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Some Natural Makeup To Remove Dark Circles From Face

Natural Makeup To Remove Dark Circles From Face

Cream, powder, foundation, blusher, compact! Makeup means a lot of different colors, different tools! For those who are not so obsessed with makeup to remove dark circles from the face, it is normal to get nervous when so many things are left in their hands! Even those who are fairly familiar with makeup can often not imagine what to wear next! For the benefit of all of you, we have arranged a simple routine of skincare and makeup, so that the eye makeup can be as simple as watering!

If the skin is too touchy, be careful when choosing cosmetics. If there is a problem with cosmetics, discontinue its use immediately. Tell a doctor or veterinarian. He will understand what kind of chemicals you have problems with. She can help you choose the right decoration. Before starting makeup, wash your face thoroughly. Usually, oily skin causes more acne. So after you clean your face, apply a gel or water-based moisturizer. Now, with the primer on the fingertip, blend it all over the face so that the rest of the makeup fits well and comes out with a smoothing effect.

Now cover the face, use a consular to cover the pores. Where there are spots, the dye is high, place the concierge in those places. Now gently blend. Take some time to care while blending. Do not rub the consular with the finger. It can cause more damage to the sensitive part of the skin. Now put the concierge under the eye. If you have eye bags dark circles, apply a little more blender and blend it so that the full face skin tone is the same. Now take a tissue paper and press it gently across the face. This will absorb excess makeup tissue. Try to keep the makeup as natural as possible.

Some natural cosmetics to remove dark circles:


Use the cleanser twice daily. In the first phase, the oil and dust accumulated on the surface of the mouth will rise, and in the second phase, the mole will clear from deep.


Apply toner after cleanser. There will be no sign of oil gripping the skin; the pH balance of the skin will remain constant.


The thin serum absorbs quickly into the skin and nourishes the skin from deep.

Eye cream:

To reduce eye inflammation or black spots, take an eye cream on the eyebrow and dab the lower part of the eye.


Oily skin, but moisturizer cannot be eliminated. Apply moisturizer to suit your skin type.


It’s sunscreen’s turn this time. There is no profit to put before it. Apply sunscreen after the previous steps, so that sunlight and the environment do no harm to your skin.


After skincare, it is the turn to start makeup. Start with a primer, which will create the perfect base for the next makeup.


Apply a little foundation, blend slowly.

The Concierge:

Many people talk about setting up a counselor, then a foundation. The opposite is also possible. Check yourself which one you are comfortable with.


Set makeup with translucent or tinted powder. The powder absorbs excess moisture, helps to adjust makeup.

Bronzers first, blush later:

Bronzer brings a warm glow to the face, tightening the cheeks and jawbones. Define the face with a bronzer, apply blush on it.

Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara:

You will need a powder-based product first, followed by a cream-based product. Liquid eyeliner and mascara will be worn at the end of it all.

Lipliner, lipstick:

First, define the lip with lip liner, and then fill it with lipstick.

Eyebrow decoration:

Define eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or powder. By no means do you skip this step?

Spray setting:

After all, set the whole outfit with a makeup setting spray.

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