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Refining Your Daycare Digital Marketing Strategy

Running a daycare is a wonderful thing when you have the right number of children to attend. If numbers get low, your wallet gets a little thinner.

There’s no shortage of children who need great daycare, though, so your challenge is finding a way to get the word about your service. We’re going to discuss some points of a digital marketing strategy for daycares in this article, giving you some ideas on how to reach the families in your community.

Daycare Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing tends to be addressed to a large target audience. That makes it tricky to compete with big companies and reach the groups of people that will be interested in your business.

When it comes to daycare, though, you’re trying to reach a very specific community in your area. This is a great advantage and makes the process of search engine optimization a lot easier.

That’s where you should start any good daycare marketing plan.

Local SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the effort to rank highly in search results, giving yourself the chance to stand out. The process starts with something called keyword research.

You can use tools like Google Analytics to find out what popular daycare-related keywords are being searched in your area. You can then take those keywords and optimize your web pages for them.

For example, your keyword might be “how to start a daycare.” You could then write an instructional article that answers the question, including the use of that specific phrase throughout the article.

A basic outline of an SEO-optimized webpage is an article or piece of content that is created in response to the keyword and uses the keyword in crucial places throughout the piece.

Business Listing Sites

The next thing to do, and one of the most important pieces of all, is to ensure that you have accurate business information on listing sites. Google MyBusiness is arguably the most important one to keep updated.

When your information is present on Google MyBusiness, you’re able to receive reviews and your location will be listed accurately on Google maps. Further, it gives you the chance to be listed in what’s called the “snack pack.”

This is the section of three or four business listings that comes up at the very top of Google. In addition to basic links and information, you’re also granted photographs, phone numbers, reviews, and more when the user looks at the results.

When all of that data is displayed for the user, they’re much more likely to click on your page and seek your services. When it comes to finding success locally,  the snack pack is crucial. You will still find success before you reach that position in the rankings, but things will really start to pick up when you have a position at the top.

There’s a lot more to digital marketing, but the options above should lay a good foundation for your daycare.

Need More Help With Digital Marketing?

It’s tricky to hit the nail on the head when it comes to marketing. People spend their careers trying to crack the code. While it’s tricky, it’s not impossible. We’re here to help you find your way in daycare and preschool digital marketing.

Explore our site for more insight into ways that you can get your attendance rates to an all-time high through a daycare digital marketing strategy.

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