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Surprising Foods good for your teeth!

Taking care of your teeth is the last thing you want to do before you go to bed because we all know that the secret way to healthy teeth is brushing and flossing regularly and also our mouth’s wellbeing is directly related to the general health of the body. Indeed, certain physicians who fear cardiac failure may also recommend a gum expert to patients. Although it will replace the brushing and flossing of teeth some food plays a crucial role in maintaining your healthy teeth.

While no food can replace brushing and flossing but there we have some of the Surprising food that can benefit your teeth. So, let’s see what these foods are so you can sneak them into your diet!


Wait, what? Chewing Gum? Yes! You heard it right! A Chewing Gum( but Sugarless) is among one of these foods that are really good for your teeth. Surprised right? But chewing gum is indeed actually good. Though we cannot say it is food but it provides a key benefit to your teeth that is really worth it. The reason is that chewing speeds up the production of saliva because it forces you to chew more. It helps clear away any toxins that are left and cleans your mouth as you chew. It enhances your breath smell as an added bonus.


Carrots are a crunchy vegetable that is bad for your teeth for many people’s claim. Carrots were praised as a vegetable-fighting cavity as grinding on crunchy sticks serves as a perfect toothbrush. Unlike apples, carrots ‘ crunchiness implies they have a high content of water and sugar, which is good news for your stomach and your gums are massaged with the chewing action. Carrots are rich in plaque-attacking keratin and vitamin A, which is essential to protecting the enamel of the teeth.


There is no doubt that your bones, including your teeth, need calcium and protein to be healthy. The bad news is that your body doesn’t produce calcium on its own but Natural unsweetened yogurt makes a healthy meal or snack that’s perfect. It provides strong calcium and casein protein levels that improve calcium absorption to protect teeth and bones and helps in strengthening the enamel and supports to restore it if damage occurs.


Dairy products are very important for your bones’ wellbeing and I bet cheese lovers are going to enjoy knowing that cheese has high levels of calcium and phosphate which is good for strengthening the bones and teeth naturally. Yet cheese also helps to balance the mouth’s pH level – which means less acidic acid, healthier saliva, and fewer cavities.

5. STRAWBERRIES – A Natural Teeth Whitener

Many people consider strawberries to be sweet and acidic, staining everything they encounter in red  How can their teeth be good? But strawberries contain malic acid that clears the enamel and leaves the teeth stained-free. Strawberries are also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help fight against gum disease. Another fact about strawberries is that it acts as a natural teeth whitener. Just be conscious that the malic acid in strawberries is still acidic that is perfect to get rid of stains but can lead to the rotting of the teeth so it should be eaten in moderation.


You can probably guess where the advantages of celery come in based on apples and carrots – it’s crunchiness! Celery does seem to have a bad reputation, especially among children who do not like blandness. Nevertheless, for a couple factors, the water content and those nasty crunchy strings are good for your mouth’s wellbeing. Celery is a great workout for your teeth. When you chew celery, it allows you to clean your teeth and rub your gums in the process and helps the mouth in the process to create lots of salivae. The extra saliva tends to flush out toxic microbes that persist.


An apple a day keeps the dentist away! Apples are acidic and have been reported to have higher sugar content, so it is reasonable why some people do not think they have a great nutritional value. Eating apples can keep teeth and gums healthy and safe to battle bad breath. The fibrous material scrubs like a toothbrush, plaque, and other food particles are extracted, Although apple acid may help kill bad bacteria that cause bad breath.  Eating an apple encourages the development of saliva, rinsing off food fragments and unpleasant bacteria. The fibrous coating is an added bonus that strengthens the gums.


Salmon is filled with vitamin D, an important nutrient for good oral health. Vitamin D makes it easier for your body to absorb calcium and use it well in the body. Salmon is also made of calcium, making it an all-round superfood to help keep your teeth and gums safe.


It will enable you in two ways to eat sesame seeds alone or wrapped in bread. Second, they help remove bacteria from your teeth when you chew, and second, they’re high in calcium. Only make sure you remove as soon as possible every seed trapped between your teeth.


Raw onion isn’t just perfect for you, it’s good for your teeth too. It includes compounds of antibacterial sulfur that destroy harmful bacteria on your teeth. The downside is, it might not be so great for your breath and you might want to chew gum right after that!

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