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Some Legends and Mysteries of Diamonds To Know

Diamonds are the king of all stones. They are the master of crystals. Various mysteries, legends, and myths shroud this scintillating enigma of a stone. Some say they have spiritual properties. While others speak of it as a conduit for the supernatural. They say that spirits often haunt or curse them. It has gathered all kinds of chilling yet fascinating tales along the way to becoming the most favored stone of the people.

Nothing beats the dazzle of a diamond. They bring in the ultimate glow to the people who wear them. And even in small doses, they can shine up a room. Be it a glinting heart shaped diamond necklace to a dainty diamond bracelet. The incandescence of diamonds makes every jewelry special.

The enthralling part of this remarkable stone is the fables and tales surrounding it. They are as brilliant as the stone itself. So without further ado, let’s take a stroll through the crevices of history. And discover some captivating legends and mysteries of this enigmatic stone along the way.

1. Diamonds Has Healing Properties

One of the most common notions is that diamonds are capable of healing an individual. Almost every culture thinks of it as a healing crystal. If we have to guess how the rumor of healing properties started in the first place? It’s probably because of its brilliant yet soothing reflection.

With its immaculate white light, a diamond symbolizes purity. This pureness aids us in the unification of our physical and spiritual selves. It is supposed to instill love and clarity in any relationship. While also strengthening various bonds. The constant flowing energy from a diamond charges up our soul. Further, providing us with vitality during energy depletion. According to many, this powerhouse of a stone provides both strength and endurance. Apparently, it has also helped in fighting and preventing diseases.

Some healing properties have popped up more recently around the world. They include shielding people from electro-magnetic stress. And believe it or not, cell phone radiation. It also supposedly cleanses and detoxifies our body mechanism. Additionally, heal allergies and chronic illness. Its healing range is endless. Be it a remedy for vertigo or working as an antidote to poisoning. But let us be clear! Just because people associate them with such power doesn’t mean all of it is true. Obviously, it won’t cure you of vertigo. But, it will definitely make people dizzy with overwhelming lustre. Specially when you enter an event wearing a heart shaped diamond necklace.

2. Diamonds and Electricity

Many believed that diamonds are an excellent conductor of electricity. However, later engineers revealed that they are good thermal conductors. But incapable of conducting electricity due to a tetrahedron structure. Formed by covalent connections between carbon atoms. The triangular pyramid structure prevents free electrons from carrying current. Later, professionals changed their stand again due to new research emerging on this subject. According to new findings, most natural diamonds are electrical insulators. So by manipulating the properties of a diamond through CVD (chemical vapor deposition), it is possible to introduce controlled dopants. Which lets the material conduct electricity quite effectively. 

The association between electricity and diamond is as crazy as a rollercoaster. But we can easily trace its origin back to Hindu mythology and India. The Hindi language terms diamond as ‘vajra.’ Which also means thunderbolt. According to legend, diamonds took form due to god’s action. It happened when the deity Indra struck the earth with thunderbolts. Now, of course, it is not provable. Although, we can prove that a heart shaped diamond necklace will bring in sizzling thunder when worn at a party. In fact, thunder pales in comparison to a striking heart shaped diamond necklace.

3. Diamond’s Invincibility Is a Result of Godly Power

The name diamond comes from the Greek word adamas or adamant. The word means “invincible.” It also translates to untamable or unconquerable. Diamonds have extraordinary strength, which allows them to cut or carve other stones. People say it is purely due to the consequences of some divine intervention. Diamonds represent gods’ tears that had fallen to earth. And since they are immortal beings, so is their glittering tear. Which we now get to wrap around our décolletage or wrist and look absolutely fabulous.

There are tales about Cupid, the deity of love and passion. According to them, Cupids used diamonds as the tip of his arrow. It was to pierce even the stubbornest of hearts. Their potency, capacity to contain light within themselves and indestructible nature made Greek philosopher Plato ponder about them. He thought diamonds were not somehow living, maybe magical entities. Diamond eternity rings make the perfect jewelry item for you to present to your better half. Mainly because of their divinity, strength and rich passionate history. For your next anniversary, keep this in mind. And get a dazzling emerald cut eternity ring that drips with eternal love.

heart shaped diamond necklace

4. Diamonds Are Often Associated With Haunting Tales

With so much mysticism and rumored otherworldly characteristics of diamonds going around. Some are bound to be a bit darker and sinister. 

Our society is always drawn toward grim or ghastly atmospheres. Just see how popular the true crime and horror podcasts are. We guzzle them up like some forbidden nectar. It helps in satisfying our twisted appetites. This need for fright-induced situations is why there are so many allegedly haunted jewelry items throughout history. So, let’s check out some of the famous haunted diamond jewelry items that are a perfect blend between macabre and beauty.

  • The Cursed Hope Diamond

This ostentatious and spectacular jewelry is a beautiful blue diamond. It is the size of a walnut surrounded by sparking smaller white diamonds. Although, gorgeous to look at and wear. Unfortunately, this particular item has mostly brought in bad luck along with its luster. Rumor has it, some bandits stole the stone from a Hindu idol. Then it made its way to the French royal family. Until someone stole it again in 1792 during the French Revolution. Many blame the curse of the hope diamond for the death of King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Since then, every time the diamond has landed somewhere, tales of untimely death and destruction have sprouted up.

  • The Haunting Black Orlov Diamond

This eerily beautiful cushion-cut black diamond is known as “The Eye Of Brahma Diamond.” It shoulders a really dark history. According to legend, it started to bring misfortune in its wake after someone stole it from a shrine of Brahma in Pondicherry. From there on every owner of the jewel has ended up taking their life. The curse only broke after Charles F. Wilson, the owner at the time, requested that it be re-cut. Since then, the curse hasn’t affected anyone else. 

It isn’t surprising that both of the highly infamous cursed diamonds have an almost similar story. It shows how different tales influence each other. And evolve as they go on. Even if you relish such horrific tales, there is no way for you to get your hands on any of the above two pieces. But you can take inspiration. And buy diamond necklaces that imitate their designs and soothe your goth heart.

Diamond eternity rings

5. Diamonds in Engagement Rings

Curious about how diamonds became such a staple for engagement rings? Let us tell you about its charming beginning. During medieval times, a couple would share a piece of gold or silver to commemorate their wedding vows. At that time, diamonds had nothing to do with engagements or weddings. But eventually, the gold and silver pieces evolved. They became rings or bands for the couple to share. Archduke Maximillian of Austria was the first to order a diamond ring. He wanted it made specially for Mary of Burgundy, his fiancée. That bold choice of commissioning the first diamond engagement ring sparked the trend fire that still seems to burn ever so brightly.

There are a copious amount of cuts and shapes available when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Given its high demand and popularity, you will be able to find tons of options to choose from. So splurge a little bit. And buy a cushion cut halo engagement ring for your lady love. Just like Maximillian did for his betrothed.


Diamonds have many mysterious qualities. It seems to echo much of what ancient mythology teaches us. Science will most likely scoff at these notions. Although, history and the experiences of many people suggest that some of these just might be true. So get yourself or your loved one a diamond necklace. Or other such trinkets and soak up on its rich, mysterious past, present and future.


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