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LongTail SEO efforts for only $40

Long tail keywords are usually phrases of three words or more best fast food in swat — and they’re a lot moreLongTail SEO efforts for only $40 common in the search world than you might think. In fact, as much as 70 percent of all Google search traffic is a long tail keyword searchLongTail SEO efforts for only $40 . Over 90 percent of long tail keywords get 10 or fewer searches per month, which means if you can find the right path to identifying some of the prime seed words in those long tails, you can rank highly for literally hundreds of terms, all based on one wordLongTail SEO efforts for only $40.LongTailPro is a nifty keyword suggestion tool that can help a business or manager find those skeleton keywords that can unlock a bounty of new web traffic for your product. It’s all part of an all-in-one package

what are the major activites for seo effort ?

to help find your potential audience online and turbo-charge an organization’s SEO efforts.

Once you look under the hood, it becomes clear that LongTailPro isn’t really one SEO tool — it’s actually five SEO tools. First, there’s a tried and true Keyword Research Tool to help find the best keywords for your projects. It’ll help users find head terms that can extend into up to 400 long-tail keywords, group and organize those keywords, and find keywords that worked for competitors. Meanwhile, the Rank Tracker keeps users updated daily on the progress of their chosen keywords with advanced metrics that can help fine-tune all your SEO campaigns.

There’s also a Site Audit feature to manage your site health, find SEO mistakes, offer optimization ideas, track site speed, find internal links, and more. The SERP Analysis Tool expands your strategy options to find up to 200 manual keywords, analyze competitor terms, and analyze their.

How to find best seo backlinks ?

backlinks. And speaking of backlinks, the Backlink Analysis goes even deeper into that area, including tracking on all the domains and page-level metrics of all your backlinks, fixing broken site links, and spotting new backlink opportunities as soon as they appear.For a limited time, a LongTailPro subscription that’s good for finding up to 10,000 keywords (a nearly $600 value) is now also part of our second Cyber Week sale. By using the code CYBER20, shoppers can take an extra 20 percent off the total price and get their LongTailPro access for just $39.99.VentureBeat Deals is a partnership between VentureBeat and StackCommerce. This post does not constitute editorial endorsement. If you have any questions about the products you see here or previous purchases, please contact StackCommerce support here. Prices subject to change.” How to Properly Use SEO Analysis of Your Business to Boost Your Traffic Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors

Let.’s talk about SEO techniques are their own.


Google is constantly developing new methods of analyzing web pages. Don’t forget that Google is a company that needs to make money, and it achieves this goal by getting better and better at answering queries within the SERP. Unfortunately, the SERPs are changing quite often.Of course, this does make things harder on the people who rely on Google’s organic search traffic. Positive changes for Google do not equal positive changes for marketers. So, what do we do? We need to adapt.There are many different techniques to boost organic traffic to your website. Here are six you should keep in mind when working to optimize your website.Related: The How-To: Leveraging SEO Optimization In 2022 Improving user experience across the websiteWhile this tip seems incredibly basic, many web admins forget how necessary the user experience is to their success. Remember that if your website looks amateurish, poorly

What is SERP?

designed or straight out doesn’t work as intended, people will simply return to search results and click on a different link — and the SERPs will remember that. The fewer people “bounce” from your website, the higher the chance of a high ranking on the search results.

So, always try to make content easy to interpret and valuable. This includes any sort of media you upload to your website. When it comes to written content, use shorter paragraphs and mix the length of sentences.

Furthermore, try to find the appropriate keyword density — you can use various tools to do just that. Keywords, of course, are significant, but if you use them too much, your text becomes borderline incomprehensible. To find out which pages need more work, you can use a tool that analyzes the most decaying pages and gives you an approximation of how much traffic you lost BACKLINKS.

2. Voice search optimization

A few years ago, voice search did not seem to be catching on. In today’s world, however, over a quarter of the adult US population owns a smart speaker. This type of technology will only get more popular, so try to optimize your page for voice search the best you can.

To do that, you can, for example, focus on long-tail vital phrases (key phrases containing three or more words) — they play a crucial role in voice search. Searching for semantically relevant keywords seems to be the key to doing it right. Alternatively, you can opt for using structured data. There are several types of structured data, but by far, the most popular ones are called schema markups. There are many different types of schema markups you can use, so it’s up to you to choose your preferred one on your own,  It’s a proven fact of that nowadays.

