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Is It Worth Doing The Yoga Certification Course Online?


If you are someone who always had the dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor because of your love for yoga, but somehow you could never become one because of your time restraints? Well, then maybe an online yoga course is the answer to all your problems. It has been seen that online yoga courses are becoming a trend, and the fact that the whole world is moving to digital due to the coronavirus pandemic is here to stay. For all those thinking whether it is as worth it as an offline course, well, that depends on how you look at it. To answer this question, we have come up with this article where we will be discussing the pros and cons of an online yoga course so that you can figure it out for yourself.


Pros of an online Yoga course  

If you do not have the time or luxury to go out to an institute for a class, online yoga classes might be the best for you. These courses offer exams to make sure that you are ready to be a yoga instructor. This goes to prove that an online course can be as good as a real one. So without further ado, let us discuss some of the pros:


  • Saving money and time: One of the most important reasons people choose online yoga courses is that it is very affordable compared to offline training. That is because firstly, your instructor does not need much money to set up an online course; hence he or she will ask less from you too. Then, of course, your travel expenses would be absolutely eliminated because you would be attending the course from the comfort of your home. This brings us to the time factor. This is a no brainer that you would be saving a lot of time if you opt for an online course. Often, people don’t do something they want to because they don’t have the luxury of time. Opting for an online course means that you do not need to miss out on anything and still do something you love. Whenever you are free, you can choose to do the course.


  • Create a schedule according to you: If you opt for an online course, you can set your classes for when you will be free. The choice will be in your hands rather than your instructors. Moreover, you can attend the sessions from anywhere. You could be cooking and watching or listening to the sessions; you could be on a train and still do it. The most important thing which you need in this case is a very good Internet connection. Sometimes in some courses, you can download the course and watch it even when you do not have an internet connection! Hence you have the power in your hands to practice and learn when YOU want.


  • Choosing the best teacher: If you are opting for an offline in-person course, you would have to be happy with what your locality is offering. When it comes to any course, some teachers are better than others, but if your locality does not have a good teacher, it does not mean you will have to settle for less. As mentioned before, the whole world is going digital; hence most good yoga teachers have their own websites and courses. According to you, if the best yoga teacher lives a thousand kilometers away from you, it does not mean you cannot study under him or her. Join up his or her course, and be at your home and learn. This way is actually perfect if you want to learn from international teachers, like, for example, the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.


  • Re-watch: One of the main USP of an online course that an offline in-person course can never offer is the ability to re-watch. Imagine you are done with the course, but over time, you feel some of your moves are not exactly correct, so you can easily re-watch the entire course or certain specific clips according to your liking. Most courses, like the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, have lifetime access. Hence whenever you feel like watching, you can. When it comes to offline in-person training, you do not have the option to re-watch, making the online course a much better choice.


  • Creating a community: When you are doing an offline course, you will get to know people, yes, but most will be from your locality. When it comes to an online course, you have the option of making friends with people all over the world. This helps you experience how people from other nations and communities are and help you broaden your friend circle.


Cons of an online Yoga Course

Well, we discussed the pros of an online yoga course, and every one of them makes sense but doesn’t mean online certification is flawless. There are also a few cons of online yoga courses that you need to be aware of.


  • No Interaction: since the whole course is online, there is no face to face interaction. Some people need a guide or a mentor who’ll teach them in person, and they want to talk, see and experience the whole process. That is something. Online courses cannot give you. Even if you have video call sessions, nothing can replace the human interaction which offline courses bring.


  • Motivation: One question you need to ask yourself before going for an online course, whether you can motivate yourself or not. During an online course, you will be the only one doing the training because you are at your home. If you cannot motivate yourself to complete and course properly, chances are the course might never be completed. When it comes to an offline course, your mentor and other highly motivated students will motivate you to give your best and keep pushing yourself. Also, since you’ll be at home training, chances are you can get easily distracted with work, family, or other stuff, which will hamper your training.


  • Correct methods: Finally, one of the major issues of an online course is how to be sure that you are doing it right. You are just looking at the instructor on the screen and following his directions, but we do the steps wrong in most cases, but we don’t realize it. In an offline course, your mentor can see how you are performing the different yoga positions, and if you are wrong, he or she can immediately rectify it. This is very difficult to get on an online course. Even though you do the sessions via a video call, since the mentor is not there in person, he or she won’t physically help you, which for some can be a deal-breaker.



Online Yoga Certification is like a double-edged sword, it will give you a lot, but it’ll take something as well. Like it’ll help you save money and time but won’t give you the physical presence of a mentor. Like that, even the offline methods have their flaws. Yes, the online yoga course is worth it, but it all depends on what you need out of the course!




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