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Top 4 Popular Types of YouTube Videos that Benefits Businesses

People in the UK have been watching more YouTube videos over the years. According to a report, over 35.6 million adults use the platform to watch videos online. The platform is also used by most Corporate Video Production Services in the UK to launch a business’ video marketing campaign.

While YouTube is widely known as a social media platform used for entertainment and socialisation, it is also popular in building brand awareness. If your company plans to use this platform to reach more audiences online, here are some of the most widely used types of YouTube videos that your business and agencies that provide Corporate Video Production Services in the UK can work on.

#1: Guides, Tutorials and Walkthrough

Tutorials, how-to guides, walkthroughs, and instructional videos continue to be one of the preferred types of videos on Youtube. Most consumers depend on these videos to get a step-by-step procedure about a process rather than read written guides or instructions.

This type of videos let companies highlight the products and services and offer how each item or offer works. Companies that provide Corporate Video Production Services in the UK must keep the tutorial content short and easy to understand. It will help companies win more subscribers and encourage them to share the content with others.

#2: Unboxing 

Unboxing videos, also known as “haul” videos, are a type of video marketing content that becomes more popular on YouTube over the years. It started with companies that belong in the beauty industry after launching beauty subscription boxes.

The unboxing videos show the contents of the boxes sent to an influencer. If the video is posted within the day of the box’s arrival, the video posts may generate more views from people planning to buy the box or apply for the subscription deliveries. It would be necessary to reach out to popular influencers and vloggers who belong to the company’s niche to enjoy a wider reach.

#3: Themed Or Novelty Content 

It can be difficult to think of ideas for new video content after doing plenty of videos over the years. Some of these videos can become somewhat formulaic and may start making your target audience bored.

If you can find a video content production company that knows how to think out of the box, you will find better opportunities to produce unique and interesting content that has never been done before. It can also provide more entertainment for the audience that can compel them to stay and watch the videos longer.

#4: Brand Storytelling 

It would be best to build the number of subscribers and encourage them to invest in your brand if you can put a human face behind the brand. It will also help personalise the entire customer experience. If you can show the people working behind your company, it can be an effective way to encourage people to invest in your offers.

Humanising the brand and connecting with the target audience usually come naturally. You and your video producers must only consider the brand’s core ethos and distinct personality as the guide for the YouTube videos you plan to upload.

These types of videos generate more views and interactions on YouTube. If your company can regularly produce these videos, it would be very beneficial for your brand since it can reach more viewers and get them hooked on the video longer. As a result, it will help boost interest in the brand and encourage people to invest in the offers.

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