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Noodles: History,Origin And Types


Hey Readers, today we are going to learn and explore new things. About one of our tasty food (noodles) and its origin. Let’s start the journey with the history of noodles By tracing the origin of noodles we came to know it dates back to 3rd century Ad in East Asian country in China. The first Chinese noodle though don’t appear as strands of dough they were shaped into little bits formed from dough. That kind of noodle called mian pian is still eaten in China.


Another early mention of noodle is given in the Jerusalem Talmud dating back to the 5th century AD and was called iritium. After several centuries string like pasta iritium made with semolina and dried before cooking was described by Syrian physicians. Noodles are eaten as pho in Vietnam , chow-chow in Nepal and seviyan in India and permutation throughout the globe. Italians profess that they are the real inventors and Chinese also argue with that they have invented it.

Noodles are believed to be in China as Bing during the Han dynasty. Noodle further gained its influence by health, religion and economy with Chinese superstitions ( Zhang and Ma). These archaeological findings show some evidence that these are date backs very long time ago. The emergence of pasta in Italy was formerly attributed with Marco polo a venetian explorer.

The silk road was connected with trade centres to East and West and was central to economy, cultural , political and religious interactions between these regions from the 2nd Century to 18th century.

In Europe in 1st century Bce it was wrote by Horace about the fried sheets of dough called lagana. However the cooking method does not correspond to modern day pasta.
Polish Jews

Zacierki is a type of noodle found in Polish Jewish cuisine It was part of the rations distributed to Jewish victims in the Lodz Ghetto by the Nazis. (Out of the “major ghettos”, Lodz was the most affected by hunger, starvation and malnutrition-related deaths.) The diary of a young Jewish girl from Lodz recounts a fight she had with her father over a spoonful of Zacierki taken from the family’s meagre supply of 200 grams a week.

Types of Noodles.

There are many types , but some of the famous are

1. Egg noodles


One of , these noodles are also known as Chinese egg noodles or E-fu noodles. Available in a variety of shapes — thick or thin, flat or round, fresh or dried, the main ingredients in this are egg and wheat.

2. Ramen Noodles

The Japanese interpretation of egg noodles and curly ramen Are made from egg and wheat dried to form a brick. These are refrigerated before they are ready to use.

3. Soba noodles

A northern Japanese variety made from buckwheat they are brown in colour . Mostly available dried they can be used in variety of both hot and cold dishes.

4. Rice stick noodles

Rice stick noodles are sticky and translucent and can be either wider or slender. These are best work in dishes like stir fries , soup and salads.

5. Hakka noodles

This noodle is very much loved by people all around the globe. These are yellow in colour and are prepared from egg and wheat flour. Mostly used in Asian delicacies . For example curry , soup and salads.

Hope you guys enjoyed by reading the blog history and origin of noodle. Many things are learnt by you through the blog related to noodle and how they were made.


Noodles: History,Origin And Types

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