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Rimless toilet – a modern item with many benefits

The need for toilets must have been more obvious than most other things ever since humans began structuring their living spaces by putting in place a well-planned structure. We, humans, have since upgraded the design and operation of the original toilet; which had invented a long time ago. Whether it is because of the sitting position; technologically improved seat covers; the comfort of children and the elderly, or some other classification feature. Including rimless toilet; there are at least 12 different toilet kinds in use today.

Eco-friendly toilet

This is the type of toilet that, as the name implies, helps save water every time you flush. The toilet bowl’s design, as well as the trap-way, aid in flushing waste with less water; with newer models needing no more than 2 litres of water. In addition to being a bent design; lowering the width of the drain aids in producing a vacuum when water flows through it. This is how the design’s unique water-saving function has been implemented. This is the kind of futuristic design that many floor-standing toilets manufacturers in the UK offer; which considers water saving and is a popular choice among consumers.

Work Closet Cistern (WC unit)

The WC is a one-of-a-kind design that blends the convenience of a toilet with the health benefits of squatting. It should weigh roughly 40 kg and stand 22 to 25 cm tall from the ground up; according to the norms followed by floor-standing toilets makers in the UK. This is approximately half the height of a typical European toilet; which stands 50 to 56 centimeters from the floor. An antimicrobial coating has also been applied to this toilet.

This is used as a furniture piece in the toilet set and hides up the cistern in the back. Resultantly, the bathroom portrays a clear and clean outlook. Designers use it for the storage and arrangement of the clutter in the bathroom.

One-piece toilet

These toilets do not need a separate flush tank. The flush tank has built into the toilet’s body. Ceramic has been used for both the tank and the body; which welded together at the bottom. This is also why, in this design, the problem of leakage is low. A one-piece toilet is often only available in floor-mount configurations. Because this type of toilet is heavier (between 38 and 50 kg); single-piece toilets with a wall-hung model can rarely notice. Considering this, both ‘S’ and ‘P’ trap models are available for this design. Due to the need to maintain proper water pressure while flushing; this style of toilet is only available as a confined rimless toilet variant.

Two-piece toilet

Then there are toilets that have been designed in two pieces. The standard European toilet is extended to accommodate a ceramic tank within the toilet itself. The name “two-piece toilet” stems from the design; as the toilet bowl and ceramic tank are both connected by bolts, giving the design its name. Due to its design, a two-piece toilet is often referred to as a linked closet. In addition, depending on the product design; the weight of a two-piece toilet should be between 25 and 45 kg. Furthermore, these have been built with a closed-rim design to ensure that when it is time to flush; the water pressure is just right. Floor-mount and wall-hung toilet manufacturers in the UK use this design; which is available in both ‘S’ and ‘P’ traps.

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Pan in squatting design

This is the traditional toilet; which may be found in many Indian households when combined with a corner washbasin. Even though modern water closets are gradually replacing them; this type has still regarded as the healthiest option among everyone. In many areas around the world; the squatting pan has referred to as the Indian pan; Orissa pan, or even the Asian pan toilet. These squatting pans come in a variety of styles, with differences from region to country. For example, the Indian; Chinese, and Japanese squatting pans are all very distinct in design. These toilets were also found to be less expensive than most other toilets used in public restrooms.

Rimless toilet – the contemporary structure

The rimless back to wall toilet is a revolutionary toilet model that enables easier cleaning because the design fully eliminates the angles found in the toilet’s rim area. This model has been featured in both wall-hung and floor-standing toilets; regardless of whether they are oval or round. To make the flushing more efficient, a little step is inserted right below the rim. In the near future, this model may find as part of the One-piece toilet design; as well as other types.

In recent decades, a variety of technologies have helped to make this process easier by providing more powerful and efficient discharge systems. The design is coming together for a more practical and functional experience today.

Toilets for kids and elders

Primaries are toilets that are designed to make it easy for older persons to sit and rise. This toilet’s pedestal height is slightly higher than the normal water closet, with an overall height of roughly 70 cm. Secondary one was created with children in mind. This type of toilet is designed to be small enough for children under the age of 12 to use without assistance. Nowadays, there are seat covers on the market that allow youngsters to sit comfortably even on normal floor-standing toilets.

Smart and modern toilets

Toilets that are intelligent by nature are known as smart toilets. This state-of-the-art specially designed ceramic toilet coupled with an electronic seat cover would look completely luxurious at the very least in a bathroom area with a sophisticated console basin or a sleek semi-recessed washbasin. The features provided by the seat cover are responsible for everything intelligent or smart about this toilet. The seat cover opens automatically as one approaches the toilet, distinguishing between men and women; playing pre-set music lyrics automatically as someone approaches, saving previous user choices, and having a dual flush system; an option between eco flush and full flush; are just a few of the many features that a smart toilet has to offer.

Tornado styled toilets

The Tornado toilet is another newer style among current water closets; with a design that allows it to flush and clean at the same time. This method of flushing is only possible in round-shaped toilets. Since the water path has been designed to circle in the water closet; to ensure that the toilet has flushed and cleaned quickly. You have probably seen these in a lot of the freshly built or recently refurbished airport or mall restrooms; where they have usually combined with pedestal washbasins to offer a clean and sharp design.

Rimless toilet at the Royal Bathrooms

Water runs via a channel in conventional toilets before being flushed into the bowl. Rim is the name for this channel. The rim has been removed from the Rimless toilet for one simple reason: to eliminate any dirt-gathering nooks and crannies. It will never be as easy to clean the toilet this way. After making significant alterations to the bowl; a flushing mechanism that had optimized for the new rimless design was required. Rimless WCs’ water distribution technology flushes the water with more force than before; ensuring a uniform distribution throughout the bowl. Hence, make a contemporary choice and bring a healthy change to your home. Google now!

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