3. Prioritize mobile design

, the vast majority of Google searches come from mobile devices. This is why you, in turn, should treat the mobile version of your website as equally important as the desktop one (perhaps even more so), especially since Google has also gone mobile-first.Google is now prioritizing mobile smartphone user-agents to crawl sites, meaning that the better your webpage is optimized for mobile traffic, the higher-rated it will become. The mobile version of your page will be crawled and indexed before the desktop one. The internet indeed is changing, and that’s just one of the clear signs of it happening.Related: 8 Hacks Small Businesses Can Use to Boost Website Traffic and Sales4. Write new, longer content (and refresh the content you wrote before)It is crucial to offer your users a steady stream of new, high-quality content and constantly update old content to feel fresh. Of course, we do not suggest you

How to find complex words

write complex, 5,000-word ebooks and then publish them as articles. However, keep in mind that readers of a professional blog are hardly satisfied with essential information and tips they can get anywhere else. Try to express yourself with as many details as possible while also keeping your readers engaged. It’s not an easy task, but you have to learn to do to stay successful. Try to target multiple types of search queries at once.Also, refresh your older content as quickly as you can. Try to check which pages have started to receive less and less organic traffic lately. You can use Google Analytics to help you with that — just remember to filter your results appropriately. Keep your watch on time-sensitive topics and update them as soon as any new info emerges The internet has surely changed.

5. Build up your backlinks portfolio (but watch out for scammy sites!)

Your backlink sources should be diverse, but you should pick only high-rated ones as your partners. In most cases, 2 or 3 backlinks from a good, respectable source are worth more than ten backlinks from a low-quality site. Likewise, links from older sites are usually worth more than backlinks from sites that are entirely new themselves.

Of course, there’s an exception to every rule. Sometimes, it might be worth it to partner up with a smaller website if it is trustworthy and has decent metrics. This will diversify your backlink portfolio. Lately, it seems, Google has been extremely cautious of deals between websites constantly linking to each other. If your portfolio isn’t diverse enough, Google’s algorithms may decide your website should be manually checked by one of their human employees.

6. Implement SEO optimization as soon as possible

You must choose the right keywords to satisfy a search query. Unfortunately, if you fail to do this, you won’t get very far. The same goes for the length of your article. Google knows very well what kind of depth will satisfy the user intent behind a query and the general length of the article, based on the SERP data. For example, if the average word count for the current SERP is 1,000, writing a 3,000-word long article to rank your keywords won’t get you anywhere.

Once you come up with an idea for an article you wish to rank, use a proven tool to pull down top data and identify the appropriate word count and necessary keywords. You should also always test your meta titles for a CTR rank. The higher the CTR, the better — and do keep in mind that your CTR rank will be one of the deciding factors in how your website ranks against your competitors in the Google search results.

It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is; the fact of the matter is that it will always benefit from proper and up-to-date SEO practices. If you’re not sure how to perform a thorough SEO analysis of your business regularly, don’t hesitate to hire a specialist for it. It will be worth the investment in the end.

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Hire SEO Experts near Yerevan

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Scale Your Business with a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan

As the world has increasingly shifted toward online businesses, it’s absolutely essential that all entrepreneurs have a digital marketing plan. If you’re not sure what you’re doing when it comes to reaching customers online and expanding your brand message, it’s time to check out The 2022 All-In-One Digital Marketing Certification Super Bundle. For a limited time during our Cyber Week Sale, you can get it for an extra 20 percent off.

This comprehensive bundle includes 12 courses on today’s most important digital marketing channels from instructors like Benji Wilson (4.5/5 instructor rating), Sorin Constantin (4.0/5 rating), and Phil Ebiner (4.6/5 rating).

Regardless of where you want to devote most of your attention and spending, this bundle will help you do it masterfully. Prefer the classics? You’ll learn how to reach new customers and create targeted and personalized messages that improve the response rate to your email marketing campaigns on Mailchimp. You’ll also explore search engine optimization (SEO), get familiar with key on-page SEO components, understand the importance of mobile-friendliness with your page structure, explore keyword evolution and content optimization, and much more.

Love social media? You’ll get crash courses in improving your reach and engagement on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and even Reddit.

Prefer more interactive mediums? Take a deep dive into YouTube, learning how to scale your channels and increase viewership by leveraging YouTube Ads and SEO. There’s even a course designed to help you ideate, launch, produce, and scale your own podcast.

By the end of this bundle, you’ll have a comprehensive digital marketing education that will help you scale your marketing efforts and reach audiences across a wide range of mediums. So, what are you waiting for? Get The 2022 All-In-One Digital Marketing Certification Super Bundle while it’s on sale for just $31.99 (reg. $2400) when you use promo code CYBER20.

