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How to make personal and group whatsapp video calls on PC and Phone.

WhatsApp is best known as a text messaging application. It can also be used to make video calls over the Internet (also known as VoIP calls). This guide explains how to make individual and group WhatsApp video calls and covers all available operating systems. Here are 11 other Free apps to make Group Video Calls.

How to make a WhatsApp video call

To make a video call, open a chat with the person you want to contact, then touch the Voice Call icon (looks like a phone). Or, tap the Calls tab and press the green button to start a conversation with a contact.

To change the middle call from video to voice call and vice versa, select the camera icon during a call.

WhatsApp sends a request to the person you are talking to and asks them to switch from video to voice.

WhatsApp video calls are free. However, the app requires an internet connection so it consumes mobile data if you are connected through a 4G or 3G network. To avoid using your data, connect to a Wi-Fi network before making a call.

How to receive a WhatsApp video call.

Getting calls on WhatsApp is easier than making calls. Here’s how to do it.  On an iOS device, touch the green Accept icon to open the call or the Red Decline icon to decline.

On your Android device, swipe up to accept and swipe down to decline. You can also switch to the Answer to deny the call with a quick message.

How to make a WhatsApp group call.

In addition to individual video chats, WhatsApp hosts group video chats. These work like video calls, except that you can add contacts to the list of participants.

At a time four Participants can connect on video call on WhatsApp

  1. Start a call with a contact using the instructions above.
  2. After accepting the call, select Add participant.
  3. Search for or select another contact that you want to add to the call.
  4. Select Add.
  5. Adding a participant to a WhatsApp call

You must know a few things before using the WhatsApp groups calls feature.

For the best communication, everyone has a strong internet connection. The call quality depends on the internet connection. You cannot switch to a group video call during a group voice call.

You cannot remove a contact during a group voice call. The contact must close to disconnect you from the call.

You cannot add a blocked contact to the call. You can attend a group voice call with someone blocked if someone else has been invited.

Why businesses Prefer Mobile Application Development?

Here we will help to Make WhatsApp video calls on Laptops and systems.

You cannot use the WhatsApp desktop application to place video calls. You can use the desktop application to send and receive text messages.

However, Windows users can act around this limitation by downloading an Android emulator such as AndY, Nox or BlueStacks. They can also be downloaded to Macs. Android emulators help you to download all the mobile version application to use on your laptop or system, you can download WhatsApp mobile version to make video calls

Emulator for Android app to use on Window

How to use BlueStacks to run Android applications on Windows

Unlike a full operating system emulator, BlueStacks only emulates Android applications on Windows. It’s very easy to use, so you don’t have to know anything about emulators or even Android to get your apps up and running.

Google Play is built into BlueStacks, so to emulate Android applications on your computer, you just have to install and open the shortcuts as you want on an Android phone or tablet.

You might look for an emulator after knowing what is an emulator and you will also look for quickly install an android support application emulator on your computer. To save your time here we discuss some best Android support Emulator

Blue stacks are free as well as premium support with extra functions

Windows 7 and newer and macOS Sierra and newer versions are supported.


The Andy emulator for Windows puts Android Nougat on your computer. You can play games and other apps by installing them on your computer with the help of Andy from the Google play store.

Since this is a full Android emulator, you can also reposition your apps on the home screen and install widgets just as you can on a real Android device.

Remix Os

Remix OS is an operating system based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, so it looks like your normal operating system with a desktop area, start menu, taskbar, and trash.

However, instead of installing the entire Remix OS, you can use the Remix OS Player emulator to run Android applications on your computer.

This free Android emulator is described as a game emulator for your computer because it allows you to customize some of the shortcuts normally used for game browsing, but you can use Remix OS Player for other applications such as Snapchat, Facebook, etc. .; everything is available through the Play Store.

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