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Google SEO Penalties: How to avoid them in 2022?

A new year brings new prospects as well as new problems. The SEO industry, too, is bracing for unexpected challenges from various Google SEO penalties.

What are the potential threats?

Think about waking up one morning and receiving a call from the office saying, “We have lost all traffic,” Your heart stops.

It’d be nothing less than a nightmare, your worst nightmare.

But did you know that this might happen at any time?

Rather you like it or not, many websites rely on Google for a large portion of their traffic. You might lose anywhere from 10% to 50% of your traffic if you receive a penalty. According to a study, Google initiates about 400,000 of these actions each month. Many additional websites are being penalized due to Google algorithmic adjustments, particularly the big boys, Penguin and Panda.

Yes, that is a terrifying concept!

But there is a solution to it. You can also look for the best SEO packages if needed.

Whatever form of penalty you receive, you must be able to determine what caused it and address it. These valuable tips will show you how to avoid Google SEO penalties slowing down your organic traffic.


10 Ways to Avoid Google SEO Penalties in 2022

1. Avoid spammy inbound links, resulting in Google SEO penalties.

High-quality incoming links demonstrate to Google that your website is popular. It indicates that your website contains valuable information. Backlinks play an essential part in deciding where your website ranks on Google.

Yet, there is a growing market for backlinks for sale. However, Google’s stated position is that you should never buy backlinks. If Google suspects you of gaming the system by purchasing backlinks, your website will be penalized. So, if you’re going to buy backlinks, make sure they’re high-quality and appear natural. 

2. Avoiding duplicate content

Posting original content is the best way to boost your Google ranking. Yet, it needs time and effort. Hence, some users resort to publishing stuff copied from other sites. It is not only a violation of copyrights, but it will also result in Google penalizing your site. Also, it is feasible that you will write duplicate content.

Dishonest content writers may also provide duplicate content. The most straightforward approach to ensure that your material is original is to use an SEO service from the best SEO providers.

Everyone knows and especially SEO experts understand well that Content is the king and backbone of Websites for SEO purposes. Therefore keeping unique and relevant content.

3. Keyword stuffing may also result in a penalty.

You must use keywords to optimize your content. Yet,  Google can determine the focus of your content along with keywords. Yet, if you use too many keywords, you may face a Google SEO penalty. Some content writers manipulate keywords again and again even those losing the content readability because they are thinking about this we can rank in google search results using this strategy. therefore google changed the algorithm for keyword stuffing can make a reason for a penalty.

The ideal keyword density ranges between 3-5 percent. Yet, opinions disagree on this. Therefore, the most crucial thing to remember is to make your keyword usage appear natural.

4. Do not create outbound links to unwanted areas.

Google does not control the internet, but it does not like to encourage inappropriate content. No one would be thrilled if a kid’s website had connections to an 18+  site. A link from your site to other site functions as a suggestion. So, be cautious about the websites you link to in your material.

5. Avoid using Hidden Information and Cloaked Links.

It is possible to upload content that Google web spiders will see but not the user. For example, you may have a lot of keywords written in white font on a white background on a website. It was an overall black-hat SEO strategy in the past.

Also, the masking of hyperlinks so that visitors might click on them. Both of these tactics detects by Google and result in a penalty. You should ensure that what your users see matches the search engine’s view.

6. Avoiding low-quality content

Google seeks high-quality content that adds value. The importance of content quality in SEO is growing. Content with many spelling and grammar errors is likely to be penalized. Incoherent spun content will do the same. Make sure that all of your sites have good content understandable to humans.

Also, avoid very brief content pages. Even your website’s shortest pages include at least 250 words. You can get the best SEO services packages to get high-quality content for your website.

7. Avoid malicious links and viruses that may lead to  Google SEO Penalties

It is critical to sustaining your website security. For example, if Google discovers a computer virus or links to phishing sites on your website, it will penalize it. In addition, your website will be accessible to hackers if you do not install security software.

Hackers may insert malicious code and links to your websites. Your website will soon remove from Google’s search results pages if this occurs.

8. Unauthorized Image Use

You must use caution while selecting photographs for your website. You may face a Google penalty if you use pictures that you are not permitted to use. In addition, you may find that the image’s owner takes legal action against you.

Pixabay and Unsplash are two websites where you may obtain high-quality, royalty-free photos. Take precautions. If you’re not sure to use a picture, then don’t use that picture.

9. Broken links and a Google algorithm strike

It will help if you fix any broken internal or external links on your website. Google will interpret broken links as an indication that your site is no longer in use. Google does not wish to send users to unmaintained websites. Hence, if your web pages include dead links, they will rank lower.

What happens when you get bad links on enough of a scale to harm your site?
Because links continue to remain a significant ranking google ranking factor Your site can get algorithmically downgraded by Google – or worse, you get a manual action. While Google maintains they are good at ignoring bad links, enough bad links can harm your site’s ranking.

10. Being incompatible with mobile devices (or AMP ready)

For some years, Google has rewarded mobile-friendly websites. They’ve taken it a step farther now. Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly sites above non-mobile-friendly sites. Being mobile-friendly is more than having a responsive website. It also involves the ease of navigation and avoiding hyperlinks that are too close together.

When designing a website or publishing content, keep mobile users in mind.

Conclusion about how to avoid Google SEO Penalties

If you want your website to rank in search engines, you must follow Google SEO tips. Google’s mission is to give its users high-quality web pages. The rules are in place to assist Google in accomplishing this.

You must be knowledgeable of Google-approved SEO ways. Yet, you must also know which behaviors may result in your website’s penalization. Besides, you can make some short-term benefits by breaking the rules. However, the only way to get to the top of Google and stay there is to get the best SEO packages from Navicsoft. They create high-quality material while adhering to the regulations. So, contact them to get the best help to avoid any Google SEO penalties in 2022.

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