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Home Away From Home: How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

So, you’re heading off to college? Congrats! You’ve been preparing for this time of your life for so many years and now it’s finally happening. Chances are that you might move to your campus dormitory, live on your own (Yay!), and (for sure) go through some difficult adjustments concerning your small-space room, a clogged toilet, and a not-so-friendly roommate. 

Whether it’s a dorm room or an off-campus apartment, that space will be your headquarters for the next few months (or years) — so you should make it a sanctuary or a place you like to be in tough times and in good times, we mean something like your own house. 

While it’s not easy to turn a shoebox-sized room into a heavenly place like home since there are a few obstacles to overcome in decorating it, there are ways to take control over where you live in college, as long as your roommate is okay with it. Follow our tips below and be the project home builder of your own space.


Turn your bed into a little slice of heaven.

Your bed will be your best friend in college where you’ll be chilling out, studying, and hanging out with your friends. So, you may as well make your bed a super sinkable slice of heaven, especially when you’re a sleepyhead. And how’s that possible? We all know that dorm rooms aren’t known for their comfy beds. Hmm, maybe try adding some layers to your bed so you can cover up its jail-like appearance. 

Choose a mattress cover that suits your demands and style. Add a foam mattress topper that’s about three inches thick to build more comfort, and then top them off with quality sheets. For finishing touches, top the entire bed layers with the softest comforter you can find and pile on your favourite pillows. Have fun by experimenting with a variety of pillow styles in colours that compliment, varying sizes, and different textures to add personality to your bedroom.     

Invest in cosy carpeting.

A nice and comfortable carpeting isn’t too much to ask, especially when you want to give your dorm room the warmth and style it needs. Aside from looking effortlessly stylish, an area rug underfoot is making a morning getup a bit better and comfier. Choose an area rug that pulls the entire room together but make sure to ask your roommate about it so you can both come up with the right colour that fits the entire room. 

Make use of empty walls.

Your wall, your space so claim it in a big way! Spruce up your walls with wallpapers that look a lot like your bedroom’s wallpaper at home. There are so many ways to decorate your wall and make it feel like it’s your own space. You can hang polaroid pictures of something that reminds you of your home, add a string of twinkling lights on it, furnish some floating shelves where you can keep your favourite books or display some succulents, or maybe personalise it with your first name or initials.  

Use double-duty items. 

A dorm room is too stiff for you to keep all your stuff, especially when you got some roommates to share the space with. Interior designers have a solution in case you don’t have much room for extra furniture. Use items that function dually; an ottoman, for example, can be a hollow storage space that can hold your stuff while giving you or your guests a comfortable space to sit in at the same time. This way, you’re not just saving up space in your dorm room but you’re also keeping everything organised. 

Add some homey curtains.

Dress up your windows with curtains that give you a comfortable homey feeling. You can also use a curtain as a room divider that keeps you with some privacy.

Read https://www.swaggypost.com/2020/01/5-curtain-hacks-that-will-help-make.html to learn some useful curtain hacks that will make your tiny space look bigger. 

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