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Grow your business with Google Shopping Feed Integration Module

Only a small number of individuals knew about Google Shopping a few years ago. Every time a visitor types a search query into a web browser, the listings are displayed. Google Shopping allows store owners to have their products show up on Google’s search results page. When making online purchases, customers can utilize Google Merchant Center and AdWords to search for products. Additionally, it allows for price comparisons between different providers. However, handling both stores at once will take a lot of time and work if you already have an internet store. This is where Knowband’s Google Shopping Connector module is useful. An eCommerce plugin development business with years of module development experience is Knowband.

Google Shopping Feed Integration Module


The two platforms that power the Google Shopping adverts are Google Merchant Center and Google Adwords. The product fees are posted on Google Merchant Center, which is where you can find them. In Google AdWords, advertising campaigns are created. The budget in Google AdWords is predetermined and kept track of. The Google Shopping Feed Integration Module from Knowband is a plugin that aids store owners in growing their enterprises. To automate their selling process and take advantage of its unique potential, the store owner needs Google Shopping Integration Addon. Knowband provides a number of modules for integrating with marketplaces. You can upload your products, manage inventory, and do a lot more with this useful program, all from a single dashboard. The OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Magento 2 systems all support the Google Shopping Integration Module.

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module

For Prestashop store owners, the process of integrating their stores and synchronizing their feeds can be made easier with the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration extension. The Prestashop Google Shopping API connection automates the entire process of uploading feeds, listing products, and managing inventory. The Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator can be purchased from the Addon store.

The features of Knowband’s Prestashop Google Shopping Integration add-on include:

  1. Prestashop’s Google Shopping integration reduces the time required for manual product feed and offers real-time synchronization.
  2. The Prestashop Google Shopping integrator can let the administrator schedule the feed upload.
  3. Using profile-based listings, the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration extension enables bulk product submissions.
  4. The Google Shopping Prestashop integrator makes it simple to sync any changes to product pricing or inventory with Google Merchant Center.
  5. The Google Shopping Prestashop Integration plugin provides a simple user interface for attribute and category mapping.
  6. The Prestashop Google Shopping integration module gives the admin the ability to create an infinite number of shipping options.
  7. The cron job offered by the Prestashop Google Shopping Feed synchronization plugin automates the entire process of synchronizing order status and product feeds.
  8. The audit log allows the administrator to keep track of all the activities that the Prestashop Google Shopping Feed Integration Module is performing.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin

The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration boosts the speed of your OpenCart store by providing an excellent product feed. It also allows you to target the appropriate audiences with pertinent product advertisements. In fact, Google Shopping makes it possible for online shops to display product images and pricing just above search results. AdWords and Google Merchant Center are the two services that fuel Google Shopping. Store owners have a fantastic and comprehensive connection option thanks to the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Module. They also need to advertise and display their products on the Google Shopping website. The best OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension provides a simple choice.

Benefits of the Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart

  1. Numerous placeholders are supported by the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin. The store owner has the right to reject items if they are unavailable or haven’t been pre-priced.
  2. The Product listing parts of the module contain all the information that the store owner needs to upload to Google Shopping from the OpenCart Store.
  3. The business owner can pick a timetable on the Google Shopping Feed for the OpenCart tab.
  4. Store owners can delete their products from the product listing page using this Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart capability.
  5. Additionally, if necessary, store owners can later reactivate inactive products.
  6. For feed synchronization, the admin can select the country and language.
  7. Retailers can easily provide high-quality traffic to their websites using the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration.

Magento 2 Google Shopping Extension

Customers of Google Shopping see products based on their search keywords in an online store. Google Shopping offers links to the main seller’s website in addition to presenting the products. A million users are under the management of the Google Shopping platform every day. The Google Shopping service gives the business owner the ability to draw in new clients and strengthen relationships with current ones. Owners may easily display products and product details each time a user conducts a search query using Google Shopping. Google Shopping promotes a brand’s development and increases foot traffic to a shop. Google Shopping allows potential customers to compare products from various brands. Customers from all over the world can now access products and product information thanks to Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center receives the product feeds from the shop administrator. the organized product data used to create product feeds. With the help of Knowband’s Magento 2 Google Shopping Integration extension, store owners can easily submit feeds, substantially streamlining the listing and management process. Using the connector module to synchronize Google Merchant Center products is the quickest option. 

Key Characteristics of the Google Shopping Feed Integration for Magento 2

  1. The business owner can map every Magento 2 category to the Google Shopping Category by using the Magento 2 Google Shopping Integration Extension.
  2. Vendors can easily switch Google’s language to the language of their online store thanks to the Google Shopping Feed for Magento 2.
  3. The store owner can upload a list of products to Google Shopping from the store’s backend by using the Magento 2 Google Shopping Integration Module.
  4. The store administrator may exclude products that are out of stock and those whose prices fall below a predetermined range.
  5. With Google Shopping Feed for Magento 2, store managers might significantly reduce their time and labor costs.

WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed Extension

Google Shopping is one of the most popular marketplace platforms for retailers looking to expand their company. Customers may really browse the adverts and compare them to others to find the best products. Additionally, you can directly purchase items from the merchant’s website. As a result, you can quickly link your eCommerce store to Google by using the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Extension. The WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Module is simple to install and set up. Once the configuration is complete, the admin can utilize the integration to automate the listing process. The module allows online store owners to have their products appear in Google search results. To integrate the Module, you’ll also need to create API keys. Once you’ve set them up, managing the Google Shopping store listings from the backend is easy.


Final Words

These Google Shopping Marketplace Integration Modules by Knowband are the most useful ones. The most customizable and feature-rich plugin is the Google Shopping Feed Integrator. They can also be able to assist you in increasing the size and likelihood of your sales target. Knowband provides free installation and configuration services. If you have any queries or need more information about the Google Shopping Feed Integration Module, don’t hesitate to email support at


Knowband is a well-known name in eCommerce modules development company. The business has developed a reputation for offering top-notch development services and effective post-sales support. For platforms like Magento 2, Prestashop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and others, we take pride in offering the greatest plugins. In a short period of time, Knowband has established itself as a Prestashop Partner. We create mobile eCommerce applications, online store extensions, and more.

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