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Import MBOX into Windows 10 Mail With All Associated Data

Would you like to import MBOX into Windows 10 Mail? Have you been unable to locate a solution despite the fact that Windows 10 mail does not provide an import/export capability? There is no reason to be concerned. Since we have uncovered an incredible method that will allow us to accomplish the same thing. Therefore, why don’t the two of us go on a short trip to find out what it is?

It is well knowledge that the default email client that comes preinstalled with the Windows 10 operating system is called Windows 10 Mail. This email client, unlike the previous version, does not permit you to import your email files. Adding an email account, though, is something that can be done with it. As a consequence, Windows 10 Mail may be used if you utilise an email service and wish to view its data through a desktop client.

An Outstanding Method to Import MBOX into Windows 10 Mail

The best method for opening MBOX files on Windows 10 Mail is the MBOX Converter Wizard. The programme will let you import your files to another email provider before adding them to Windows 10 mail because Windows 10 mail does not have an import option. This way, you may access your MBOX files whenever you need to. A detailed walkthrough of using the toolkit to import MBOX files into Windows 10 mail is provided below.

How to Open MBOX File on Windows 10 Mail App? Detailed Guide

  • To get started, go to the URL provided above. Click it so that the MBOX to Windows 10 mail import tool may be downloaded into your computer running Windows. Install it afterward and make use of it so that you may import MBOX into Windows 10 Mail.
  • Once the tool has been opened. Select the Open tab, then choose Email Data file. Then select either choose file or choose folder from the drop-down menus.
  • To get started, navigate to all of the files that you need to access using Windows 10 mail, and then move those files into the software so that they may undergo further processing.
  • It should now be brought to your attention that all of the selected MBOX files have been uploaded to the left pane of the utility. If you would want to preview your files before importing them, you now have the ability to do so.
  • Then, from the Export option, choose any email service provider you would like. As an example, take Gmail.
  • In order to import all of your files to that account, you will first need to enter your login information and then click the Save option.

Your MBOX files have been successfully imported into the account that you selected. After the task has been finished, you will be informed.

After finishing that, you will need to set up your email account for Windows 10 Mail. You may start using your MBOX files as soon as you add the account into which the MBOX files were imported and add it to Windows 10 Mail. Your responsibility has thus been finished. You can, however, have a look at some of the functionalities of the tool below if you are interested in seeing some of the possibilities that the tool possesses.

Discover More About the Suggested Programme

Conversion in Masses: The programme has the capability to import MBOX into Windows 10 Mail in large numbers. The tool is capable of transferring all of your MBOX files simultaneously, regardless of how little or how many you may have.

Examine Your MBOX Files: The software may be used by you to investigate the MBOX files that you have. Before importing your MBOX files into the account, you will be able to get a comprehensive preview of those files using this application.

Multiple Preview Modes: It is a function that gives you the opportunity to examine a number of other elements in addition to the content. You could see your MBOX file in raw mode or hex mode if you’re conducting email forensics.

Multiple Service Provider Support: As you may already be aware, in order to access MBOX files on Windows 10 Mail, you will first need to import them to a cloud-based account. This step is required in order to support multiple service providers. Therefore, the application enables you to import MBOX files to Gmail, IMAP, and other services, giving you the flexibility to choose the method that best suits your needs.

Maintains Integrity: It is imperative that the integrity of MBOX files be preserved. You do not want the contents of your MBOX files to be altered in any way when they are being exported to Windows 10 Mail. The Programme is a good choice to make in a scenario like this one. The technology guarantees that the privacy of each and every email is preserved. They are able to keep all of their characteristics while maintaining the same structure. As a consequence of this, you may rest easy and put your faith in this tool with regard to the authenticity of the data.

You Must Know that

It’s possible that you have some inquiries. Now that you’ve gained some knowledge about the procedure and some of the functionalities of the approach. If you have any, you may see if the answers to your questions are included on the list of the utility’s most frequently asked questions by clicking here.


I have close to 1500 MBOX files; would this tool allow me to export all of them at once?

There are no restrictions of any kind imposed by this programme. It is possible to import MBOX into Windows 10 Mail in batch mode. Which means that regardless of the number of files that you have, they are all capable of being imported at the same time.

Can this programme import MBOX files from my Thunderbird account into Windows 10 Mail?

The MBOX files of Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Postbox, Gmail, and more are supported by the programme. Therefore, this tool would be helpful if you wish to export Thunderbird emails that are stored in MBOX files to Windows 10 mail.

When MBOX files are imported, is it feasible to also import the attachments that are connected with those files?

Yes, you are able to import the whole database with the help of this software. As a consequence of this, everything that is associated with your MBOX files. Including attachments, contacts, and other attributes, will be imported simultaneously.

I don’t come from a technological background. Is it possible for me to utilise this programme without the assistance of others?

The user interface of the software is really basic. When utilising the software to import MBOX files to the Windows 10 Mail App. You will not require the assistance of any other party under any circumstances.


Import MBOX into Windows 10 Mail in the most time- and effort-saving and user-friendly way imaginable. You will not be able to accomplish this without making use of a programme designed specifically for the conversion of MBOX files. It comes with a number of features that will be of use to you while you are importing your data. It also has a free trial edition that you can test out. Before deciding whether or not to purchase the full version of the programme. You may open MBOX files using the Mail app on Windows 10.  By downloading the application that is readily available for download from this website.

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