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How to clean racing bike leather suits

How to clean racing bike leather suits

Leather racing suits for motorbikes are extremely expensive. Cleaning the motorbike’s leather suits is crucial and is essential. Since riding bikes is extremely risky for your body. You need appropriate body protection to safeguard your body.

There are two kinds of motorcycle suits, 2 piece motorcycle suit as well as one piece motorcycle suits both can be used to ride. The only difference is that you must wear a separate leather jacket when wearing a two-piece racing suit. When riding on bikes you could be injured and your body parts may be damaged, so to ensure our safety we must wear a leather suit which can help us when motorbike riding. For more detail visit our site Maher leathers

To prolong the longevity of the motorbike racing suit, we must cleanse it. A clean, full-leather motorcycle racing suit gives you freshness, comfort, and safety when your time wearing it.

Why do we need to clean motorcycle suits?

We all know that the bike riding race starts in the summer season. It is very hot outside and the racer wears a leather suit to protect himself. Leather bike riding suit so hot and when rider wears it and ride the bike he got sweat. The rider feels the smell and stain on the suit.

Can we wash my leather motorcycle racing suit?

Absolutely not, you can do this because if we wash leather suit with water I will discolor and its appearance will change. So do not do and never ever use the water. If you feel your suit needs to wash just follow the below steps that I have explained for cleaning.

How often should I take care to clean my motorcycle suit?

If you are using or do not race gear, we recommend cleaning it two times each year. In addition, cleaning will depend on the use and environmental conditions.

The three stages to cleaning your motorcycle suit’s leather.

To achieve a sparkling and appealing appearance, we need to adhere to these steps:

  • Cleaning the interior
  • Cleaning the exterior
  • Conditioning

we are sharing with you our old and qualified experience to clean motogp suit. Many people asking from us after purchasing how to clean leather clothing.

The first step is cleaning the inside of your motorcycle suit made of leather.

If you are riding, you will get sweat, and you’re wearing the inner lining of your bike gear oils along with salt from your skin comes out. Based on the way you ride and what type of airflow due to this fact, we need its cleanliness. The intensity that you use to attack the jacket’s inner layer will be a mess

Step 1 Do you have a removable interior?

If the interior of the suit is removable this makes it easier for us. If your leather suit or jacket has an interior that can be removed, take it from the garment and then put it in the washer and skip the next step and move onto the outside.

Step 2 Then, air it out

If the liner or the interior of your leather equipment isn’t removable, don’t fret it’s not a big issue. Most new leather motorcycle apparel is equipped with a sweat-wicking anti-microbial liner. Usually, you’ll notice an improvement in the interior condition of your equipment when you let it air dry outdoors. You could also go one step ahead to get rid of the olfactory smell by using Febreze or any other air freshener.

Step 3 Application of spray to de-salter

If we are using leather equipment regularly, then because of sweat, funky smells come out. To get rid of this smell, we apply the de-salter spray to leather equipment. For a perfect clean of leather, apply a one piece motorbike suit or jacket interior with de-salt, eliminate the liner inside and make the jacket open and then apply the spray using cotton. Be sure that the jacket stays completely dry and inside the unit. completely.

Second step: Clean the exterior of your leather motorcycle gear

The majority of modern leather jackets have attractive and sturdy exteriors. There are specific products and chemicals employed to clean leather gear since water isn’t allowed. Here is a step-by procedure for cleaning a leather motorcycle suit that is 1 piece

Step 1: Choose the best leather cleaner

It is crucial to be aware of which area of the motorbike’s full-leather racing suit must be cleaned with a specific liquid due to the nature of the various types of leather. It is recommended to avoid silicones and waxes. In addition, you shouldn’t utilize animal-based products, like milk, oil pastel, or even oil because these types of products cause color change to the leather.

When you’ve found your ideal leather gear cleaner, then is time to put it on your equipment. Most often it is recommended to use soft cotton to wash it.

Step two: Grab an abrasive and cleaner

Make a small piece of cotton that is soft and then dip it into the cleaner you’ve selected for your equipment. Apply the cleaner to all external areas of your leather gear. Make sure you use gentle pressure. There’s no need to use it in a state of hard power. It should be treated as diamonds. Begin from the front of the jacket and work your way to the backside and arm. If the rag is dirty, please change the side.

Step 4 The jacket should be dry

Once you’ve applied cleansers to your leather, the time has come to air dry your suit. The leather can be hung with the help of a hanger, and wait until it’s dry to the touch. Normally It will dry for at least 24 hours to completely dry.

Third phase: conditioning the leather MotoGP suit

It’s the final phase of cleaning your MotoGP suit. Once you’ve cleaned your suit. It is the time you apply some specific oil to your leather garments to create a shiny

First step: Apply leather conditioner to cleanse the surface

When you are looking for what to use to make sure that the condition of your MotoGP suits, you’ll discover a large selection of conditioners on the market. Everyone has their qualities and specifications. You must pick one by studying the characteristics and specifications and then adhere to its instructions

Step 2 Leather dry MotoGP suit

If you make use of an oil-based cleaner to wash the leather MotoGP suit, it is necessary to dry it thoroughly to make it appear attractive. Be sure your suit is fully benefited by the essential oils since they absorb and draw out the best of the leather.

Do not over-condition

The final step in cleaning the Leather MotoGP race suit is to ensure not to clean it frequently. This is because excessive amounts of oil in leather equipment can creates discoloration.

What are the Dos and Don’ts for Leather products

  • Always wash it using soft cotton
  • Dry your sweat regularly
  • Always clean up politely and gentle
  • Don’t clean your leather jacket as often
  • Do not attempt to remove ink glue, makeup, oil, or paint stains by yourself. You’ll need professional materials.
  • Do not use club soda, as it can cause the color to worsen.
  • Be sure to feather the area every time you wipe or the stain may simply be altered with a watermark.
  • Do not use bleach, Ammonia, and water


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