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How to Revive your Nursing Home Billing for Better Payments

Nursing Home Billing

As a nursing home, the immediate nature of care demand makes it quite difficult to manage everything as the front desk. If the medical needs of a resident meet the Medicare Part A criteria of skilled medical care. Medicare will generally pay in full for up to 20 days.

Understanding the variable rate with the daily coinsurance amount kicks in as a financial responsibility of the resident. To know how to put in the right charges and the modifiers ultimately depend on the experience of your team in billing. However, finding a consistent team to manage your nursing home billing can be a huge challenge in the long run.

All of it ultimately boils down to experience and consistency to manage everything right from the front end so that the process of bill submission becomes streamlined. Making sure that you improve on your flow of cash eventually depends on how well you have prepared for your nursing home billing roadmap.

Sunknowledge has the answer for it

Over the last decade, Sunknowledge has been exceptional in reducing operational costs for some of the largest nursing homes in the country. We know how to bring back your money on time as we make sure that everything with pre and post nursing home billing is addressed in the best possible manner. Drive your revenue with the Sunknowledge advantage as we make sure everything from patient information entry, submitting claims with the right charges are done according to the filing mandates.

As a next-gen RCM destination, we set the benchmark by driving your ROI in the best possible manner. We know how to reduce your operational costs by working as a reliable operational extension for you.

Looking to know more about how we drive your reimbursements. Speak to our experts right now to know about our capabilities in nursing home billing. Our capabilities have been used by the best. Know more on how we drive your revenue as a complete operational partner and an RCM guide.

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