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How To Ecommerce Web Development Agency

Did you know? 38% of website visitors stop visiting a site if it has development issues. Probably, it’s better to hire an ecommerce web development agency than trying to create one by yourself.

Developing an ecommerce site can be quite tricky. But if designed properly then it can provide you with a lot of benefits. Furthermore, it also increases your conversions like magic!

You have to put your trust and sensitive information in the company’s hands. Hence choosing the right site development company is very important.

Are you thinking about how to select the best development firm for your company? Then don’t worry. These 10 tips will help you out with that! So without wasting any more time start reading this article!

What is Ecommerce Website Design?
Website designing is all about what you perceive when you land on a site. It is mainly considered as frontend development. It mainly includes the development of tangible elements of a site. Website designers tend to work with:

  • Colors
  • Types
  • Shapes
  • Graphics/ Pictures/ Illustrations
  • Texture
  • Negative space
  • Form, and much more
    In short, designers tend to develop the aesthetic essence of a site. Furthermore they also need to make sure that a site is stable and accessible.

Web design mainly includes:

Web Graphics Design
User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience Design (UX)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
That sums up what ecommerce web designing is all about. Now let’s talk a bit about commerce website design.

Ecommerce as the name suggests depends wholly upon an online platform. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) starts with a website. Since, these firms do not have a physical outlet in most of the cases.

Designing of an ecommerce website is known as ecommerce web design. Designers keep in mind the following things to make an appealing ecommerce site:

Easy navigational layout
Simple yet attractive design
Less content and more images
This can be a tricky process. So it’s recommended to hire a web development company. Because they will help you to provide better results in cost-effective rates.

But you should be aware of some of the most-used ecommerce site designs to know which one will be the best for you.

8 Things to Keep in Mind before Hiring an Ecommerce Web Development Company
Every single firm has an online presence thanks to the internet. But this urge to develop a digital identity brings another issue. It brings the problem of getting visibility.

Furthermore, this has led to the demand of ux design company as well. If you search on Google then you can find thousands of such companies.

So before you opt for one of them you must follow these steps to ensure that you have selected the right one for your firm!

Make sure you know your budget
Everything comes under a budget. Whether it is for a site or mobile development agency. You cannot go broke to develop the best site for your firm.

Furthermore, a website is your firm’s online identity. Therefore, you should check out companies which provide you deals which meet both your budget and requirements.

You should also talk with the company about your plan. This will lead to the discovery of their development procedure. Furthermore, this will help you to narrow down your selection.

Check the Reviews and Testimonials of your Ecommerce Web Development Firm
While shopping for a product don’t you check its reviews? Well, it is the same for ecommerce web development companies. Reviews speak a lot about:

  • Your chosen company’s reputation
  • The firm’s credibility
  • Services they offer
  • Customers’ satisfaction with their work
  • Companies they have worked with (from the reviewer’s profile)
  • And a lot more.

Therefore, you can strike the less genuine companies off your list. This leaves you with a list of genuine companies to choose from.

Technological experience of the ecommerce web development company
Technological experience is a must when it comes to developing an ecommerce site. Therefore, firstly, you should try contacting your firm.

Secondly, you should ask about their experience in the field. Thirdly, talk to their developers.

You should ask them about the newest tools and technology available in the market. And you must also ask about the programming languages they are fluent in. Languages such as:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • And lastly, ask for recommendations about your ecommerce development project. This will, however, will act as a cross questioning technique.

Portfolio and Free Samples
Portfolio and free samples talks a lot about a company. A portfolio will talk about:

  • Companies they worked with
  • The services they have provided to the clients
  • Issues before using their services
  • What problems were resolved after using their service
  • Customer reviews (optional)

Free samples, on the other hand, will help you to determine the quality of their service. These also help you to form an opinion about your requirement fulfilment.

Therefore, checking the portfolio and receiving free samples are an important part of the selection process.

Customization Facilities
This decides the expertise of an ecommerce developing company. Your firm may be different from others. Thereby, you must need a site which is customizable. Developers create a customized site by adding:

Custom features
Plug ins
Enhanced security facilities
And much more
These features can make you the leading ecommerce firm on the internet. So you should only choose a developing firm who provides you with custom software developing services.

Ecommerce sites often have thousands of products. To accommodate these products under a single site can lead to many problems. One of the major problems is slow loading speed.

Did you know? 40% of users abandon a site simply because it takes time to load! And guess what? They expect a site to load within 1-2 seconds!

Therefore, you must make sure that your chosen company can handle this issue. Otherwise, it is likely to affect your company very badly!

Time-bound development procedure
Following deadlines are a must. You cannot wait for a year to develop your ecommerce website. That will shut down your company itself!

Therefore, you must make sure that the developing procedure followed by your chosen company is time-bound. In simple words, they should complete a project within the given time-frame.

Furthermore, a company gets a negative sign if their clients need to follow up. The best ecommerce web development company will provide you with updates about your project.

Maintenance facilities
Machines often stop working after a certain lapse of time. So do websites. Websites often crash if they are not maintained properly. Websites often crash due to:

  • Coding errors
  • Plug-in problems
  • Domain expiration
  • Server error
  • Surge in web traffic
  • Website hacks and attacks
  • DNS (Domain Name System) Error

Therefore, the best ecommerce web development agency should provide time-to-time maintenance.

How to Find the Best Ecommerce Web Development Agency for Your Firm? – Summing It Up
It was a long list. But these tips are crucial when selecting the right development agency for your company. So let’s short it down for you to remember it effectively.

  • Search for companies that provide effective plans that meet your requirements and fits in your budget
  • Check the reviews and testimonial of a company to know whether it is credible or not
  • Make sure that the chosen company has a high technological experience
  • Go through a developing company’s portfolio and free sample to know about their services
  • Make sure that the company provides custom software developing services
  • The company should provide a highly speed-optimized site
  • Check whether they have met their deadlines in the past
  • The best ecommerce web development company must provide post deployment services that is maintenance facilities

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