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Living Room Curtain Ideas: Tips For Stylish Drapery

Curtains improve the room’s overall aesthetics and enhance the room’s look. Don’t you just want people entering your living room and being awed? Curtains have the potential to make or break the face of a room and are the most inexpensive solution. At Northside Curtains & Blinds, they have a collection of fabrics best suited for all styles and moods. 

When it comes to curtains Adelaide, it can be overwhelming to estimate how to match the curtains with the decor.

Northside Curtains & Blinds aims to allure the homes of customers, all while providing excellent customer satisfaction and thus producing stunning results without attacking your pockets. With the right set of ideas on which pattern, designs, and colours to choose while deciding on the curtain, you can change the whole look of your room.

Drapery has come a long way from our childhood memories of the ruffly, heavy, floral variety. Here are some ideas to style drapery that proves drapes can still be relaxed.

  • Use Drapes to convey a theme.

Drapes are not solely used to keep the nosy neighbours out; they also extend the room’s design. You can easily use drapes to your advantage to reflect a vibe or a mood. 

  • Create contrast to the wall colour

For selecting drapes, consider going to the exact opposite side of the colour wheel from your wall, as it will create a contrasting shade to enliven your scheme.

  • Get your fabric right.

Whether you opt for light or heavyweight, plain or pattern, velvety or big designs, it’s the fabric at the end of the day that determines the style you are creating. 

  • Keep them uniform

Keep similar length and colour, use the same rods,  and hang them at the same height if you have more than one window in your living room. This creates an expensive cohesive look.

  • Pair your heading with the overall style

There are unlimited heading styles to choose from, and it is essential to figure out which goes well with your decor. How you hang the curtain can change the overall look of the room. 

  • Use them to keep natural light out.

Drapes are a perfect addition to the living rooms because of their capability to block out sunlight. Drapes can be used in living rooms, knowing you can enjoy the beautiful view outside but also draw the drapes and allow natural light to peek in.

  • Merge into the walls with soft neutrals

Neutral drapes are an excellent choice for small living room ideas as they create the illusion that the room is more extensive and brighter. For a confident and stylish look, choosing the same colour as that of the wall is preferable.

  • Play with proportions with banded drapes

Use a lighter colour at the top and a darker colour at the end to make the room look bigger. Striped drapes create an optical illusion to alter the sense of proportional space in the room.


For attempting a comfortable vibe choose lightweight fabrics, while for a luxurious feel, use velvets. For artistic rooms, go with extensive patterns, and for small living spaces, choose sheer drapes over your curtains Adelaide. Your living room determines the vibe you are trying to create.

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