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Have You Heard? Custom Holographic Stickers Are Your Best Way to Grow!

Holographic Stickers Made to Order

Holographic stickers have a wide range of potential applications, including but not limited to advertising and the promotion of brand names. Holographic stickers come in a kaleidoscope of hues that shift and alter depending on the light in the room. They are quite similar to the limited edition Holographic Cards, and they are certain to excite whoever receives them. Visit the holographic stickers page of our website for further information.

Holographic stickers are ideal for usage in commercial settings, but they can also be utilized for recreational purposes. They have a neat appearance and are able to adhere to a wide variety of substrates. They are able to be printed on a variety of items, including notebooks, business cards, and bottles. They are also resistant to UV light, in contrast to conventional vinyl stickers. It is also possible to print holographic stickers on glossy laminate surfaces, giving them a more conventional plastic texture.

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Holographic stickers can be manufactured in any form or dimension imaginable.

They are manufactured with high-quality vinyl and inks that are safe for the environment. They can be fashioned to serve any function and produce an effect resembling a rainbow. They are composed of vinyl that has a medium strength, making them suited for most uses that take place outside. Additionally, they are long-lasting.

Stickers with customized holographic designs are a fantastic tool for promoting a brand, boosting sales, or drawing attention to a specific item. They are created out of a high-quality, heavy-duty BOPP film that is resistant to both water and grease, and they can be purchased in rolls that contain 250 individual pieces. You have the option of selecting a rainbow gradient color scheme that will improve the visual attractiveness of your brand’s packaging. It is essential to select a company that offers custom holographic stickers in a range of sizes in order to meet the requirements of your promotional activities.

Stickers with holographic patterns can be utilized in a number of different industries, including retail swing tags, promotional materials, and packaging. They can also be used for asset management and the protection of brands, and they can be developed to be tamper-evident in areas where that is required.

Wholesale custom holographic stickers have successfully served their purpose as a security printing device for an extended period of time due to their extensive versatility, low cost, and ability to carry embedded security information that can be used to verify authenticity. Holograms are used by businesses because they cannot be photocopied and are extremely difficult to make a replica of. This makes them an ideal choice for protecting intellectual property.

Custom hologram stickers are created in two stages, which we have outlined below.

Design And Origination Of Wholesale Custom Holographic Stickers

The design and origination is the first stage in creating custom hologram stickers wholesale. There are many different options for hologram design. Just a few of the design options brands offer are 2D or 3D holograms, image flip, color separation, micro text, and hidden images.

Your hologram will be custom designed to meet your brand requirements and corporate identity and offer the highest levels of security. Once your hologram design is complete, it can be reproduced any number of times for numerous applications.

Is Holographic Stickers Custom Difficult To Apply Once They Are Designed?


Not at all! Applying holographic stickers custom is easy if you follow these simple tips: 

  1. Make sure surfaces are clean before application. 
  2. Smooth out any crumples or folds in the label before its placement.
  3. Avoid applying in extremely hot or cold situations as this may affect adhesion.
  4. Try not to touch adhesive backing until it’s time for placement onto the desire area.


How To Design Holographic Stickers?


Holographic stickers are made with colorful, weighty vinyl that gives your designs a unique shine. Here are some tips for creating your holographic sticker designs stand out.

  • Leave Empty Spaces In Your Design

Whatsoever is printed on the holographic material will mix with the holographic effect. Conversely, leaving any part of your custom design empty will let the holographic result shine through 100% and truly make it pop. 

In the design above, we formerly had a grey color to characterize the metal on the robot. The grey color looks fine, but removing the fill can make the metal appear purely holographic.

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  • Adjust Color Saturation

Different colors blend differently with the transparent holographic stickers. In general, lighter theme colors blend with the holographic material more, while darker and dull colors tend to block out the effect more. 

In the design above, we want to create a higher contrast between the cheeks and the pure holographic metal. To do this, we increase the saturation of the red to make custom holographic stickers darker, to give it less of a holographic effect.

  • Use Black And White

While closely all colors will blend with the holographic material in some way, there are 2 colors almost totally block it out: black and white.

Using beautiful black and white in your design is a great way to create more contrast and make the holographic properties stand out.

  • Use Color Background While Designing

When designing with white and empty fills, it cannot be very clear to tell them apart. To benefit, we recommend putting a theme-color background beneath your design.

The color will benefit you figure out which parts of your design are set to be holographic vs. the white parts. Just recall deleting the background layer when you’re done!

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It’s the same for businesses!

  • Brand security ​

Nowadays, numerous brands are considering holographic stickers in their custom product packaging. It is widely recognized for its capability to increase security by reducing counterfeiting potential. 

You can also add any message in the hologram stickers intended explicitly for your employees or staff. There could also be a message for your customers to increase their sense of security. It also portrays your brand’s criteria for safety and production.

Increased Brand Image? ​

Putting some personalized holographic stickers on your packaging will help you stand out from the crowd of other businesses selling similar products. It does so while simultaneously raising awareness of the brand and improving the product’s packaging. In addition to this, it accentuates the unique qualities of your goods, which not only makes holographic stickers more appealing to the eye but also increases the product’s overall appeal.

Both the customer’s interest and the perceived worth of the product are raised as a result. Holographic stickers are utilized in a wide variety of items and offer a variety of uses. They give an eye-popping appeal in addition to bolstering the product’s credibility at the same time.

On the other hand, they are renowned for the fact that the firm might benefit from utilizing them as a security mechanism. In addition to that, the holographic stickers are capable of being scanned optically. In this manner, they are able to take into consideration one of the efficient security measures for your company.

Get your desired quality custom holographic stickers at wholesale rates.


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