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How Can You Afford a Bathroom Remodel in Overland Park, KS?

A bathroom remodel in Overland Park, KS, is an excellent investment for any home and family! An updated bathroom space can mean more accessible storage, more space in a shared bath, and a spa-like retreat in your home. If you’re worried about how you might afford a needed bathroom renovation, consider a few simple cost saving tips you can discuss with your contractor.

1. Shop Alternative Materials for a Bathroom Remodel in Overland Park

Flooring and countertop materials often make up a large part of your Overland Park bathroom renovation budget. To get a high-end look for far less cost, ensure you shop alternative materials and options!

For example, today’s vinyl flooring can easily mimic wood and stone at a wallet-friendly price. Quartz, resin, poured concrete, and buffed glass offer an elegant countertop look for less money than granite or other genuine stones.

2. Check Out Tub Refinishing Rather Than Replacing

Many homeowners don’t realize that bathtubs can be refinished rather than replaced! If your home’s current tub is chipped or scratched, or just looks dingy and dull, refinishing can offer a fresh new look for a fraction of the cost of a new tub.

Refinishing also fills in all those nicks and scratches, for a clean and hygienic surface. Many of today’s refinishing materials are also easier to clean than standard porcelain, saving you time and effort when it comes to housekeeping chores!

3. Refinish Cabinets Rather Than Buying New

As with bathtubs, you can typically refinish cabinets rather than replacing them, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your bathroom remodel. A fresh coat of paint or new stain can mean an entirely new look in the space, without the cost and hassle of replacing the current cabinetry.

Along with paint or stain, invest in new hardware for your cabinets. Updated handles, drawer pulls, knobs, and hinges all offer a stylish look without breaking your budget.

4. Invest in a Shower Kit for a Bathroom Remodel in Overland Park

If your bathroom renovation plans include redoing the shower or installing an entirely new shower, invest in a kit! Kits include a shower pan or floor, doors, and other pieces you can easily assemble and then install in your bathroom, without individual tiling and other complicated tasks.

Even if you’re working with a bathroom renovation contractor, you can still ask him or her about using a kit rather than installing all those shower components individually. This should cut down on their labor costs so you can enjoy a new, affordable shower space.

5. Shop for Reclaimed Fixtures and Features Where Possible

Salvage yards are often full of reclaimed items from bathroom renovation projects, and many such stores also carry manufacturer overstocks, returned items, and the like. These materials are typically in excellent condition if not brand new and still in the box.

Shopping for reclaimed light fixtures, cabinetry, glass shower doors, mirrors, entryway doors, faucets, and other such fixtures can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your renovation budget. Overstock or returned tile, sinks, and other pieces can also be available at a fraction of the cost of new pieces.

6. Look for Stone Remnants for Countertops

If your home’s bathroom is relatively small, you might find stone remnants for your new countertops. Stone remnants, as the name implies, are leftover pieces from other projects and which are often far cheaper than larger slabs of stone. The only drawback is that remnants are typically much smaller than the original piece but they’re an excellent choice for small countertop surfaces.

7. Cheap Ideas for New Bathroom Shelving

Reworking the bathroom’s footprint to expand the linen closet or make room for new shelving can be expensive. A cost-effective alternative is to build shelving into the wall. A contractor can cut away a section of drywall and then frame that space and add shelves.

Not only is this a very affordable way to increase storage in the bathroom but shelving built into the wall won’t interfere with foot traffic. Your bathroom will feel spacious but you’ll still have extra shelves for linens and other items with your new wall storage!

Along with building into a wall, consider inexpensive shelves you can find at a department store and hang individually. A few simple shelves over a toilet or standalone tub, or even a long shelf over the bathroom door can mean added storage without the expense of an expanded linen closet or other costly option.

Remember that your contractor can also suggest ways of affording a bathroom remodel in Overland Park KS. He or she might know of manufacturer rebates or discounts on various materials and fixtures for the bath, or can suggest tasks you might handle yourself such as painting or cleanup that would reduce their labor costs. All these tips can mean enjoying the bathroom of your dreams at a price you can afford!

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