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Simple & Smart Tips for Your Next Business Card Design

Exchanging business cards becomes a long-standing tradition at certain networking conferences – and often marketers use the best business card scanner to scan and store the details of business cards in their phones. When it comes to the design, color, and layout of your business card, there are several fundamental best practices to follow. After all, the business card serves its purpose as representing your most personal & versatile marketing, branding, call-to-action tools that you have.

Simply, your business card is something that can make or break a great impression. Being a marketer you can account free business card organizer to scan and organize your business card details with online Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Well, come to the point; keep reading to know the simple, but best tips for designing your business cards!

Tips For Designing Business Cards:

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Convey Important Information:

When designing your business card, it is crucial to important information: Make sure your job title, name, contacts, and company name or logo are clearly displayed on cards. If don’t, then most business card scanner app doesn’t be able to scan your business contact and other details for storing in the cloud-system. Remember that it is essential to add your website, email address, and phone number to the card (if space available).

Make it Readable:

If there’s lots of information to display on your business card, then obviously you may be tempted to shrink the size of your text. However, the small text can often look readable on devices, but transform into an illegible smudge when printed. So, keep it professional & simple, and don’t go smaller than 8pt. If the size of your text shrinks, the OCR of the business card scanner will not be able to read the business card details and even not turn it into digital form. Only, business card organizer will assist you to organize the contact information, but not provide you the best quality results.

QR Codes:

You could create a card for your business card to saving space. This way lets you including a bundle of information on a business card, without making it look cluttered. Also, it’s referred to as an easy way to create a link between your printed and online content. People use the free business card scanner app for android & ios to scanning the business card QR code to save the information and reached your website.

Colorful or Plain?

You should use bright colors as it can make a business card more distinctive. Typically, this practice is used by design and creative businesses for the need of appearing fresh, exciting, and original. When it comes to plain black and white design, it can be as memorable and striking as a colorful card, and even be seen as more stunning too. However, the business card reader app will be able to read plain cards more efficiently with OCR.


You could try embossing the words if you think that a black and white card looking dull. Embossing is something that makes a raised, 3D effect, which is ideal to add elegances & style to your business card. So, when it comes to card scanning, look for the business card scanner app that helps to scan embossing words accurately. Also, embossing makes your business card more tactile.

Colour Choice:

The ideal approach is to keep your business cards in line with the rest of your organization’s branding. If you have company colors, then it’s wise to use them. Obviously, if there’s no particular color scheme to work with, then you will have free reign on your business cards. But, make sure you’re choosing complementary colors. However, clashing colors is the thing that can look tacky and unprofessional on a business card. For convenience, you can give a try to the online color matching tool.

Visual Content:

It is understood that pictures speak louder than words; this term becomes true for business cards. Instead of writing stuff on one side of the card, you ought to think about saving the other for something more visual. You could aim for adding your business logo on the back of your business card. Even, when you’re using business card scanner app for scanning visual content from cards, its OCR perform more efficiently, store and digitize data quickly.

Borders and Bleeds:

Avoid using borders in your business card designs. Remember that printing is never 100% accurate. Generally, the printers recommend leaving a 3mm bleed.

Paper Thickness:

You should need to consider the thickness of your business card. It is said that thicker cards making yoru business seem more professional.

Keep it Simple:

Avoid using an unusual material for your business card. Businesses often write extra details on cards, but that’s not a legitimate approach. So, you just have to keep your business card content simple, all you need to add essential details for its effectiveness. Also, when marketers use the business card scanner app to store the business card in digitizing form using OCR, they can’t fetch the data if extra details are mentioned without any sequence.

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