have also praised this product for the different sizes options that it comes with. There are two options to go for; the 40″ and 44″. The former is more suited for girls, kids, or teenagers as they are easy to carry around. The 44″ is for big guys and male skaters for the best stability and support, plus they won’t have a problem moving them around.

When it comes to quality, it is excellent for its price. In addition, it is easy and decent to ride quickly. You will adapt to it very quickly; two or three days are enough for you to be conversant with this piece. We would advise that you only ride downhill with it once you’re super comfortable because it can go very fast. You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself in the process. One last thumb up with this piece is that it comes when fully assembled and ready to ride.

Making Mini Cool Boards

When it comes to making mini-boards, there are lots of companies with a good reputation. Eggboard boasts of being included in this list. The name is derived from the shape of the boards, a board similar in shape to an egg. This board is fun to ride, and that is why it qualifies on our list. However, you should be aware that you’ll require some time to learn and be conversant with this piece, but once you’re done with this phase, everything else is smooth.

The board measures 19 inches and becomes very convenient to store. The trucks are massive and measure 7 inches. The good that comes with this is that they are very stable. The material used for construction is bamboo, and the company agrees that for every board sold, they plant a tree; very environmentally thoughtful.

One fantastic feature that we can’t leave behind is its wheels. They are big and soft and will provide you with the smoothest rides that you’ve ever experienced. The mini board comes with ABEC bearings, and you have the option of switching them if you aren’t pleased with their performances. If you want to have a try with mini boards, try the Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards. It provides tons of stability for amateurs and is super fun for the pros. Could you make the most out of it?

Good Longboard Decks

How do you know that a certain longboard is what you need? Before making that longboard purchase, you want to ensure that you’re carrying the correct product back home. We know the bummer that comes with choosing a low-quality product that lasts you a short duration. You don’t want to experience that. For this, we outline to you factors to consider when choosing the best longboards.

Different Types of Longboard Decks

The market has four different types of Longboard to offer. Out of these, we would recommend only two for beginners. This is because they provide the essential feature required by all novices; stability.


Cruise is known more for being a mode of transportation among the different longboards. Cruises usually have an even weight distribution so that the rider is stable. This makes the cruise one of the types of longboards that are suitable for beginners.


The second type is the drop-down. The stability of this type generates from the deck as it lowers down to the ground. This makes it be mounted on the top of the deck instead of the middle, like many other longboards. Pushing it is easy for your legs and feet. Its symmetrical shape is a significant advantage as it allows you to easily switch between the nose and tail.

Drop-downs are more versatile than cruises and may be used for carvings, downhills, and slides. They are more expensive, and Who will dent your pocket a little to own them. If you’re looking for something to take your longboarding experience to the next level, this is your type.


The drop-through’s performance is pretty much the same as the drop-down, with the difference being the speed. Drop-throughs are faster than their counterparts. This is especially downhill. The reason behind this is that the deck isn’t so close to the ground. Riding downhill at high speed is quite dangerous. This type is not suitable for beginners but rather intermediates and pros who have the required skills and experience.


Top-mount is used for board-walking or dancing, which makes them more of trick-performing and freestyle longboards. They are designed for pros, and beginners will have difficulty adjusting and getting used to them.


We don’t need to emphasize how essential wheels are because they are the base and decide every move you make. Under wheels, there are four factors to consider


In layman’s language, the durometer is the unit used to measure the softness of the wheel and uses ‘shore a scale.’ The scale ranges between 1 and 100. If you’re looking for better grip and control, soft durometer wheels are the type to go for. They provide more stability as you skate. Hard durometer wheels are suitable for riding over rough terrains and provide you with a whole different experience.

Wheel Bite

Wheel bite occurs when the wheels rub the deck as you negotiate a sharp corner. The hard turn makes you come to an abrupt halt. The high friction experienced makes the deck wear, and an indent is formed as a sign. Some dents are slight in this case; there isn’t any need to worry. It would help if you considered going for high trucks to avoid more intense wheel bites.

Wheel shape

Wheels are available in two shapes; straight edges and round ones. Straight-edged wheels offer more stability offering high grips and control, and are more suited for beginners. They are also the choice to go for when riding downhill. On the other hand, wheels are best for cruising, sliding, and freeriding. They don’t offer many grips and are suitable for intermediates and pros.

Wheel’s size

The sizes of wheels are measured in millimeters. The best choice of sizes for adult riders is between 54 to 59 mm. However, we would recommend a size 60 mm for beginners as they have a large surface area and better contact with the ground. With this, they are more stable and can handle bumps and debris without difficulties.


A truck is a T-shaped metal found at the bottom of a deck. Longboards require two trucks. A longboard truck usually is wide to allow riders to maneuver and turn with ease. The sizes of the trucks are measured using the width of the axle or hanger.

Riser Pads

Riser pads use to prevent wheel bites. Longer boards have large wheels and thus require high riser pads. Riser pads are a must for beginners. They reduce the friction between the deck and wheels and minimize the pressure formed when releasing stress from the trucks.

Longboard Materials

When it comes to the materials used to make longboards, two names ring the bell; maple and bamboo. Each of these two has its pros and cons. Bamboo brings to the table lightness and flexibility, while maple, on the other hand, is known for its durability, strength, and hardness that it can take any thrashing that comes along its way. With these features, if you are looking to go for carving and cruising, we recommend bamboo. If you’re looking to freeride and surf, then the maple deck will suit you just perfectly.

Without forgetting, there’s another infamous material that is preserved only for the elite; carbon fiber. This is the most expensive material that longboards are made of. Carbon fiber is for those searching for exceptionally high speeds and hardness that will enable them to slide and negotiate corners with great ease. Beginners may use carbon fiber, although you should be able to pay for the price that it comes with, literally. But in an honest opinion, it’s not worth spending such a considerable sum if you’re a beginner. Why not take things slow? And once you’ve mastered the art of longboarding, then you can consider carbon fiber.


The longboarding world is a fun one if you have the right products. Beginners don’t possess many experiences, and so choosing the right equipment is a critical task. You can only improve your skills to the top-notch level if you have the right products. There is no wrong choice from our list; it all depends on your preferences and needs. One similar attribute with all the mentioned products is that they are made using high quality. With this, expect that you will own these pieces for a very long period.

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