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Importance of content in SEO?

Content is nothing less than the backbone of the world wide web. More than videos or images writing content has been emphasized upon since the inception of the internet.  And the more technologically advanced and mindful the internet and search engines, in particular, became, the more important it got for content to be relevant and engaging. Today, SEO content has become an integral part of building a website and driving traffic towards it. 

The importance of SEO writing can only be understood with the fact that written content is what website crawlers rely upon the most when indexing a website. After all, why do we use Alt text for images? It’s because search engines like Google can better interpret what you are trying to convey through text. In a nutshell, everything from a description to a blog and product information has to be categorized through SEO content. For a digital marketer or just a blogger trying to make its way into the world, SEO writing is paramount. From rankings to relevancy and beyond, there is no one reason why you should not practice an SEO-friendly style of writing. Through this article, we try to learn why content is an important part of SEO and how it can benefit you. Read on! 

Importance of content in SEO?

When you write — product descriptions, blogs, or SEO articles, you don’t just write for your audience, you write for the internet too. After all, SEO is search engine optimization and content is amongst the best ways you can optimize your website for the search engine. 

  1. Through content optimized for the search engines, you are able to reach your target audience faster. The search engines can scan your content, index it faster, and the better and more optimized your content the faster it reaches your relevant audience. In other words, SEO content helps you rank higher in traffic, organically.
  2. Google receives search queries that expand to over 6.7 billion every single day. Meaning people are actively online and looking for information. Through SEO writing your aim is to reach these people. Just writing for the sake of SEO is not the best approach anymore. To reach your audience you have to be consistent and constantly develop content that informs, educates, or entertains your target audience. Through SEO writing and with time, you are able to reach your target audience.
  3. To constantly find your work on the top pages of search engine results you have to build authority. Building authority requires producing original content that people and other authority websites share and refer to.
  4. A lot of goals ranging from link building to social shares, relevance, and authority can be achieved through SEO content writing.

How to write a perfect article? 

There is no such thing as the perfect work or the perfect article. Seo writing is forever evolving and with every article you write, you learn something about SEO and the internet. However, throughout time, there have been some key tips and mandates, in a way, that have come to light. So, here are some best practices you can follow to make your article stand out. 

  • Creating Original content is everything in modern-day SEO writing. Your content cannot be plagiarized or replicated from other sources. The penalization can not only put your website down but also lead to real-life implications including legal actions. That doesn’t mean you cannot refer to other work. Your content has to be uniquely pierced but certainly inspired. 
  • Headers and paragraph formatting are necessary. Search engines crawlers love it when they can easily bifurcate the title from the main content introduction to the conclusion. Make sure your Header tags and paragraphs are properly formatted. 
  • Length matters but not always. If you can say something in ten words and instead use fifty, Google knows it and certainly doesn’t praise it. Writing long is important but it should be dragged. 
  • Write for the audience with proper grammar, font style, and color that doesn’t look deceiving to the search engine. For example — writing in white font color on a white background is not only a red signal for the search engine but also difficult for a reader to understand. 
  • Use appropriate keywords that integrate well with what you are trying to convey. Blend your keywords with the content and don’t adjust them intentionally into your articles. Keyword density is also an important aspect. You can keep your keyword density at 2-3% of your content. 

How to improve your content?

Content writing, especially SEO content is a continuous process that requires a ton of practice. Here are some things that you can integrate into your writing style to improve it and make it more SEO-friendly. 

  • Check your content with various plagiarism checkers to see if, by any chance, there are any sentences that might resemble any other article that is already published. Even though you don’t intend to plagiarize, there are chances you do it. 
  • Be concise in your writing. Both the search engines and people like short sentences. So, don’t stretch out just to the point. 
  • Using a listicle format to bifurcate your content is a good idea. It makes it much easier for search engines to identify relevant information. 
  • You should know what you are writing about and not divert from it, no matter how long or short your content is. Stick to your topic and your niche throughout, till the end. 
  • Write with a purpose other than ranking on the search engine results page. 
  • Use simple language that both an average joe and search engines understand. 
  • Use images but make sure you alt tag them. 
  • Refer to authority sites to build relevancy. 
  • Stop using repetitive words every other sentence. 
  • Take time out to read your work in its entirety before finally publishing it to find any discrepancies. 

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Tools for SEO Content writing

In your quest to write the best SEO article, you need a content strategy but above that tools that help you flourish that strategy. Here are some SEO content writing tools that you can use to get that competitive edge you always wanted. 

  • Grammarly — By far, one of the best tools to check for grammatical errors and amend them instantly. If you are an SEO writer, Grammarly is a tool you must have. 
  • Copyscape — A paid tool but worth the investment. Copyscape helps you identify any plagiarized sentences or paragraphs in your article. It gives you links to the articles that already have those series of words in them. You can refer to the tool and simply make changes to your content. 
  • Google Keyword Planner — This is a free tool you can find in Google Ads that helps you find the best keywords for your articles. You can categorize and use the keywords you find to use them in your articles. 
  • Google Trends — You can find a ton of ideas and tending information that you might want to explore and write about using Google Trends. 
  • Semrush Writing Assistance — Helps optimize your content while writing and checks all sorts of SEO signals in your content to make it search engine ready. 

That’s all you need to start your seo writing journey and begin ranking. All the best!

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