Prices are subject to change.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 : Insider Secret

Hey there, if you are an aspiring Digital Marketer, I guess you guys must have explored the new trend of Digital Marketing. In this industry keeping up with the latest trends is a necessity, or else you are like a sinking ship.

You see a  leopard cannot change its spots but Digital Marketing trends change every year, so each marketer has to constantly invest time and energy to upskill and learn.

Without a sound knowledge of algorithms, marketers won’t be able to know  whether postings are performing effectively on the internet. New features or modifications give an advantage of being the first to market, allowing you to develop the most effective marketing campaigns for you and your company.

As the New Year ushers in the winds of change, digital marketing enthusiasts  all around the world have begun to explore and look for the most recent trends.

If you care, take a peek at the growing Digital Marketing trends for 2022

10 Digital Marketing Fundamentals Every SEO Pro Should Know

Marketing budgets as a percentage of company revenue fell from 11% to 6.4% in 2021, the lowest proportion allocated to marketing in the history of Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey.

For SEO professionals and marketing organization leaders trying to fund growth and recovery by doing more with less, revisiting your budget and available resources ahead of 2022 is essential.

It’s always good practice to allocate a portion of the budget to innovating and testing new ideas. But that part of the budget may shrink as marketers look for tried and proven digital marketing strategies and tactics to maximize performance this year.

In this column, we’ll explore 10 fundamental areas of digital marketing knowledge and opportunities you may want to tap into (as you plan for the months and years ahead).

1. Understanding Your Digital Presence – All Of It

Sure, you have a good handle on your owned media. After all, these are the pieces of content, listings and profiles, websites, and other assets you created yourself.


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And you had better know where and when your brand is appearing online in paid placements.

But earned media can be tricky. If you aren’t actively monitoring for brand mentions, relevant social content, online reviews, and inbound links, do you really have a clear picture of your web presence as a whole?

“Earned” isn’t only what you actively sought out to build. Social listening, search insights, and reputation monitoring help you inventory and monitor your web presence as a whole.

2. The Fundamentals Of How Search Engines Work

SEO has evolved from a single digital marketing channel into the business intelligence nerve center of the organization.



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Don’t forget that Google isn’t the only search engine game in town, too.

3. Digital User Experience And Customer Journeys


Today’s consumer understands that the sacrifice of privacy inherent to online tracking is a value exchange. They expect personalized experiences in return.

Across devices, sessions, and platforms, customers expect seamless interactions and experiences from start to finish.

This holistic view across the customer lifecycle will be table stakes going forward.

4. The Fundamentals Of Competitor Analysis

The art and science of competitor analysis are evolving; in the online space, competitors may not be who you think.

Yes, you’re competing for “airtime” with other businesses that sell products and services like yours.

But today, companies are competing against media publications, social networks and forums, map pack business

It’s essential that you have a clear view of who is getting in front of your customers and how. Not so you can replicate their efforts – that’s no way to stand out.



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5. Content And Digital Marketing

Content is so integral to marketing’s success that we’re now seeing marketing agencies and brands acquire their own content studios.


You may not be in a position to build or buy an entire in-house studio. The size of your organization and the scope of your content needs will guide the best production strategy.

For some, this means bringing writers, editors, videographers, photographers, and other creatives in-house.


6. Online Advertising

Hard-won, long-lasting organic search results are valuable but most digital marketing strategies have an element of paid promotion, too.


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Expanding your knowledge of online advertising fundamentals means understanding:

  • Paid media pricing models such as CPM or CPC.
  • The advertising platforms and tactics available in your space.
  • Different types of ad creative including text, video, and imagery.
  • Advances in ad technologies, such as Smart Bidding.
  • Privacy issues and their impact on the quantity and quality of data available to you.
  • Changing consumer behaviors and the impact this has on what resonates in the ad copy.


7. Social Media

Social media is still a great channel for getting found and engaging potential customers.Business features vary by platform but at the very least, your brand should claim all available profiles and listings. I


Continue Reading Below On social, consumers are looking for brands to be authentic and responsive.

8. The Fundamentals Of Analytics



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Again, this is an area where you may not be entirely proficient – and that’s okay. You do not need to achieve mastery in Google Analytics 4 to put it to work for your organization.


9. Activating Data As Business Intelligence

Customer behavior, competitive analysis, real-time search insights, and macroeconomic trends all fuel business decision-making.


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Which brings us to our final point: intelligent automation.

10. Programmatic, Machine Learning, And Automation


AR/VR is creating deeper connections between customers and brands and delivering more seamless, immersive experiences.

The implications for marketing are not yet known, and the anticipation is palpable.



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SEO As The Leader In Digital Transformation in 2022


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