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How to Check Your Photographer’s Work Experience.

And how justified his quotes are.


Wedding industry is a very attractive area to work in, for every artist. For the amount of money that flows in per project is huge. Especially wedding photography is one such area where thousands of new photographers join the industry in the hopes of making quick money and less work.

But as a client, it becomes a little difficult to understand which photographer is a professional and who is an amateur.

After all, every photographer has more or less, a similar looking Instagram and Facebook page!

But, wedding photography is a huge investment, both financially and emotionally. For the photos and videos are the only medium which will help you can relive your memories from your special day.

You certainly would not want to handover such a huge responsibility to an amateur/in experienced photographer.

There are certain giveaways though which will help you understand, if the guy on the other side of the screen, is a professional or an amateur trying to build a business and in the learning phase of things.

Business Email

The way a professional communicates and the medium he/she chose for the communication, displays their knowledge of customer experience.

Also , their reliability. Consider the worst case scenario, something goes wrong in the deliverable of your wedding memories. It would be quite easy to delete a gmail id , however same doesn’t apply with a business email.


Running, updating and maintaining a website demands an investment of both time and money.

If a photographer is a true professional, he/she would surely have a website to showcase their pieces of art, full wedding galleries and signature shots. They don’t just rely on Instagram and other social media pages to showcase work.

First Instagram Post

Another very effective and quick method to check if the photographer is as experienced as they claim, is to check the first post on their business profiles. If the profile is fairly new, you can deduce the artist has little knowledge of promoting work. Delhi is one such place. It’s a hub of young aspiring talent wanting to become over night success. But to quickly check who makes it to the list of best wedding photographers in Delhi , you now know the trick

Full Frame vs Crop Frame

As a customer, who has a little to no knowledge about photography, we can just imagine the amount of confusion and doubt that would come in your mind. While hiring any artist, it would be frightening to say the least, imagining the trouble if anything goes wrong.Another super quick solution is to ask the photographers if they will use Full frame or crop frame cameras on your wedding.

Imagine, your phone camera vs your mini Dslr or point and shoot camera. Which performs better? 90% would vote their Dslrs except apple users.Why? Because it delivers better pictures. But the technical reason is Dslr has a bigger component in size called sensor.

So you can safely deduce, the bigger the sensor size is, the better the photo quality.

The better the photo quality, more expensive the services become.

If your photographer is quoting a high amount, he should be definitely using a full frame camera for sure on all the events.

Office Setup

While there’s a trend now, of working from home. But you all surely miss your office don’t you. Office is a work space where concentration levels are naturally high.

There are many photographers who work as a freelancer and do not have any office space of their own. This can cause delay in deliverable, simply because the business owner would have no hold over the team. Everyone working from their own place at their own pace and comfort.


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