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Import EML File to Gmail In Batch While Including All Related Attributes

Are you having trouble keeping track of your EML files on your local drive? Are you unable to open them because you do not have a compatible application? If that’s the case, we’d like to ask you a question. Do you have a Gmail account set up? If yes, you can utilise as a supplement to handle and open EML files. Yes, and all you have to do is import EML file to Gmail.

Yes, it is now possible to administer eml from a Gmail account. This will be necessary not only to manage vast amounts of data, but also for a variety of other reasons. Therefore, if you choose, you can discover what other benefits you can have by importing an EML file to Gmail.

The Advantages of Importing EML to Your Gmail Account

  • Gmail is a well-known and commonly used email service for email communication. The explanation for this is quite obvious.
  • Gmail provides you with freedom in terms of data access; you may log into your Gmail account from any device, even a phone. Therefore, if you store your EML files in it, you will benefit from the data’s high accessibility.
  • Additionally, one of the fantastic perks is that if you decide to backup your Gmail data in the future, you may do it via the Google Takeout tool.
  • Additionally, if you accidentally destroy your EML files while using Gmail, you will be able to recover them because they will be moved to the bin folder first.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to using a Gmail account to store EML files.

As a result, in order for you to enjoy these benefits, we provide you an excellent alternative for achieving your objective. Through, you can move all of your EML files at once. Therefore, check out.

An Epic Way to Import EML File to Gmail All at Once

The EML File Converter is the approach that will allow you to convert your data in the most straightforward and efficient manner imaginable. This method is compatible with all EML files, regardless of the email account they were extracted from.

It is extremely efficient, and it allows you to import as many EML files as you like at the same time without wasting time. You will not be limited in any way in terms of how far you can take the data migration.

Furthermore, the approach’s most advantageous characteristic is that it just necessitates a brief procedure to import EML file to Gmail, requiring you to devote only a few minutes to the process. Consequently, we provide detailed instructions to ensure that you fully know the method. Take a look at these manual.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Export EML to Gmail Account

  • Download EML to Gmail Import tool. Then, install and lunch it to begin the process.
  • Click Open tab and then click to select either Choose Files or Choose Folders option.
  • Look through all of the EML files you want to import to Gmail and load them to the tool.
  • Now, you will find that all of your selected EML files have been loaded into the tool.
  • Continue by clicking on the Export tab and the selecting Gmail from the drop down menu.
  • Enter you Gmail Account email address and password and then hit the save button.

Note: Please keep in mind that once you hit the save button, the process will begin. It will only take a few seconds, regardless of the amount of data being transferred. You will be contacted as soon as it is completed. You will also be presented with an Open folder tab, which, when selected, will allow you to access your Gmail account directly from the tool.

Your assignment has now been completed.

Now that you’re fully aware of the strategy and how it streamlines the process to import EML file to Gmail. We recommend that you examine several of the major features. If you read them carefully, you’ll see why this strategy is appropriate for you.

Check out the Advantages of Using Our Proposed Technique

Batch Data Import: It is not recommended that you spend time on a single activity by repeating the process over and over again because this technique does not encourage you to do so. The process is only necessary once because you can select as many EML files as you want and then import them all at once into Gmail without any constraints.

Offers Data Preview: When you are in the process to import EML file to Gmail, you have the option of previewing the EML files. Yes, you may view all of the emails and attachments that are connected with your EML files. This option comes in handy when you don’t want to convert files that aren’t vital.

Support for all EMLs: Since there are numerous email accounts that can handle EML files, your EML files can be of any type. As a result, this method allows you to import all of the EML files, regardless of the email account they are associated with. As a result, you can be confident that this technique will be beneficial to you no matter what.

Maintain the integrity of EML files: You definitely do not want your EML files to be messed with during the export process to Gmail. In that situation, the EML to Gmail import tool is a safe bet. The technology ensures that all emails remain secure. They retain all of their qualities inside the same formation. As a result, you may relax and trust this instrument when it comes to data integrity.

Alert: Now that you’ve learned about the process and some of the functions of the approach, you may have some questions. If you have any, you may get answers to them by reviewing the most frequently asked questions about the EML to Gmail converter.


I have nearly 3000 EML files; can this method move them all at once?

Yes, this method is not limited in any way. It can import EML file to Gmail in batch mode, which means that no matter how many files you have, they may all be imported at the same time.

Is it possible to import the attachments associated with EML files when importing them?

Yes, this method allows you to import the entire database. As a result, anything connected to your EML files, like as attachments, contacts, and other properties, will be imported at the same time.

When I import an EML file into Gmail, are all of the recipients’ emails included?

Yes, the technique allows you to include the email header while the procedure is running. If you enable the options, you will be able to verify the entire email path even after you have opened your EML files in Gmail.

In Conclusion

We’ve outlined the most basic method to import EML file to Gmail in this article. It is completely automatic, and you will need to make only a few steps. It is quite efficient, requiring only a few seconds of your time even when dealing with massive amounts of data. As a result, if you’re looking for a solution that is easy to use and reliable, take a look at our recommendation.

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