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Initial Launch Challenges with Eli Dangerfield

As everybody in the business, Eli Dangerfield has had a lot of detours. His greatest of the barriers would be back in 2016 when he had quite recently at first begun the dispatch of Elmore Lewis Watches. What had happened was he focusing on his online media promotions to a specific underdeveloped nation which drove him to ceaselessly make huge loads of deals?  He was getting a ton of chargebacks which implies these clients were utilizing taken Visas to make the buys. He wound up losing the entirety of his benefits from these orders. This in addition to the expense of the items, transportation, and charges, had placed him thousands paying off debtors.

Barriers and Difficulties:

This caused an absolute stop on his business and needed to begin chipping away at a side hustle to restore reserves so he could return to the business to get things in the groove again. This was an extremely distressing time for Eli as he was only 18-years of age at that point. He had obligation authorities continually badgering him for cash he didn’t have.

Eli Dangerfield additionally says that from that point onward, he needed to stop his ecommerce business for a couple of months, yet of course, that light second struck him and he thought ‘I definitely can’t be that idiotic, I need to make this work, so I returned and hopped all in.’ This attitude of not stopping regardless of how tough situations got, end up being compensating eventually.


As he had some awful occasions, he additionally had a lot of extraordinary ones that he will recall for eternity. During a timeframe, Eli was working with a promoting office that had guaranteed him far beyond what they might offer. He had recently consumed $30,000 with them and was toward the stopping point with Elmore Lewis.

How he took effective decisions?

Eli Dangerfield was in a droop on the one day of the year that ought to be loaded up with delight, Christmas Day. He went through that day with his ex and family and his psyche was everywhere, going around aimlessly for how insane 2017 had been for him and his business. The entirety of that difficult work, stress, dread, and he had just saved generally $300 in his ledger to show for it. That evening he chose to give this business one final possibility, and plunked down and set aside the effort to make some new promotions crusades.

He had set the day by day financial plan for Boxing Day 2017 to spend the last $300 he had left in the expectations that he’d either bring in some cash to continue onward, or he’d fail so I should at last be possible with this business. To his doubt, he woke up to seeing he made more than $1,500 in his rest. It was insane to such an extent that he figured he probably committed a type of error.

The results of his decisions:

He returned to check the amount he put into the promotions, figuring he may have coincidentally put down 3k rather than the $300. That day finished with him making about 7k, and in the end he just put the $300 into that day. That week he proceeded to make $21,000.

From that point his enthusiasm re-touched off inside advising him to continue to push and understood that on the off chance that he could make $7K in a solitary day from his PC, that anything was conceivable. From that point forward he’s had several days straight doing above and beyond $10-$20K with his flourishing organizations.’


Eli Dangerfield has one last piece of advice to share; he says “Knowing your numbers is the key to scaling your store or business in general. In regards to your paid advertising, if you know that when you spend $1 in ads, you make $5 back, it becomes a process of aggressively yet sensibly doing your best to spend as much money as physically possible before you reach a point of diminishing returns. For example, if you know that when you spend $100 a day, you make back $500… why not scale up and start spending $1,000 a day to make back $5,000… obviously it isn’t that easy, but that’s the concept behind it… know your numbers, and you can scale. ”

According to Eli Dangerfield describes, marketing plays an important role in the growth of eCommerce because marketing means that people are indirectly or directly made known about the products. Good marketing means good business and since the use of mobile phones and other gadgets and easy access to the internet and social media is what revolves in our life. It plays a big role in eCommerce success, and with the advancements in the field of technology that we are having every day, it is not difficult to conclude that there would be a further increase in eCommerce in the future. The future of eCommerce is in good hands.

Here are some ways in which our eCommerce retailers can further change the dynamic of e-commerce:

1. Emerging markets will play a huge role in the success and further growth of eCommerce. Now, what do we mean by markets? These markets are not the ones where we shop, it means merging those departments of other countries or cities like India, China South Africa, etc., who have eCommerce as their main and as their majority. The bigger the markets are, the bigger the merge will be and as we all know, the bigger the merge will be, the bigger the sales and e-commerce growth.

2. The online vs offline debate is one of the main issues that is causing eCommerce to fall back. The reason for that is people think that online businesses have more worth and more profit even though online businesses are growing in massive numbers. But that doesn’t mean that our shops and markets are of no worth. The main goal should be to make them work together and to accept that both of these businesses are worth it. While online shopping our onsite markets and shops offer a very different and unique experience that you cannot enjoy through it. Whereas online shopping can be done from any store around the world and you can buy foreign stuff easily that is sometimes not available in our markets. Both have their pros and their cons.

3. When we buy things online, they are brought to us from warehouses or fulfillment centers. What will happen if these fulfillment and shipping centers are not big enough to hold the amount of stuff that the whole world orders? That is one of the main problems that eCommerce faces. We are very short on warehouses and shipping centers where the products are based. When these will increase, e-commerce will increase beyond this as well. Across the world, these fulfillment centers are not only getting smarter but also robots and machines run everything. Delivery and Middlemen do the shipping process. They offer fast shipping, good service, data procedures and lets you represent your brand to your customer properly. Since the first impression always lasts, good services and fulfillment centers will make or ruin anything.

Check out Eli Dangerfield on Instagram to learn how to start making a living from the comfort of your own home today.

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