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How to Optimize Videos on YouTube to Get Rank Better

YouTube is a product of Google and after Google, it is the world’s largest search engine. YouTube is also the world’s largest video sharing network. The visitors watch more than 80% of videos on YouTube. This video sharing platform is growing constantly because, at every minute, 500 hours watch time videos are shared on YouTube. Therefore, if you want to show your videos in the top results of YouTube, you will have to follow the best SEO practices. Otherwise, your videos will be lost in the sea of the videos. Some essential tips to optimize videos on YouTube to get better rank are given below;

Research Keywords for Youtube Videos:

If you are targeting low search volume keywords on YouTube, you will not get enough viewers. Its reason is that people are not searching for this keyword on YouTube. Therefore, before creating a video for your YouTube channel, you should research keywords properly. First of all, you can use YouTube suggest bar. YouTube suggests the bar is similar to Google’s suggest bar. You just need to type the seed keyword in the YouTube suggest bar and it will show relevant search queries. Secondly, you can also use Ahref’s keywords explorer to explore keywords for YouTube videos. When you type any keyword idea in this tool, it will provide a list of the relevant keywords along with their search volumes that you can use to optimize videos.

Identify Search Intent:

Search intent is also known as keyword intent. It tells us why a user is researching a specific keyword on YouTube. For this reason, you should type your keyword in YouTube and open the first five to six videos. When you watch these videos carefully, you will get an idea about the content of the videos. While watching these videos, you should keep a pen and a notebook and note down all the main points of the top videos. By watching these videos, you should also try to know how different YouTubers are grabbing the attention of the viewers. Along with the main points, you should also try to know which things they are missing. When you create a video by combining all the points, you can create the best quality video. This video will fulfill the needs of the viewers. For example, if you want to teach the viewers, how to hire a dissertation writing service, you should describe all the steps that can help viewers to find a trustworthy company.

Satisfy Search Intent Of The Viewers With A High Retention Video:

On YouTube, if you want to get a higher rank, you will have to satisfy the viewers. To satisfy the viewers means that you should create a high retention video. The high retention video can get more likes, shares, and comments. To create high retention videos, you should follow some specific steps. The first step is to create a plan before recording the videos. It means that you should create the script for your video. The second step is to start your video with a strong hook. In the first 10 to 15 seconds of your video, you should hook the readers. The third step is to identify the main problem of the video. It means that you should touch the search intent of the viewers. The fourth step is to give a proposal to the viewers. To give a proposal to the viewers means that you should provide them with a reason to stick on the video. At last, you should ask the viewers to like, share and comment on your video.

On-Page Video Optimization:

The On-Page optimization of the videos is divided into four steps. In the first step, you will have to craft the perfect title for your video. You should adjust the keyword in the title. The title of your video should be interesting and engaging. An interesting and engaging title of your YouTube video can increase the CTR. In the second step, you should craft a catchy thumbnail for your video. A catchy thumbnail of a video can also increase the CTR of your video. Thirdly, you should write the best quality description for your video. In the first three to four lines of the description, you should also try to adjust your keyword. At last, you should add relevant tags in the YouTube videos. You should not add irrelevant tags to optimize videos.

In-Video Optimization:

After creating the video, you will win 80% of the battle. To increase the retention rate and to provide the best user experience, you will have to do 20% more work optimize videos. You will have to do this work on the videos. For this reason, you should add the closed caption files. These closed caption files allow YouTube to understand the content of the videos effectively. You should also add cards to the videos. These cards allow you to encourage the viewers to take some action. With the help of these cards, you can allow the viewers to watch other videos in the playlist, to discover another YouTube channel and to answer a poll. You should also add end screens in the YouTube videos. These end screens appear at the end of the YouTube videos. These end screens engage the viewers in other interesting videos of your YouTube channel.

Publish And Promote The Videos:

After doing these tasks, you can publish the videos. After publishing the video, the first 24-48 hours are very crucial. These hours can make or break your video. During these hours, all the hard work on your video will be tested. While publishing and promoting the videos, you should follow some essential tips. You should find the best time to publish the video. For this reason, you should monitor the real-time report of the YouTube videos. This report will provide you with an idea when most of the viewers are watching your videos. When you publish your videos at that time, you will get more viewers. You should also engage with the audience. After watching the videos, if your viewers are leaving comments on the videos, you should respond to these comments. To promote your YouTube videos, you should share these videos on social media sites.


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