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How Does a Food Ordering and Delivery System Work?

Some restaurant owners are reluctant to start ordering food online. This can seem complicated and time-consuming, or it can be difficult to maintain.

So, they either leave this part or outsource it completely. But then the whole setup becomes disgusting or too expensive. Other solutions are less reliable or miss a lot of features. There seems to be no easy way out.

That’s why we took the responsibility to talk to restaurant owners like you and see what they want. How does the food ordering and delivery system work in their favor? The rules of the game were universal common sense:

  • System should not take away the profit of the restaurant.
  • It needs to be easily installed by non-technical people who make delicious dishes, not software programs.
  • It should be low maintenance.
  • At most, it should work equally well for business owners and food lovers, and the latter should return soon.
  • And that’s exactly what we did and more. We realized that the restaurant needed something credible that would help them grow. And we’ve made it so cheap that it’s free, which means you have to spend a lot not to use it.

How does an online food ordering system work?

If you have invested in food ordering app development, your customer places food orders on your website or mobile app. Orders are sent instantly to your smartphone or tablet, where you can review them through the free ordering app we offer. You set the pickup time/delivery time, and your reply is quickly forwarded, making the whole process short and efficient.

You start cooking and can return to the restaurant ordering software at any time to view previous or any pending orders. The best thing about it is that it is as custom as you need it to be and takes the size of the business using it.

Meal reservations, pick-up reservations, and food delivery are available events for the restaurant business these days. Restaurants adopting digital strategies are making huge profits in this competitive world. During and after the epidemic of economies due to Covid 19, many businesses are adopting digital strategies.

However, our White Label Food Ordering mobile application solution for restaurants has all the Dine-in Reservation, Pick-up Reservation, and Food Delivery Management features. But today, we are here to answer and explain how our food delivery system works for restaurants.

What do you need?

First, we need the following solutions as part of a complete food ordering application development, essential for the food ordering process.

  • Food Order Consumer Mobile Apps – iPhone and Android platforms
  • Delivery Guy Mobile Apps – iPhone and Android platforms
  • Back Office Order Management Application for Processing Orders – Android and iPhone Platforms
  • Back-office web backend system for managing all apps and driver signups. – Web-based on the cloud server
  • Back-office web backend to manage updated food menus and their prices.

So, how does the food delivery system work for restaurants?

The workflow of the restaurant ordering system includes various aspects, which allows the establishment to enhance its online ordering management system.

The user selects his delicious delicacies

When connected to an online ordering system for a restaurant or takeaway, the consumer can search through the menu. This allows them to decide in their own time exactly what they want to order with the quantity based on their specific needs. On the menu, price, portion size, options, and images should all be listed to help your user make their choice – improving the overall experience.

When they decide to order a particular item, it will be added to the shopping cart on the platform, where they can continue to go through the menu to select more items to add to their order.

The user done secured check out with payment integration

Once they are happy, customers can view the order list, and the total amount paid, including delivery charges and VAT charges. They will need to enter their address, payment details when they want to deliver the order, and any other required information. Any payment will then be process quickly and efficiently.

The restaurant is notified for the order

Once the customer orders his food drink, the restaurant EPOS system will notify the food organization via instant notification. After the restaurant starts serving their side in the ordering process, they start cooking food-related to the customer’s order.

By delivering orders directly to their EPOS, restaurants have more control over the order. Which saves them time in manually inputting items from a separate system into their POS and reduces the possibility of input errors. To develop a food ordering app, an effective kitchen management solution to the EPOS suite, restaurants can eliminate the need for printers in the kitchen, save paper and eliminate missed orders due to lost tickets.

The ordering process is complete.

Once the ordering process is complete, the installation will either provide the delivery driver with the delivery details of the user and the restaurant, or the consumer will collect the food himself. Combining kitchen management systems with driver management solutions ensures your customers get the best quality food. And the best experience every time, encourage repeat business, and builds customer loyalty.

How to set up a food delivery system for your restaurant?

Using the Consumer Mobile app, your customers browse your food menu on their smartphone. They choose the item and quantity to order food and pay through the mobile app. Upon payment confirmation, they redirected to order confirmation information, and now they can track orders from their account.

  • The Order Tracking displays all the information such as Order Received by Restaurant, Order Ready, Order Ready for Delivery, Order Taken by Driver, and Confirmation on Order Delivery.
  • Once the order is confirmed, the order is move to the Order Management Tablet app. Which is usually place at the restaurant’s cash counter or in the kitchen. The Order Management app has two options – an automatic print of a new order via a wireless thermal printer or a manual order print via a wireless thermal printer.
  • Employees can accept or reject any order with a note. As soon as the employee accepts the order. It is also automatically sent to the nearest available delivery boy who has sign up with the system.
  • The restaurant staff can manually hand over the order delivery to the nearest available delivery man during the meal preparation. The delivery man sees the order in his delivery man application and submits himself to place the order.
  • The delivery boy arrives at the restaurant and takes the order for delivery at the address given by the customer. Customers can view the live movement with the estimated arrival time of the delivery boy on the map interface.
  • The order will be delivere to the customer’s address, and the driver will mark the delivery on their Delivery Boy mobile app.
  • Order Delivery is mark as successful on all properties like Customer App, Driver App, Order Management Restaurant App, and Web Backend Backoffice.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, everyone likes the convenience of ordering at their home, office, or even while driving their car. Having a food ordering app development for restaurant opens up an additional segment of revenue source for your restaurant business. It also helps you optimize the ordering process and reduce your overheads.

Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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