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Get IT Support Dallas for HIPAA and PCI Compliance

Does your business need HIPAA/PCI compliance IT Support Services in Dallas? If yes, then partner with one of the most recommended IT Support Companies in Dallas, TX. Ighty Support is the best choice for getting industry standards compliant IT Support Dallas

The HIPAA and PCI security standards ensure the protection of critical data and build the trust of your customers/patients in your business. Ighty Support’s services can help you ensure the integrity of your business with industry standards compliance.

Explore more about these industry standards requirements and why Ighty’s services will be the best for your business.

HIPAA and PCI Standards Requirements for Businesses

The HIPAA and PCI requirements are mostly related to the technical aspects. Because most healthcare organizations in the US have adopted EMR systems that have e-PHI records, and the businesses also have payment card information stored digitally. 

Know the requirements of these industry standards and what Dallas IT Support Services you’ll need to ensure compliance. 

HIPAA Checklist

Healthcare is one of the main industries affected due to cyberattacks in the US. That’s why HIPAA laws were made to ensure the security of the Patient Health Information (PHI). It applies to all the small and big, public and private medical/healthcare service providers. 

Administrative, Physical, and Technical security safeguards are the main areas where you need to ensure complete HIPAA compliance. IT Support Dallas from Ighty Support can help your business implement the right technologies to become HIPAA compliant.

PCI Checklist

There are twelve main requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Ighty Support can help your business fulfill all these requirements with their IT Support Services in Dallas. 

How IT Support Dallas from Ighty Support can ensure HIPAA/PCI Compliance for Your Businesses?

Ighty Support offers the Best IT Support to make your business IT infrastructure meet all the compliance criteria. The main services you must get from Ighty Support and how they will help you are explained below. 

IT Consultation

If you are not aware of what technologies and practices you need to implement, you can get consultation services from Ighty Support’s IT Consultants. They can explain to you in detail the HIPAA/PCI guidelines and obligations. You can also get a roadmap of all steps your business needs to comply with these standards.

IT Systems Setup

Your business needs a competent IT framework so you can manage the data easily. IT Support Dallas enables you to build and maintain a robust IT framework for your business. They help you get the systems that can support the compliance requirements of any industry standards applicable to your business.

Network Setup and Security

HIPAA and PCI guidelines require your business to have a secured IT network and systems to avoid cyberattacks and data leaks of patients’ health information and payment information. Ighty Support LLC can help your business secure your IT systems and network with firewall installation, antivirus software, threat detection, data encryption, blocking of suspicious or spammy websites/emails, and even more advanced security solutions.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Your systems and network need to be constantly monitored to avoid any discrepancies. The PCI and HIPAA standards need your business to restrict access to sensitive data and regularly monitor the activities and use of the data.

Regular checks and evaluation 

The security mandates of PCI/HIPAA say that businesses should regularly check their security procedures and implement better technology solutions if needed. Ighty Support can do regular checks for your business IT infrastructure and assess the areas which need better tech solutions. 

Secure communications

If your business transmits PHI or payment data through any communication mode, you will be required to ensure complete security of the communications channels through which the data is transmitted.

Employee Training

In HIPAA and PCI compliance industry standards, it is mentioned that your employees must be aware of all the implications of HIPAA/PCI and carefully handle payment card information or patient’s health data. Ighty Support engineers can train your employees and staff on following the best practices to stay in compliance with HIPAA/PCI.

Data Backup and recovery 

The PHI or card holder’s data is very important, and you must keep safe backups. Eighty Support’s backup and recovery services will be the best for this purpose. They can keep your backups secure and also provide quick recovery of backups whenever a crisis arises.

The HIPAA and PCI guidelines also require your business to restrict and monitor physical access to the workstations and devices. So besides getting IT Support Dallas, your business can also get IT solutions like access control systems and security cameras from Ighty Support.

Why is Ighty Support the No. 1 Choice for IT Support Dallas, TX?

Ighty Support is the best choice for your business because they can make your business compliant with their affordable IT Support Services in Dallas. Their rates are very budget-friendly, so becoming HIPAA compliant/PCI compliant won’t be expensive for your business.

The technical team of Ighty Support is all trained engineers who can make your complete IT framework robust and compliant with industry standards.

Ighty Support has been helping businesses achieve compliance with industry standards for more than ten years now. They have the best tech engineers and technology resources to help your business too.

For industry complaint IT Services, Ighty Support is the Best IT Company you’ll find in the DFW area. Even if you are not well aware of these industry standards’ implications, Ighty Support is experienced in it and can give you a consultation regarding it. Their IT Support Dallas plans to cover all the services that your business needs to become HIPAA compliant or PCI compliant. 

Contact them at (972) 200-3219 to know more about their services and hire them 

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