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Marketing tips from Facebook that leave rivals in the dust

It wouldn’t be that far from the facts to say that everybody is on Facebook.


The 2 billion active users and millions of business pages of the social giant constitute the ultimate pivotal point for advertisers to concentrate on their products.


And the site is far from the most rabid social platform with 53 percent of users claiming to be always on” Facebook.


Although there is definitely much interest to be paid to Facebook, the competition for the precious time and attention of your prospects is fierce.


This is why advertisers should pay careful attention to how their Facebook presence is handled. It is also the subtlest things that will make the most of the success of your content plan or page setup.


We have outlined 11 Facebook marketing tips which are fair for almost every brand that seeks more love from fans and supporters alike.


1. Perfect Your Profile Picture


Impressions count for the first time.


Since the profile picture of your brand is the first thing that potential followers will probably see while communicating with you through searching or comments, imaging is an important element of your strategy for Facebook.


Brands should aim to make their profile images easy with 180 to 180 pixels to operate on. Cramming a lot of text in such a small area does not exactly shout “stylish” or compresses a large image.


For people running a solo brand, high-quality close-ups and headshots are popular. A good example of this is Seth Godin’s profile picture:


2. Spice Up Your Cover Photo


Cobertura do not reflect a separate significant piece of images for “wow” guests, unlike your profile photo.


Take a large amount of property on your website and essentially set the tone for everything below the fold. your cover photograph. Cover images provide an excellent place to follow brand slogans and appeals as demonstrated by ThinkGeek, in addition to a high-quality image.


You don’t need to be a graphic designer, either to make your own website look the same way. Digital marketing tools like Landscape will help you in just a few minutes to whip up a sleek brand cover.


Facebook has recently released cover videos that catch visitors’ attention. A brilliant example of this latest function in action is the cover video of Animoto:


3. Don’t Neglect Native Video

Video content marketing and Facebook go hand in hand with Facebook Live and the native video player of the site.


Video supremacy has come for a long time. Blick-taking, fun, and willing to avoid scrolling users, video is the perfect way for fans to take time with their products.


Adweek notes that native Facebook videos are preferred by the algorithm of the site and thus generate more feedback and shares exponentially. Regardless of whether this is a live Q&A or tutorial-style content like this oVertone video, consider how to begin to incorporate video content in your feed.


4. Post More Than Just Links


When you talk about Facebook’s algorithm, sometimes it sounds like witchcraft, isn’t it?


Some posts go flat while others get insane commitments. What does that give?


The diversification of your content delivery is one of the largest Facebook marketing tips for brands looking for reviews.


First, publishing self-promotional content alone won’t make much to upset or drum up your existing followers. Although there is no error in linking to your blog or goods, the only source of the content should not be external links.


Conventional wisdom also tells us that Facebook likes posts that so to speak remain within its walls. That’s why it’s a clever move to constantly connect textual, picture, or video posts into your feeds.


This Loot Crate issue picture post is a perfect example of a non-promotion post driving commitment:


5. Pay Attention to Image Sizes


Facebook has the biggest legacy to us in terms of creating and formatting our pages as a whole.


That said it’s up to you to optimize the photos for your blogs.


You know, for instance, how the desktop versus mobile Facebook page looks? If visitors go to you with a mobile, do they miss it?


Like your profile and images cover, your whole Facebook page needs to be devoted to social image dimensioning. Briefly, don’t change pictures or post links without making sure they look clean. Again the first experience is all about preserving it.


6. Optimize Your Post Timing


The timing is all on Facebook.

It’s not necessarily a question of what you write, but rather a crucial part of maximizing interaction.


In social media, weekdays are perfect for most brands, according to the best times for Sprout:


Facebook is the perfect time for all 2020 industries to post

However, it does not mean posting in real-time to maximize your post time. You can configure your Facebook for optimum hours of interaction by using social scheduling.


Plan the posts in advance is an important necessity for brands to check all the boxes of the Facebook presence. Not only can you post the most active time for your fans, but you can also ensure your content production is diversified instead of using the flow.

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